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Mark Saha
United States
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Subject: Errata for SPI's Crimean War Quad

From: Ross Hagglund

I noticed Web-Grognards didn't have this errata sheet in it's archive.
I thought I would do my part to contribute to such a useful web resource.

Ross (


Addenda/Errata (as found on the errata sheet with game)


[5.25] (clarification) A Steep Slope hex is one which contains at least
one Steep Slope splash.

[7.28] (correction) "Game-Turn" should read "Player Turn"

[8.32] (clarification) The defender receives the terrain benefit only if any attacking units are in the "splash" part of a hexside (that is,
they are attacking uphill)

[8.4] MELEE CRT: (clarification) Odds better than the right-hand column are resolved on the right-hand column. Odds worse than the left hand
column are resolved on the left-hand column. (omission) A '1' melee result requires the affected unit(s) to be Disrupted and retreated
one hex.

[11.27] (addition) Optional Rule: Disrupted cavalry unit may not take
advantage of 11.26.


[16.43] (addition) Horse Artillery units have a movement allowance of 7, as stated in the standard rules.

[17.21] (correction) The first sentence should read: "If the Russian Player moves any of his units west of the 0400 hex column, the French
Additional reinforcements enter the game in the next Allied Movement

[18.3] (clarification) The Allied Player denies redoubt guns to the Russian Player by removing any remaining guns during any Allied Movement Phase. The Allied Player is not forced to remove any or all guns, and may use any guns that are not captured or spiked against the Russian Player's units. In choosing not to spike a gun, the Allied Player runs the risk of them being captured.

[18.4] (omission) The four redoubt artillery units (Canrobt, #2, Arabtabia, and #4) each have a Fire Strength range of 1 hex.


[18.22] (correction) Reference to hex 3021 should be 3010.

[19.23] (clarification) The restriction on units in C, D and E applies only to movement. The units may freely fire offensively and/or defensively.

[19.23D] (clarification) Reference to 1st French Division is to the 1st of the Reserve Corps. The Artillery Reserve referred to is listed under the 1st Cavalry Division. There are no restrictions on other units listed under the 1st Cavalry Division.


[22.2 & 22.3] (correction) The locations of the Lancaster Battery, Barrier, and Sandbag Battery are hexes 1314, 2512, and 2811 respectively. They are located correctly on the map.

[22.2] (correction) Reference to Russian units exited into 2026 through 2426 and 2527 through 2927 should be into 1826 through 2226 and 2327 through 2727 respectively. Reference to Russian units scoring VP's by ending in hexes 1723, 1724, 1823, 2415, 2516, 2615 and 2524 should be 1823, 1824, 1924, 2415, 2515, 2516 and 2524. The VP indicators are located in the correct hexes on the map.

[24.35] (clarification) Russian Steamships may not be moved into hexes 2300 and 2400.

[24.4] (deletion) The Example is incorrect and should be ignored.

[26.1] (correction) The Dissolution Probability is determined by subtracting the Sighting Range from the number of hexes moved. NOT by subtracting the number of hexes moved from the Sighting Range.

[29.15] (correction) References to Allied Reinforcements entering the map on hexes 1826 and 2426 should be hexes 1825 and 2326 respectively.

[29.16] (clarification) Game-Turn Eight is the second consecutive Fog

COUNTER-MIX (correction) The b95/2 counter is lacking its Skirmisher "SK" marker on its undisrupted side.



Artillery Class / Range in Hexes
fire strength at 1 2 3 4+ hexes range
Class "J" = 8 6 4 -
Arty class "J" = strength 8 at one hex range; 6 at 2 hexes, 4 at 3 hexes and "-" (zero) at 4+ hexes

[18.4] DIAGRAM (clarification) The Line of Sight between the units in 2106 and 2309 is blocked. It passes through the hexsides congruent to
2107/2206 and 2208/2308 (and also bisects 2207). Therefore 18.42 Case 'c' does apply, blocking Line of Sight between the two hexes.

[19.2] (correction) The reference to "Phasing" in the Commentary should read "non-Phasing".

[21.13] (addition) No Russian unit may exit the map until Russian Preservation has been triggered.

[21.2] (clarification) Once Russian Preservation has been triggered an
unlimited number of Russian units may be exited in any Russian Movement Phase.
[21.2 & 23.12] (correction) All references to hex 1701 should be hex 2225.

Map (omission) There are two Russian unit's setup hexes missing from the map. They are correctly listed in Case 22.1 as UGL/2E on hex 3103
and UGL/1E on hex 3213.

- END -
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