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• You can use the standard rules, but the basic task of the game is not to kill the nameless one in his tower. You will create a global quest in the way the quest cards are, but with more events. All the players will have the same global quest, apart their two quest cards. They have to complete all the parts of your quest. Everyone can complete a part of the quest. The heroes have just to complete all the parts of that global quest, just to play the story and have fun. It doesn’t matter who will win. Write a small scenario or take a D&D scenario and strip it to its basic events. These will become the events of your global quest. They must be written in the quest cards style, but you can create not only 3 events, but many. Don’t worry about quest tiles. You don’t have to create any of them. The heroes have just to go to some place and complete a part of the global quest without taking any quest tiles. If you want to have a winner, the player that will complete the most events of the global quest, wins. Every event gives 1 victory point. The final event (usually the final battle) gives 2 victory points.

• The event s of your global quest can be completed by everyone. The events must happen the one after the other in the way you have created them. The first event must happen before the second one and the second before the third one.

• When one of your events is completed, give to the hero an extra reward, e.g. give + 1 to some characteristic or extra experience cubes or gold pieces or a free market tile.

• The players must have the gem on their quest card to complete the final event of the global quest. The final bad guy can have be anyone you create. He can have the characteristics of the Nameless One. The events of your global quest are more than those on the usual quest cards, so if you don’t want to have a longer game, give the final bad guy the characteristics of a Nameless One, but reduce them (e.g. -1).

• The four guardians are entering the game when somebody draws the nameless tile. But you don’t have to place them on the Tower [Η3]. They can be placed somewhere else depending on your story. But don’t place them on the board until the heroes discover where the bad guy is. You place the servants normally on the board. And don’t forget when you kill them, discard them.

• You can create your map tiles. You can find maps from wizards.com for the Dungeons and Dragons game, in the “Maps of the week” section. These can be country or dungeon maps. After you find the map, decide where the Locations will be. Mark the map with dots. These will be the Locations where the heroes are moving. They can be everywhere: in rooms, T-junctions or streets and rivers. If your map tiles are big, the heroes might need healing, because they will be far from the healing locations on the standard board. Place in various Locations healing potions. Every time a hero goes in such a Location, he will find a new potion that restores 3 wounds immediately. The hero finds just one potion and he must drink it immediately. He can’t take it with him.

• Sometimes in your scenario the heroes may need to make other kind of tests, except combat tests. For Spirit tests use your magic score. For Mind tests use your ranged score. For Body tests use your melee score. These tests are resolved exactly like the combat scores, e.g. a hero must climb to a cliff, so he will make Body test. If he tries to break a door down or to swim, he must make Body test. If he tries to resist from a mind attack, he must make Spirit test. If he tries to persuade somebody to do something, he must make a Spirit test. If he tries to search for something, he must make a Spirit test. If he tries to hide from somebody, he must make a Mind test. if he tries to sneak or to fix a broken machine, he must make a Mind test.

• You can place traps to some locations, especially in those locations where there are events or encounters. Before they resolve the event or the encounter, all the heroes in that location must make a Spirit test. those who fail the test are falling in the trap and their turn is over. Traps can be: a falling boulder, a spear trap, a poison needle trap, a pit trap. The heroes in the traps, are losing a life point or a turn.

This is how I have created the adventure: THE MONUMENT OF PEACE. You can create many adventures using these guidelines and post them in BoardgameGeek so everyone can play them.

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Mike van Schijndel
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dimitkan (#52396),


Im still new to the game, but this sounds like a nice optional thing to try out!

I will get back once we have tried this one out!


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