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Shane Marquette
United States
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WHO: 5 of the core gamers -- Brian, Jeff, Michael, Tait and myself
WHAT: Puerto Rico
WHEN: July 17th, 2004
WHERE: Jeff's parent's home in Plano

Who the heck plays Puerto Rico with a lazy susan? ??? From now on, I'll have to admit to that ridiculouso facto thanks to Jeff. You know those annoying football fans that hold up a big white picket fence and the other guy to his right is raising up a big "D"? That was how our last game of PR played out. Total D-Fence.


The game consisted of Jeff either holding his head or massaging his beard mulling over his choices (think less Rodin's The Thinker, and more crazy Unabomber). ...In essence taking far too long to make a decision. A few times he was so dazed singing, er, humming soundtracks to himself that he didn't even know it was his turn.

Tait's game relied heavily on the sympathy card. Popular phrases muttered during gameplay, "Next time I'm going to call ahead to see what you guys are playing." or "I need to watch ______ (fill in any other player's name) to figure out what I'm doing wrong." or "Of course, I'm getting screwed by Shane again."

Hmmm. Michael. I'm sure we can all relate to the late night giggles. You know, when EVERYthing seems funny, no matter how elementary, knowing that the same muttering or joke wouldn't even elicit a chuckle if it were said a few hours earlier. That was Michael. Or wait, was that us. Let's just leave it at, Michael had one more child than he was used to, so he seemed to need an outlet. Michael was definitely playing the dark horse most of the game (not to mention dishing out "advice" to Jeff when it suited his interests).

Brian was focused on the game like tunnel vision. Only, his gameplan changed and adapted as it well should with 5-players and your options become more limited. I actually can't remember one word B-Pow said the other night. That should be an indicator he was in focus mode.

Me (theShizzle):
I prefer to add a lil more spice to the gizzame if I know what I'm doing. And since PR has become so engrained, I decided to play up the angel/devil on the shoulder routine most of the game. What am I talking about, I do that in any game. Who knows why, it didn't help me any. But maybe just maybe it threw a wrench into someone's game...maybe even just a tad. Yeah, right, who am I kidding.

Well, oddly enough toward the last few rounds, it seemed Jeff was going to take the victory with the amount of VP chips he had. Jeff, Michael and Tait had the Guild Hall, Residence and Fortress big houses I believe. I was stuck without enough $$ for a big house. (I had to pick the Captain phase instead of Trader to stay in the game which left me short of the almighty dolla-loon).

With one round to go we happened to run out of the VP chips before the colonists, but that just depended on what profession was taken. We were all able to build in the last round and Michael, being ever so convincing tried to play up the c'mon-man-pick-the-mayor-profession-cuz-I'd-do-it-for-you card. Of course, Tait wasn't convinced. So Michael ended up with 2 big houses but only one of the privileges applicable.

Jeff made a crucial error in the second to last round and ended up paying for it at the end of the game. We only had a 5 point swing from last place to first place.

Jeff and Brian tied with 44 points.
I had 35 VP chips and a total of 47.
Tait whose sympathy card expired half way thru the game had a total of 48.
And Michael won the game with 49 (made possible thru the help of Jeff's bad choice). HAHAHA!
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