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Merric Blackman
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I have a sneaking suspicion that Randy likes this game, for, only two weeks after our first game of Perikles, it was back on the table again with Randy studying me inscrutably from the other side of the board.

This was the first game of Perikles for Josh and Rich, and we found the game a lot easier to explain now the rest of us had played it once. Taking in my knowledge of the first game, I knew I really wanted to control Athens and gain control of its navy.

So, guess how many turns I had control of Athens!

No, go on... guess!

Lower than that.

Yeah, that's right - I never controled Athens. Instead, I kept finding myself in control of Caketown... I'm sorry, Sparta.

Now, I've nothing against Caketown... Sparta... but it has a terrible navy, and that was where a lot of attacks end up happening during the game. Armies are simple. Navies? Not so simple.

I had this vision of just building up influence everywhere and gaining control of the citystates that way. Didn't quite work out, so I took out my frustrations on Randy by assassinating a few of his aristocrats.

I wasn't the only one who had that idea, mind you. Everyone thought that Randy was fair game. After the first round of elections, Randy controlled exactly no cities, and so got the Persians. I don't think he was utterly unhappy about that.

Mike got Athens for one turn, and used it to swing a lot of battles in his favour. Then he got Sparta, and did the same. Rich had Athens once, and won battles with it.

Josh actually placed lot of influence on the table, so ended the last turn winning control of many cities. Of course, this reduced the amount of influence he had there, but who needs influence if you have lots of statues and points?

Well, it rather helps if your cities don't get reduced. I decided that, as I didn't have a statue to myself in Athens or Argos, they were going to pay for that. So, I went after them with full force, often aided by Mike. Unfortunately, you can sort of reverse that order: Mike went after them, aided by me, which meant that Mike was getting the VPs for the battle.

In the second turn, Mike and I were at odds. My Spartans invading his Athens. He won the Naval combat easily enough, but was getting totally overwhelmed by the Hoplites. I also used my special tile so we began the final battle with one success each. I needed to roll a 5 or more in the final round, he needed a 10 or more (on two dice). Guess who succeeded and who failed?

Oh, Randy had control of Thebes in the second turn. It was the only statue erected to him all game.

Final scoring went like this:
Randy: 36 (21 influence, +7 thebes, +8 battles)
Josh: 38 (10 influence, +6 argos, +5 corinth, +6 megara, +3 athens, +8 battles)
Rich: 42 (12 influence, +3 argos, +10 corinth, +3 athens, +14 battles)
Merric: 42 (13 influence, +8 sparta, +6 megara, +7 thebes, +8 battles)
Mike: 52 (8 influence, +4 sparta, +6 megara, +7 thebes, +3 athens, +24 battles)

Mike had slaughtered us through battles. Randy had had a forgettable game, and shouldn't my Spartans have done better?
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