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Pete McCartney
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It was a bright and sunny day, the kind of day royalty hates, because on days such as these... HEADS WILL ROLL!
The crowds had gathered for this marathon head chopping event, the three executioners were poised with their implements ready to prove once and for all who had the sharpest wit blade.
Salix a rare female head-lopper
Q. Mulative the kind of guy who would date a female head-lopper

The crowd hushed the first group of wicked evil doers had been lead out, you could see them shiver in antici----------

Day one:
Salix was up and swingin without taking a breath, bagging a Rival Executioner and the prestige of the Countess Head he happed to be carrying around with him in a sack, why is he carrying an extra head? Who knows, maybe that’s why he was up for the chop today....

The questions behind the head-in-a-sack *Patent Pending* distracted the guards allowing for a heroic escape on the part of the Landlord and Tragic Figure, this further confused things as Dribbler chopped off the next head in line, the Clown, yet this creatures head managed to land in Salix’s pile.

Q. Mulative walked up with a grin, he had Military support behind him, and a colonel’s head under his ax, *snicker snack head in a sack*

Salix however wasn’t smiling, One of her Heads was Missing! Dribbler quickly stepped up, which one, which one, keep your eye on the head, a quick shuffle of three-card-monte mixed things up, Q. Mulative’s quickness wasn’t related only to his blade handling, he spotted the clown, it rolled down the gutter and off into the sunset. Salix’s axe shimmered in the sunshine, the sheriff filled the new void.

As Dribbler honed his edge, the Martyr quietly Bribed the Guards with tender treats and a wink, she headed to the back of the line, the Lieutenant stepped up and his body was carried down.

Q. Mulative was becoming quite popular, with a loud cry of “Was That MY Name?” The Governor practically ran into his waiting blade

People running around, heads flying, bribes, all this, as you may understand caused complete Mass Confusion, and the Heretic joined Salix’s pile.

With a *hiss* and a “boo!” the Unpopular Judge was pushed up the steps, Dribbler gained some infamy.

With most of the line gone, and the crowds waning the head-loppers decided to wrap up for the day with a quick Double Feature, the Archbishop and Councilman paid their dues, and we close the scene on this fair day.

Day two:
The day started with fresh crowd, and fresh horrible, evil, terrible people, who needed to be decapitated.

Salix’s turn out the past day had won her a fair share of Foreign Support, she waved to the crowd and uncapped the local Lord. The Master Spy took this opportunity to sneak to the back of the line.

With a quick cry of Forward March one of the Palace Guard’s heads fell into Dribbler’s pile.

The Cardinal called in a quick favour being a Friend of the Queen and moved back a couple spaces in line, the Lady in waiting blanched as she realized that now made her number one. *Ka-Chunk* Q. Mulative’s pile grew

The sight of blood and knowing he was next was too much for the poor Coiffeur who had a Fainting Spell. The Lieutenant stoicly marched to his fate at Salix’s blade.

As a rash of Infighting afflicted Q. Mulative’s crew of headsman, Dribbler took the lule of the moment to execute the Royal Cartographer.

The Coiffeur was unable to awaken, so the Cardinal took pity on him and called in another favour, his influence as Friend of the queen saved the Coiffeur, but this would be the Cardinal’s last act of redemption as he climbed the steps to where Q. Mulative’s steel glistened.

Another Unpopular Judge was pushed through the line to end up in Salix’s pile.

Meanwhile it occurred that Q. Mulative’s blade missed striking the Cardinal, combined with his act of mercy he was sent to the back of the line in a chance for penance. As he walked back down he gave a sad smile to the Coiffeur on his way up, Dribbler didn’t smile as he sent his blade falling.

These acts seemed to soften the crowd and Q. Mulative was faced with an Indifferent Public, he simply went about his job and made short work of the Priest.

As Salix raised her instrument of death for the next man/woman in line, some Opinionated Guards pushed the poor Cardinal to the front, this time there was no stalling, the blade fell.

Dribbler took the opportunity of everyone watching the various going on’s to take a Rat break and save himself up for a latter action. As his turn with the blade came upon him he put a Sheriff to his place in the pile.

These Sheriff’s were none too popular, and with a cry of Civic Support they gathered around Q. Mulative to watch him ply his trade on the next one.

Dribbler’s Rat Break did not go unnoticed, Salix took the opportunity for a Forced Break taking away his latest chance for action. With the break done she called up the Master Spy who slinked his way up the stairs, and parts of him bounced down.

With the multitude of breaks, and the Sheriffs gone the crowd had gone, the day ended.

Day 3:
This day did not start well, from the very beginning there was Milling in Line with the first five up not nowing what order they should be in. Dribbler ended it all by calling the Captain of the guard up.

Q. Mulative not happy at Salix’s earlier actions called for a Lack of Support on Salix making her lose support of the Public Demand, with a nod knowing his job was done, he took out the Mayor.

Salix frowned at the crowd’s look and tried to move things along with a quick Double Feature calling up both the Baron, and the infamous Robspierre , this was a bit much for the crowd, as general mayhem broke out, the line was quickly dispersed and the day was brought to a premature end.

Afterwards at the Headmans/Headwomans Coffee Break room, the three sat around and compared how much reputation they had earned during the quick three day head-off-extravaganza.
Dribbler found himself with about 10 new fans
Q. Mulative had gained more than double that with26
The now famous, and infamous, Salix smiled as she counted up her 28 new fans.

Now they can’t wait till the next revolution.
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Ken B.
United States
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Nice SR!

"I know they're revoltin'...but now, they're rebellin'!"

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