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Subject: First play, 1 on 1 with my son. Tons to learn after this one rss

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Owen Sieber
United States
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I'm looking forward to having some real talk with some real folks!
Hi, I'm Matt, A radar technician.
Man, what a game StarCraft is. It lives up to my expectations. Unlike WarCraft (which I love since I have the expansion) this game does not seem broken from the get go. I will rate it after my next game when we should have 4 to 5 players.

My son and I broke it out to learn the rules and to get some killing in on a chilly Sunday.

We played this game without using the special victory conditions.

I was Aldaris (Protos)
My son was Arcturus Mengsk (Terran)
Antiga Prime (Protos Home world)
Chau Sara (Terran Home World)

Braken was connected left of Prime;
Charu Sara was connected above Prim;
Halcyon connected to Charu Sara.
My son connected the X connectors to the ends of my two planets. I guess to keep me from coming on his back side.

I placed my transport between Halcyon and Prime, he placed his between Sara and Prime. We both started off and expanded to our open planets. No combat started the first turn since I did not have a transport and my son was focus on Braken. The next turn I order to mobilize against his planet, but forget that I did not build a transport... so there was another wasted order. My son started building up forces and is now one building away from getting siege tanks.

I finally get my transport and send an attack force over to my sons home world and was totally trashed it... however I failed to kill one Goliaths so I could not take it over. I also chose to place all the retreating forces on my base on Prime and was forced to lose two Zealots because I did not expect to lose.

All along I have been forgetting to keep a unit on the victory points spots and my son does not. after 3 turns, my son has a 3 point lead. Going into turn 4 my son decides he is going to move onto Prime. He goes to the victory point spot and takes it out. I bolster my defense on my base. Now I see we get our first end of game card in stage three... that was quick and now I start to worry because I am still three points behind.

Turn 5 was pretty much a wash where we both research and build units. at the end of turn 5 I was able to get a free point and so did my son. He is sitting at 11 and I am sitting at 9. Turn 6 I advance and take out his base on Sara and hoping to get a couple more turns. That did not happen. My son draws the last end of game card and we end this one with my son winning, 13 to 10.

The end of game came quickly. I did not expect it and it bit me.

Things we did wrong in our first play against the rules.
At the start of the game, we grabbed all the resource cards for both planets. after re-reading the rules, you only get the resource cards for the planet that you have your base.

Thins I would do differently. one... keep a unit on all victory points I can handle. In a two player game that is not too tough. (from what I can see from my first play). Also attack his resource spots rather than victory point spots early. Starve them is one key strategy I failed to do.

I think this game is a solid 10... but I want to give it one more play... maybe two before doing that.

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