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Mark Saha
United States
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As a result of post-publication playtesting and questions or comments
received from SPI customers, the following errata have been assembled
to clarify play of this simulation:


[5.21] (clarification) Units may never enter a hex contain an any
Enemy unit

[6.0] (clarification) No units start any Scenario in Road Mode

[6.13] (clarification) Only Mechanized units which have not
engaged in Combat during the Friendly Combat Phase may enter Road Mode
during the Mechanized Movement Phase.

[6.16] (clarification) Units may not enter Road Mode in Ridge hexes

[6.18] (clarification) Road Mode Facing. Units in Road Mode are
the only ones with a Facing. The Facing is indicated by the position
of the Road Mode marker. When the Player places a unit in Road Mode he
must face the arrow head clearly toward on hexside. Thereafter the
unit may only enter the hex that the arrow is pointing at. The arrow
may be rotated 60 degrees in either direction immediately after entering a
hex. The Zone of Control of a unit in Road Mode consists of solely
the hexes the head and tail of the arrow point toward.

[9.25] (clarification) A Friendly unit must participate in an attack
if it is adjacent to an Enemy unit which is being attacked, All Enemy
units which are adjacent to attacking Friendly units must be attacked,
except if they are on minefields.

[10.0] (clarification) The Combat Results Table is on its own sheet
with the Terrain Effects Chart

[10.2] (change) Retreat priority "4" should read "to or through ridge
hexes or depression hexes "

[10.24] (clarification) If a unit is retreated onto a unit that is
subsequently attacked in that same Combat Phase, the first unit does
not add its strength to the defense, but it does suffer the same
Combat Result (if any).

[11.0] (clarification) Minefields function n all ways as terrain, not
as units (exception: they may be a eliminated)

[11.23] (clarification) The Combat Strength for defense of a Friendly
combat unit on an Enemy minefield is not affected by the minefield.

[12.0] (clarification) Engineer units function in all ways as Combat
units except n Combat and Stacking.

[12.13] (addition) Engineer units do not count for the Stacking Limit,
but they do count for Stacking Movement penalties.

[13.1] (clarification) The Attack Supply Range is also the Movement
Supply range.

[13.34] (clarification) A Supply unit is only a Supply source if it
meets the chaining requirement. As a unit, however, it can be in any
of the various Supply States for its own Movement Allowance purposes.

[13.36] (change - replace the last sentence with In such a case, the
only Supply Source is the Friendly map edge.

[15.32] (addition) An Active Road Section is an invariable Supply
Source from which all Supply units must "chain" in order to be
functional as a Supply Source.

[16.0] (clarification) The Western Map Edge borders on hexes 0101-0107
inclusive, only. The Southern Map Edge extends from 0107-4934

[16.01] (addition) The Friendly Map Edges do not count for the
chaining mentioned in 13.0.

[17.21] (addition) Only Supplied or Partially Supplied units east of
3400 count for Axis Victory Points

[18.12] (addition) Only the units which start the game in boxes are
affected by the restrictions listed in this section. Note that Allied
units in the boxes are always in Supply.
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