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Mark Theurer
United States
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Rezolution: Outbreak $25.99
Published by Aberrant Games

So, the first expansion to Rezolution is in my hot little (well, maybe not so little) hands and it’s time to tell you what it’s all about. Outbreak is a softcover 108-page book that contains all sorts of new missions, a campaign system and a new faction, the Vatacina.

A little more than the first half of the book is devoted to new missions and the advancement of the storyline of the Rezolution world. A whole slew of missions tied to the Outbreak storyline come first and then you get into a more general mission manual which presents five missions for attackers and defenders coming from any faction instead of ones specifically keyed to the Outbreak storyline.

The campaign rules take up about the next quarter of the book and this is something that I’ve been looking forward to since getting the basic rulebook a couple of years ago. There are two kinds of campaigns that can be played. Each requires building of a starting force and then fighting out battles with other players. In the standard campaign you determine opponents, play games and then work out the aftermath of the game. You’ll earn points towards making characters better by giving them new abilities and get points to buy new troops or replace those that got killed. Models that are removed from the table during a game can recover, be dead for real, might be captured by the enemy (thereby setting up a rescue scenario) or could be injured and must miss a game. The alternate campaign uses a map where players control different facilities that are worth differing amounts of revenue and give different bonuses to the player in control. As an example, a hospital gives you a bonus to the survival roll after fights. I favor the map/location based system but it requires a bit more bookkeeping on the part of each player so the regular option will be a bit easier for people to jump into if they’ve not played a campaign system before.

The last quarter of the book is devoted to the Vatacina, the new faction for Rezolution. I noticed that they are absent from the campaign rules. They are made up mostly of individuals with Craft powers and robots. There is one unit present, the Vatacina Guard, but the main focus is probably unleashing lots of mental powers and scary robots. I’d expect additions to the army list in future expansions and/or miniature releases.

There are several full color pictures of painted figures in the second half of the book and these are very well done. Whoever painted these did a very good job and they all look really good. I’d like to have seen more color pictures, but this probably would have driven up the cost of the book. The last page of the book has a picture of three alien creatures and the caption, “To be continued…” underneath them. These guys look like some kind of sci-fi humanoid snapping turtles (maybe my description is lacking but they look pretty cool to me) that are decked out in Asian-influenced gear and carrying large guns. From the Rezolution forums I’ve been able to discover that they are called the Paneer and I’m looking forward to them. The book is a very worthwhile addition to the Rezolution game if only for the campaign systems. I tend to vacillate back and forth on whether or not I’m a fan of missions. Maybe I’m schizophrenic but sometimes they seem like a good idea and can lend a lot to a battle report and sometimes I just want to get out there and blast the other guy’s troops to pieces. So, for current Rezolution players I’d say it’s a pretty easy “yes” purchase. For players that have not yet gotten into the game I’d suggest the Shadow War set first and then moving on to the missions and campaign system that presented here. It’s a very well done supplement that advances the game and storyline and also gives some hints (shown in various pieces of art in the book) at upcoming stuff in the next book, which I’m sure players are already chomping at the bit for.

Review by Mark Theurer
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