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Peter R.
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After this many games of San Juan and one selfmade game we tried once again one of my favorites: Masquerade
Toni was the only one new to this game.
So I explained the rules, quite a work as 7 different kinds of cards have to be explained and there are mny phases to go through each round.
I could choose my Dancer first. I chose the "Great Fool" giving me the ability to pay 1 card max for each Spell I would cast throughout the game. Andy went for the "Eternal Prisoner" who is the only Dancer with power 4. Toni chose the "Tempting Which" a very powerfull Dancer with the following ability "Level 1 and Level 2 Spells you play cost 1 lower". I thought to myself this Dancer might be dificult to play for a newbie, because of the power of 2 it has. Apo went for the "War maiden" with the following ability: "When you put a Spell as VP counter, you draw one Spell"
My hidden goal was to finish of the Event deck to end the game.
Andy used his Dancer straight foreward to attack the other Dancer whenever possible and earned a big amount of VP in the first few rounds. He earned the Emblem of Swords. Apo and Toni both tried to go for the Tower to get some valuable Treasure but both had bad luck when fighting the Guardian as both drew 3 points when the fought the first Guardian. I was quite unlucky in getting some decent spells to defend myself or to attack others. So I concentrated on going into the Chapel and drew the Emblem of roses asap. I hoped to keep it until the end of the game and to finish the pile as fast as possible as the others didn't seem to be interested in the Chapel at all.
As the game went on, Andy killed the first Guardian in the Tower, giving him the Spirit Shield. Apo managed to kill of the second and third Guardian, giving him the Sunburst ring and the Evil Slayer. I tried to challenge the Eternal prisoner using an Event in the Chapel as I figured he was helpless, but I calculated wrong and the Challenge was just a Draw. I got no VP and I didn't even get the Emblem of Swords I was after.
As I didn't have any useabla Spells I continued to have 3 - 5 Spell cards in my hand and therefore hindering Andy to Attack me. So he picked the weakest Dancer: Toni with his "Tempting Witch".
The game drew to the end as we had already shuffled the Spell deck 3 times. There where only few cards left in the deck as we had put many cards already under our Mask as VP.
I managed to grap a Treasure from Apo, giving me the Evil Slayer but still I lacked cards to really enable me to attack other Dancer. Apo managed to kill the 6th Guardian and switched his treasure with Anton who had killed successfully the 4th Guardian. The last round was here. Toni stole a VP from Andy, I got this Spell from the Spell tomb and stole another VP from Andy. Apo tried to attack Andy and earned a VP.
Then we all revealed our Masks and everyone had fulfilled his hidden goal except of Andy who had to get the Emblem of Roses. I managed to keep it throughout the game.
Final Score:
Andy 11
Apo 8
Peter 8
Toni 4
My inital doubt was right, a Dancer with power 2 should be played by experienced players only. Even more if the Eternal Prisoner is in play.
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