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Subject: Bless Those Dogfaces: Cobra with "K" after the big barf rss

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Dan Edwards
United States
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My last session report had me losing St. Mere Eglise to my brother-in-law "K" after a plague of stomach flu leveled our humble abode during a Thanksgiving visit. Shortly after I filed that report, I was no longer laughing at the unfortunate sufferers of intestinal distress. I was too busy wondering if my socks might actually shoot through my nostils while I bent over the commode.

Last night we all had recovered enough to play a "couples game", so we picked Carcassonne (first session for all concerned). It went well enough, the ladies liked it. I couldn't resist placing a Memoir '44 figure on one of those pansy pastoral French tiles, and while the wives scoffed at the boys and those cute lil' soldiers, the steely eyes of the men met and I swore that I would get another shot at "K" on the REAL fields of France...

The wives and kiddies went off to see Santa, so we bachelors for an evening watched "The Magnificent Seven" while we chowed down to bring the testosterone level past the red zone, and after Eli Wallach got gut-shot like he deserved, at "K"'s suggestion the M44 board came out for Operation Cobra.

This time we set up the battlefield with the German side facing "K", and as the GIs I faced the classic dilemma of the attacker: my advantage in numbers and armor was negated by his defensive positions. My initial hand of five cards held a lot of strong movement options with few "specials", and it was to remain that way through the contest.

I started off advancing on my left flank, hoping to use several moves in a row to roust the hated Hun out of his houses and hedgerows. At this point "K" made a rookie move and advanced his armor close to my infantry squads, and my next turn had dogfaces swarming all over his exposed Panzers. First point of five to me, and what damage I suffered was made right by a timely "medics and mechanics" card.

I think the loss of those tanks put "K" in a cautious mood, and he's smart enough not to repeat mistakes. He settled back, played a "dig in" card, and started picking off stray figures across the board. Pesky stuff, but not a serious threat.

I blasted my way into the town on the left, and pretty nearly rolled up that flank at little cost. His Panzerless infantry were forced back, retreating far enough that the terrain was keeping our infantry from coming to killing distance. I cursed the flags that should have been kills and kept advancing. We traded some shots on the mostly quiet right and I pondered my next brilliant thrust.

At this sunny juncture he brought out his four-figure armor in the center, this time at a wise distance. I boldly used a one of the few special cards I had to move up two groups of Shermans in response, and they blasted at the big Tigers with bonus dice...and I rolled a whole galaxy of stars and a platoon of infantry icons.

Incredulous but still undamaged I gritted my teeth. Sure enough, the German counterblow left me with smoking hulks where my Shermans had been, and the words of Telly Savalas in "The Battle of the Bulge" rang out in my shell-shocked brain -"They're bouncing off like tennis balls!"

I could see another dismal defeat begin to form in that ugly center section. I took a deep breath, turned off the Savalas and tuned in the Sutherland, swearing not to give in to "those negative waves, man."

My reliable dogfaces did what the Shermans couldn't, taking out those Tigers. After that, I was hungry to close in for that last kill that would take me to five points, but I rolled flags, and those pesky hedgerows kept me from closing in. "K" didn't blast back, and fished for a card. I knew his four card hand was strapped!

The wives and kiddies returned, and I let my second grader roll my next attack, and at last his poor Panzergrenadiers were caught in a midrange crossfire and could retreat no further. The game was up, three points to five.

"K" then showed me his hand... stuffed full of ambushes and other nasty tricks for the unwary who closed to adjacent distance. I realized that had I been able close in for the bayonet assault the Marine in me craved, I would have been vaporized. Those rolled flags I had bitterly cursed kept me from providing the rope for my own hanging.

The in-laws are off in the early morning, and despite the sea of vomit that we had to cross, from a gaming standpoint the visit was outstanding, making misery memorable. I also have a pretty good idea of what to get "K" for Christmas! devil

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Edward Wehrenberg
United States
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Love the report, thanks for posting! Glad to know you're feeling better.
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