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Subject: Collection of ideas official and fan-made rss

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Atnier Rodriguez
United States
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These are all the events I got so far...

1. AMBUSH The distance between any two players is 1. This is modified by cards in play as usual.
2. BANK ROBBERY Any player not in jail can skip phase 2 to draw 2 cards instead.
3. BAR BRAWL Each player may play a BEER as a BANG!, in addition to BANG! cards previously paid
4. BLACKSMITH Horses are twice as effective (+1 are +2, -1 are -2)
5. BLESSING The suits of all cards are hearts
6. BLOOD BROTHERS At the beginning of your turn, you may lose one life (not your last one) to give one life to any player you choose.
7. CURSE The suits of all cards are spades
8. DEADLY SHOT If you are hit by another player, draw a card. If a heart, lose another point.
9. DOCTOR Player(s) with the least life gain 1 point.
10. FLESH WOUND You cannot lose your last life this turn.
11. FOG All distances are increased by 1
12. GAMBLER Each player may play one card face down. Highest card gains 1 life or draws 2 cards.
13. GENERAL STORE CLOSED No GENERAL STORE cards can be played in this turn.
14. GOLD RUSH The game proceeds counter-clockwise for one whole round, always starting with the sheriff. All card effects proceed clockwise.
15. GREEN ACRES All green cards are activated immediately
16. GUNPOWDER For each barrel hit this turn, draw a card. If a black suit, player hiding behind it loses 3 life.
17. GUNSLINGER You can have 2 pistols this turn and play 2 BANG cards. (no rifles)
18. HANDCUFFS After drawing cards in phase 1, the player whose turn it is announces a suit. That player can only play cards of that suit during his turn.rduring his turn.
19. HANGOVER Everybody loses their special abilities this turn.
20. HIGH NOON Everyone loses 1 life at the start of their turn.
21. JAIL BREAK Discard all JAIL cards.
22. JUDGE Cannot play cards in front.
23. LASSO Cards in front of you have no effect this turn
24. MOONSHINE All player gain 1 life this point.
25. OASIS All injured players gain 1 life at end of turn.
26. PEYOTE Instead of drawing in phase 1, you must guess if the suit color of the top card on the deck is red or black. You then draw and show it: if you guessed right, you keep it. Repeat until you guess wrong, then proceed to phase 2.
27. PONY EXPRESS When this card comes up each player passes a facedown card to the next player.
28. POX When this card comes up, each player discards half their hand (rounded down).
29. RANCH At the end of phase 2 of your turn, you may discard any number of cards from your hand and then draw an equal number from the deck (only once)
30. RESERVATION No INDIAN cards this turn
31. REVEREND No BEERS this turn
32. RICOCHET Target an object in front of somebody with a BANG. Object can be saved with a MISS.
33. RUSSIAN ROULETTE Each player discards a MISS card or lose 2 life.
34. RUSTLERS Discard all HORSE cards in play.
35. SADDLE BAGS Double the amount of cards you can have this turn.
36. SANDSTORM Everyone sees each other at a distance of 1 (ignore cards that affect distance)
37. SERMON No BANG cards this turn
38. SHOOTOUT Everyone can play two BANG cards this turn
39. SHORT FUSE Dynamite explodes on any spades drawn.
40. SNIPER (HEADSHOT) A player can use two BANG cards for one shot that must be dodged with 2 MISS cards.
41. STUBBORN MULE All players with HORSES lose 1 life this turn.
42. THIRST Only one card can be drawn in this round
43. TONIC OF MYSTERY At the beginning of your turn, draw 1 card. Red suit gain 1 life. Black suit lose 1 life.
44. TRADING POST Each player draws 1 of the 2 cards from the hand of the next player, in case that player has no cards, he only gets the card drawn from the deck.
45. TRAIN ARRIVAL Draw 1 extra card at end of phase 1.
46. TRAIN ROBBERY All cards on play are discarded in this turn.
47. URGENT TELEGRAM Everyone draws a card and discards a card.
48. VENDETTA At end of turn, draw a card. If Hearts, you get a 2nd turn.
49. WANTED DEAD The players with the most life can only be targeted this turn.

I've left out some that I didn't feel were fun or did not have a solid thematic value. Also, I don't care for cards "reviving" dead players, cuz there's a chance people eliminated from the game would go ahead and start a different game altogether so that they wouldn't be available to play one more turn caused by an event card.

Any other ideas you've found fun or worth adding to my list? Feel free to tell me.
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