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Subject: Uncoordinated outlaws still got to a final shootout rss

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Dave Wilson
United States
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There were six of us around the table now, looking to play. I went to my bags and brought out a bunch of games that supported six players, but Carrie had gone to Jim's game cabinet, and called out "We haven't played this in a long time!" She returned to the table with Bang!

Danielle began as the Sheriff, Suzy Lafayette. She started by playing her Volcanic, and a General Store, but otherwise just waiting things out. Jim and Jeff were the next two, and of course they began the fireworks. Jim began by playing dynamite, and then called the Indians on the town, and Jeff fired off his gatling. We also got big weapons early, when Jeff played his Winchester rifle (range 5) and Helen played a revolving Carabine (range 4). But Helen didn't stop there. Jeff was already wounded by the indians, and had played himself out of cards. Helen, playing Willie the Kid, could raise havoc by shooting as much as she wanted. Jeff, playing Paul Regret, was an extra step farther away from everyone, but with her Carabine, Helen didn't care. A bang and a duel later, Jeff lay dead in the street, revealed to be an outlaw. Carrie, as Vulture Sam, gleefully scooped up his cards.

On her turn Carrie made use of those cards, playing a Mustang, and a Barrel, and a weapon. Dave was next, and he was kind of freaked by all the activity so far, so he moved to protect himself. He nuked Carrie's mustang, so he could then Panic her Barrel and play it himself. He then put Helen in jail. That brought us back to the Sheriff, but Danielle only drew cards, drank a beer, and finished her turn.

We came back to Jim, and he apparently had an issue with Helen killing his brother. He played a volcanic and shot her twice! Helen, for her part, didn't have the cards to return fire. She did avoid the dynamite that had begun circulating, and escaped from jail, but that was about all she could do. After her came Carrie, and Boom! The dynamite exploded, doing much damage, but not killing her.

The feud between Jim and Helen continued, but with Jim getting the better of it. He was able to shoot her twice on one turn, and then on his next turn finish her off, revealing her to be a deputy. And one more gunman got ID'ed when Dave turned and shot at Sheriff Danielle. He must be an outlaw. For her part, Carrie didn't make the connection (she must have missed Dave's shot) and on her turn fired once at Jim and once at Dave. But she didn't make her next turn, taken out by indians that Sheriff Danielle had called in, leaving only Danielle, Dave and Jim. Carrie had been an outlaw as well, so that left the third outlaw and the renegade for Danielle to handle. Which was which?

Here Dave and Danielle began "The Great Barrel Spat." Dave had a barrel, which he'd taken from Carrie a few turns before. It had proven useful, getting in the way of at least a couple Bang! attempts. So Danielle took it with a panic card. On his turn, Dave took it back. And of course, Danielle took it back again. Finally Dave was forced to get rid of it via Cat Balou.

In addition to all this, Dave, in true "force of chaos" fashion, played more dynamite. As the third outlaw (yeah, everyone knew, since he was shooting at Danielle, and Jim wasn't), he was hoping for it to go off on the Sheriff. But no, Danielle survived. Jim wasn't so lucky. It exploded, and killed him, leaving a final one-on-one duel between Danielle and Dave for the win.

The final duel went for a while. Dave was playing Sid Ketchum, whose ability was to discard two cards in order to gain one life point. During the duel he did so a number of times, as he tried to survive Danielle's repeated attacks while waiting for some offensive cards. But Danielle kept the pressure on, shooting when she could, and using the stagecoach to get extra cards to let her draw more. Eventually it was too much, and Dave couldn't survive one more shot. She may have wiped out her entire town, but Danielle survived, winning the game for the Lawmen.

As is probably apparent from the above, the outlaws weren't terribly coordinated in their attacks. When only one out of three outlaws actually shoots at the sheriff, you know the game is favoring the law. But it was close. Very close.
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