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Subject: Session Report, 3 November 2007 rss

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James Sterrett
United States
Kansas City [Platte City]
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We had ten people show up in all for today's game!

Umpires: James Sterrett, Corinne Mahaffey, Mark Weber, Giles Schildt

Blue: Jerry Hall, Shannon Weber, John Osborne

Red: Chaim Krause, Pete Maidhof, Ian Weber

Map: Metz map -- all of it. I've pasted together all the larger
index pictures, which everybody used. (Though I think somewhere
there's a strip even further west that I'm missing!)

Start Time: 0700 on a sunny day

Era: 1870

Blue Mission: Envelop Metz. Blue is to cut off Metz by placing
forces on every possible road or rail lines leading out of Metz. Blue
approaches from the southern edge of the map.
Blue does not have the forces necessary to take any of the Metz
fortresses. (Game rule.) The Metz forces will shell any Blue forces
who comes within 1 miles of them.

Blue Forces:

3 divisions of infantry (2x 3-battalion brigades plus a battalion
of artillery each)
(and a baggage train each! )
2 regiments of cavalry (4 squadrons each)
1 bridge engineer battalion

Red Mission: Prevent the envelopment of Metz: keep as many road and
rail lines as possible clear. The Metz fortresses are defended by
friendly troops that will shell any enemy seen within 1 mile. Passage
through the Metz fortresses is clear as long as the enemy isn't hard
on your heels.

Red Forces:

2 divisions of infantry (2x 3-battalion brigades plus a battalion
of artillery each)
(and a baggage train each! )
1.5 regiments of cavalry (4 squadrons each; 6 squadrons total
2 bridge engineer battalions with a baggage train - included
demolition capability

Chaim took command of Red and Red's cavalry, allocating a division
each to Pete and Ian. The cavalry deployed on an east-west line at
about the level of Marly (which is just south of Metz). Pete's
division deployed in the area of the exercise grounds SW of Metz, and
Ian's division deployed with a brigade defending at Colligny and a
brigade in reserve just east of Fort Q, SE of Metz.

Jerry took charge of Blue, allocating a division and 2 squadrons of
cavalry to each player, and reinforcing John's division with the
remaining 2 squadrons of cavalry.

John was sent up the west bank of the Moselle, Jerry headed up the
direct route to Metz via Coin sur Seille, and Shannon headed
northwards from Pontoy towards Jury.

Initial contact took place around 0745. Blue's cavalry steadily drove
Red's cavalary backwards while both sides tried to make sense of the
situation - a problem complicated in Red's case by the centralized
control of the cavalry, which had some reports coming in hours later
than they ere issued. (However, Red's centralization also paid off,
as communiations between the three commanders was extremely swift.)

At 0930, Chaim and Pete reacted to the steady retreat of their
cavalary to Ars sur Moselle by committing one of Pete's brigades to
its defense. Initially, this produced good results, stopping Blue's
advance in an intense fight. In the long run, however, Jerry brought
a battalion into the rear of Pete's brigade; while it hadn't been
demolished by the end of the game, we all agreed that was the likely
eventualy result.

Chaim's other Big Decision of 0930 wqas to try to build a
counterattack to destroy the division threatening his east flank
(Shannon's division), using a brigade from Ian's XI division to pin
Shannon while two other brigade moved onto her flanks, and then
attacked at noon.

In the event, not all of this came off, as Shannon's advance
threatened Ian enough that he pulled much of his force into the
blocking position instead of the flank atack, while Pete's brigade
moving onto the flank ran into trouble from two battalions Jerry had
stationed to protect it.

At the game ended (1145 on the game clock), matters looked bad for
Pete's brigade in Ars sur Moselle while his flank-attack brigade was
maneuvering towards it position with some decided worries about local
Blue forces..

Shannon had squared off to stare at Ian. An attempted maneuver to the
east wound up intercepting a Red attempt to move a cavalry squadron
through the woods - the infantry and cavalary surprised each other at
close range as the cavary emerged from the woods, and withering
infantry fire made short work of the cavalry; the infantry then
pursued the remnants of the cavalary through the woods and wound up in
a flank protection spot. Shannon's cavalry was luckier and penetrated
past Ian's lines shortly before the game ended. Shannon's force was
under distinct threat, but Jerry was beginning to take more notice of
the situation and preparing to bring his reserve brigade east to
relieve the pressure.

Pictures placed on the website: Chaim's order, situation at 1100, and
an edited version of the 1100 situation to show the end of the game.
(I forgot to take an end-of-game picture... uh.)

We began the debrief by putting a copy of the map over top of the
umpire's map, and having all the commanders explain their current
understanding of the battle on that blank map -- *then* we removed
that map so they could see the real picture. This worked well to keep
the initial comments grounded in their game-limited understanding of
the situatiuon .

Perhaps the most entertaining moment of the debrief, though, came when
siblings Ian and Shannon realized they had been fighting each
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R Larsen
Naerum (Copenhagen)
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This is really cool. I had no idea that this existed (still).
I would love to know more about it, and to see some of those pictures you mention in the report.
Is there a link to these, and maybe other relevant sites - seems there is little activity on this on BGG.
Thanks for the extensive report!
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James Sterrett
United States
Kansas City [Platte City]
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The pictures are in the Files section of the Kriegspiel Yahoogroup:

That group's the best source I know of.

( should exist but won't load for me today. )
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Timothy Burke
United States
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The recent boost to Kriegsspiel may be due to the republication of the rules set by Too Fat Lardies. The Lardies yahoo group is:

Currently we've got a Pbem game going which is great fun.
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R Larsen
Naerum (Copenhagen)
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I will take a look there (but first have to sign up to Yahoo).
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