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Subject: Two Sides of the Coin Review of League of Six rss

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Thomas Taylor
United States
San Ramon
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Ameritrash Gamer: That's right kids...we're baaaack.

Eurotrash Gamer: Howdy-Doo. I brought my copy of League of Six.

AG: Where are the chicks? I'm ready for the league! I even brought my speedos.


AG: He's so fun to make angry. What the hell is League of Six? Sounds like a bad movie.

EG: In a world...with Czech Board Games...only one Tax Collector can reign supreme.

AG: Tax Collection? You're kidding right?

EG: Its going to be awesome.

AG: Riiiight. So how does this work?

EG: There are six towns, each with values of goods around a hex shaped space (Y, B, R, G cubes, Horses and Guards - which are money). Our tax collector meeples will move to a town, and then someone else can come behind them and "outbid" them for the town. The pre-existing player can either outbid them or take the bribe and leave town.

If that player leaves, he moves to an adjacent town. The towns all have different values based on the hex shaped chits with arrows on them that once you win the bidding for the town, you point in the direction of the goods you want to gain that round. Some chits only have 2 arrows, some have 5. This presents you with some interesting choices. Once completed, everyone gets their cubies & guards and the player with the most horses gets the best "carriage" and goes first in the next phase.

AG: I'm getting a coke.

EG: Whatever. This next phase is where the rubber meets the road. Two tiles are placed at the beginning of the round, with values on them.

It is very hard to explain verbally how these tiles look. This one is on the geek, but its upside down.

Anyways, the start player (based on majority of horses) picks a line to "Start". The start player then fills in as many cubes as he can in that particular row and gains the small # of victory points next to each cube image. The player to his left must fill it in, and so on. The left tile (if it were right-side up) scores VPs for each line equal to the number on the left if it is completed, then the player that started the row gains that many VPs. If you start rows on the right side tile, then you gain a card with that many or less icons on it.

AG: Where are the cheetos?


There are 3 icons available. All of them with goofy names. All you need to know is there's a red/blue/brown guy. Whoever has the most Red/Blue/Brown guys at the end of the game gets 9 VPs. 2nd place gets six. 3rd Place 4, 4th place 2. (Also visible on the image)

AG: Are there any girls there? If so, I want to do them.

EG: I'm getting the feeling you're not listening to me.

AG: Ya think? I sort of checked out around "Chzechloslovokian tax collector".

EG: Moving on. You do 8 rounds of this, bidding, extorting, then placing parts on the sale boards.

I've played this with my friends.

AG: Do they still charge you?

EG: Very Funny. I tried this with 3 and 5 people. The game really does not shine very well with 3. I would put this game in the "Strictly only with 5" category of games. With 5, you play musical chairs with your regions and extort money from one another on a pretty regular basis. One interesting thing to note is you can cash in 2 VPs at any time for 1 guard (dollar). This comes into play more often than you think.

AG: So...this looks like a game I'd only play if you strapped me to a chair and pulled out my toenails until I agreed.

EG: Yes, its a little dry, mister closed-mind.

AG: you like it?

EG: Its okay. I mean its a bit math-y and deterministic. But as far as those types of games go, this one is pretty fun, comparatively. I liked it.

AG: Looks dull as a party at your place to me.

EG: I'm going to remember that the next time the Irene Demova virus smokes your computer and you beg me to fix it.

AG: So beautiful...and deadly.

EG: Right. Ok. Creepy. So...honestly, I think this is a niche game that doesn't cross over very well. If you dig dry mathy euros such as Puerto Rico and Goa, you should check this out. If you find those games a little lacking, I would avoid it.

AG: Don't worry, I will. Too bad there's not a good game of extortion out there.

EG: You mean as opposed to your normal real-life extortion racket? Wasn't much doubt about that one.

AG: Hey, those kids were asking for it. Is it fun?

EG: I had fun. Just not lots of fun.

AG: Anything in closing?

EG: I liked it, just not a lot. Your mileage may vary. I'd give it a 7.5

AG: Meh. 6.5.

EG: What's next?


EG: Sweet!

AG: Finally we agree on something.

(Author's note: My overall score is 7.5, as I have both feet firmly planted on both sides of this issue. Its good, mildly original and very pretty. Probably not worth the $50 it cost me from Funagain on Essen Pre-Order. Definitely worth a look if you can get it on the cheap or if you're really into mathy-dry kinds of games.

If you worship Puerto Rico-I don't-you will really like this one, just play it with 5 players only, it doesn't scale well.)
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Daniel Hurst
United States
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Where do I join the EG/AG Statler & Waldorf fan club?
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Rick Goudeau
United States
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Laissez les bons temps rouler
I was a witness and this argument proceeded much as described.
However, both EG & AG had purged from their memories a third participant: the Historical WarGamer (HWG). If memory serves me right:

HWG - Hussites & collecting taxes for Sigismund, Great! Do we start with burning Jan Hus at the stake, how many thugs do I get!

AG - That would be a cool mechanic.

EG - No the Hussites prevent us from taxing a city, we use the guards to determine who controls which city.

HWG - So if you have 2 guards and I deploy 4, it is a 2 to 1 and on the CRT... Hey where is the CRT?!!

AG - No you would roll 4 dice and he would roll 2.

EG - with disgust in his tone - no it's not that SORT of game - you pay your guards to the other player to leave town.

HWG - What! if I win my mercenaries desert to you and abandon their loot? That doesn't make sense.

EG - Then you collect goods, more guards, horses ...

HWG - Can I use the horses to mount my guards for cavalry? That’s right we have wagons so we can equip the Hussites with wagonforts so they can take over your city!

EG & AG: Huh?!

EG - When you complete a row you collect either a card with dudes on it...

HWG - ignoring the mounting tension interrupts yet again: The 3 types of dudes you are trying to win over are nobles, burghers and friars.

AG - That reminds me, I should have stopped and picked something up to eat.

EG - If you don't quite interrupting my explanation I'm going to throw you out the window.

HWG - That would be the Defenestration of Prague - but the incident most people think about was the cause of the 30 Years War at a later ...

Where upon EG reenacted the Defenestration of Prague with the HWG

Stepping out of character -
It is a well constructed game and I found many of the mechanics interesting. However, I also found the game to be a rather dry mathy type of an affair.
Finally, it should be considered a poster child for pasted on theme.
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