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Mark Saha
United States
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From Moves 23

[as of 1 Oct. '75]

As a result of post-publication playtesting, the following errata
and addenda have been assembled to clarify and correct the
various errors and ambi guities in the game components. The
errata follow the sequence of the Sniper! rules folder.

[3.3] (OMISSION) Also included are the Attack Strength Table and
the Hit Damage Table.

Each hex represents two meters of terrain. Each Game-Turn
represents between 10 and 120 seconds of elapsed time.

[7.25] (CLARIFICATION) Weapons may be directed through a hex
containing a prone man.

[7.261 (OMISSION) Prone men may not sight or fire through an
adajcent window hexside.

[7.6] (CLARIFICATION) For purposes of facing during the Final
Facing Segment, movement is defined as actual motion from one hex
to another through the mapgrid. The act of falling prone or
changing a height level is not considered movement for this

[9.32] (CORRECTION) Omit the final sentence. There is no Jumping
Effects Table.

[11.24] (OMISSION) Men armed with grenades, flamethrowers, or
satchel charges may not use Opportunity fire.

[11.25] (OMISSION) When the driver of a Tank or Vehicle is Killed
or Incapacitated while moving (due to Opportunity Fire), the Tank
or Vehicle immediately stops in place.

[11.53] (OMISSION) Once a man has prepared Quick Fire, he is not
forced to use it on the following Game-Turn. Instead, he may use
it on any one subsequent Game-Turn, provided he does not perform
any other mission before doing so.

Movement refers to any Individual Mission assigned for that
Game-Turn that involves any kind of movement through the hexgrid
(except movement while prone).

[13.1] (ADDITION)
The Defense Multiple of a man seated in a vehicle is "2." A man
in a moving Vehicle does receive the Defense Multiple of "4."

[17.14] (ADDITION) If a man is killed or incapacitated while
carrying (not throwing) a prepared grenade, the grenade does not
explode. Instead, remove the Grenade Ready Marker from the map.

[17.22] (ADDITION) A prone man may throw a grenade a maximum of
ten hexes. Double the range when calculating scatter for prone
men throwing grenades.

[17.43] (CORRECTION) If a man is immediately behind an aperture
hexside from an exploding grenade (and in the Blast Radius), the
man is affected only if he was sighting through the apeture,
i.e., has exposed himself in the Sighting Phase of that
Game-Turn. Add "2" to the die roll in determining the effects of
the grenade. If the man is not exposed, he is not affected by the
grenade. lf a man is prone and in the Blast Radius of a grenade,
but not in the same hex as the grenade, add "2" to the die roll
in determining the effects of the grenade. If the man is in the
same hex as the grenade, he receives no benefit for being prone.
These additions are cumulative; a die roll of higher than "6"
remains a "6."

[17.46] (OMISSION) Each height level counts as six hexes when
determining the effect of height on the Blast Radius of a grenade
(exception: see 9.11). Thus, a grenade exploding at ground level
could not affect a man sighting out of a second level window
unless it exploded in the hex directly "underneath" him.

[17.56] (CLARIFICATION) Case 17.56 is an exception to Case 17.55.

[17.58] (CLARIFICATION) There is no Jumping Effects Table. Refer
instead to 9.32.

If a fragmentation and a smoke grenade explode within three hexes
of one another on the same Game-Turn, there is no effect on the
formation of the smoke hexes.

[17.64] (OMISSION) Once a man has prepared Quick Throw he is not
forced to use it on the following Game-Turn. Instead, he may use
it on any one subsequent Game-Turn, provided he does not perform
any other mission before doing so.

[19.12] (ADDITION) A man may not attack if he has a Hand-to-Hand
Attack Strength of less than "1".

[19.17] (CORRECTION) The paragraph is partially in error. No more
than three men (total) may ever occupy a hex, regardless of side
(see 8.35).

A Stunned result has no effect on the Game-Turn that it is
received. Instead, the man is considered stunned for the entire
following Game-Turn. The fact that the Stunned Marker is removed
after the Operations Plot Phase is misleading. The man remains
stunned for the remainder of that Game-Turn. To simplify keeping
track of this, Players may shift the Stun Recuperation Phase to
the end of the Game-Turn (i.e., have it follow the Turn Record

[22.24] (CLARIFICATION) For purposes of panic, fire attacks are
defined as Direct Fire, grenade or satchel charge explosions, or
Opportunity Fire triggered by a man who did not panic during that
Game-Turn .

[22.25] (ADDITION) Men may not scatter off the map due to
panicked movement. Instead, they stop at the mapedge.

[22.24, 22.25] (CLARIFICATION) Regardless of whether any fire
attacks were assigned on a given Game-Turn, rule 22.24 applies
only if the assigned fire is actually carried out. If, for
example, only one man were assigned a fire attack mission on a
given Game-Turn, and that man panicked, no fire attacks would
occur and rule 22.25 would apply.

[22.261 (ADDITION) If the driver panics, the vehicle remains in
place for that Game-Turn.

[23.12] (CLARIFICATION) Chits are drawn only for combat results
which actually change the status of the affected man. For
example, no chit would be drawn when an incapacitated man
receives one additional wound result. Obviously, once a man is
killed no further chits are drawn for him, regardless of combat

[23.25] (CORRECTION) Omit the second to last sentence.

[24.13] (ADDITION) Prone men may not prepare a rifle grenade.

[24.25] (ADDITION) When using a Rifle Grenade for Opportunity
Fire, double the range when calculating scatter.

Men carrying satchel charges must be noted on the Simultaneous
Movement Plot Chart before the start of the game.

[25.17] (OMISSION) A prepared satchel charge which has been
thrown or placed in a hex may be picked up by an Enemy man as if
it were a Friendly weapon (see 16.0). It may not be disarmed or
the setting of the fuze changed. This is the only case where an
Enemy man may pick up and "use" a Friendly weapon.

[26.0, 27.0] (CLARIFICATION)
A Tank comes equipped with its own crew. A Vehicle must have a
Driver allocated to it out of the men ordinarily assigned to the

[26.31] (ADDITION) An incapacitated or killed man inside a Tank
may be moved to an adjacent hex (also inside the Tank) by a
single man in the same hex as the incapacitated or killed man.
The carrying man must begin the Game-Turn stacked with the body
(see 8.83).

[27.35] (ADDITION) An incapacitated or killed man in.the cab of a
Vehicle may be moved to an adjacent hex (either the other cab hex
or a street hex) by a single man in an adjacent hex. The carrying
man must have begun the Game-Turn adjacent to the body (see

[27.49] (ADDITION) The man using the Machine Gun of a Halftrack
is considered to have slung his personal weapon. Place an Unarmed
Marker on him. (He may, of course, use the Machine Gun of the

[29.32] (CORRECTION) The reference in the third line should be to

The Player trying to clear the block may have one
flamethrower-equipped man in addition to his regular Order of

[32.0] (CORRECTION) The last three paragraphs of this rules
section are misnumbered. They should be 32.26, 32.27 and 32.28.

[32.25] (CORRECTION) Height level may not be changed until
Contact in Patrol Scenarios.

[32.51] (CORRECTION) The Cordoned Player may set up anywhere on
the map from the 1200 row of hexes (inclusive) to the 3900 row

[32.62] (CORRECTION) British: Block Clearing: Scenario 8. The
British do not receive a tank in this Scenario.

[32.64] (CORRECTION) Germans: Ambush: Scenario 14. The Germans
receive 2 MP (not 3) in this Scenario.

The town of Clervaux was eventually captured by the Germans on 18
December, 1944.

[38.34] (CORRECTION) Case 38.34 is in error. Men may sight each
other out of apertures in the same exterior wall of the building
(as is shown in case 8.12).


[18.2] (ADDITION) A die roll greater than "6" remains a "6."

[25.3] (CORRECTION) The fourth number in the die roll row should
be "4."

[29.5] (CLARIFICATION) The Range given is the Range to the target

[29.6] (CORRECTION) The numbers are not the RANGE TO TARGET.
Actually, they are the MODIFIED STRENGTH of the Rocket Launcher.
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