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Norbert Chan
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Wow, so this is what you get for 100 pieces of gold.
Craig, Greg, Don and I showed up at Jean's house. Craig had recently spent about $700 on Hero Clix, a sort of kid's game manufactured by Whizkids. I had read about this popular selling game. It's sort of minatures for kids. One plays superheroes, you play with plastic painted figurines, and the novel aspect is that the base of the figurine is like a clock, which allows one to keep track of hit points and abilities as one gets hit. That's all about I had heard, so I was going into this with no expectations. Craig had created two teams of superheroes worth 300 pts. (Each 100 pts you have, you get 1 action). One team (value is in parenthesis) was Firelord (66), paramedic (8), Magick (47), Taskmaster (58), Psylocke (45), Jean Gray (31), and Plastic Man (43). The other team (and I didn't get all their values) were Jesse Quick (54), Selene (~30), Shawdow cat, Arwyn, Aralane (19), Logan, Shi (34) and Medic. Craig briefly went over the rules. Basically, you get 3 actions for your team. An action is moving or firing/attacking, but not both, unless you "push" the character and take 1 hit (clicking the bsae of your figurine 1 click, clockwise), in which case, that takes up two actions. Each character has a myriad of special abilities (telekensis, invulnerablilty, enhancement attacks, etc, etc.) You have to play the game many times to understand each and everyone's special powers on attack, defense or damage. There are about 12 different types of attacks, defenses and damages, all of which take a few sentences to read and understand. The different types are denoted by colors on the base of each figurine. Each character has a range allowance, attack value, defense value, damage value and range of attack. To "hit" someone, you roll two six sided dice, add your attack value and as long it is greater than or equal to the defense value of the opponent, you hit.

Greg, Don and I took the Firelord team, while Jean and Craig took the other team. We used the outdoor map, the one with a few trucks in a gas station. We each set up a line. Don was quite convinced the best way to go was to let the other team come at us, so we spent about 20 minutes posturing our defense while Jean and Craig came at us. Jean controlled the Selene character and went up the left flank, while Craig brought the rest of the characters up the right flank.

Using Jean Grey's special ability which allows her to teleport people, she teleported Firelord within range of Craig's characters. Psylocke's special ability is to enhance anyone's attack, so we used Firelord to fire on Aralane. In retrospect, one should try to get the first shot on the most important character to weaken that character, since when they are damaged, they are not that effective. Well, we did 6 damage to Aralane, and I think he only had 5 clicks in him. Then Craig rushed us with his troops, using a run and shoot ability and Jesse Quick to do 4 damage to Firelord. Magick rolled and hit on Jesse Quick. Her special ability is blade/claw, which does 1D6 damage (quite powerful, since each generic character only does about 1 to 2 damage). At this point, Craig had a cunning look on his face.

"You know, Jesse Quick has supersensing. She can evade hits on a 5 or a 6," Craig said.

Don and I looked at each other and laughed out loud. Craig rolled the die, and it came up a 5!. No worries, Psylocke was no slouch herself, she had a similar blade/claw ability and she hit on Jesse Quick as well. Craig rolled again and it came up a 5.

Uh, huh. I knew where this game was going to go pretty quick. We played a few more attacks until lunch, but it was clear that our most powerful character, Firelord was ineffective, and Craig's most powerful character, Jesse Quick was runing roughshod over us. "I'm going to use Jesse's super attack", Craig announced. That meant she could keep attacking until she missed. "Uh, huh", I said to myself. "Oh, by the way" said Craig. "I rolled doubles on my dice. Your character takes an extra hit by being forced into the truck." It was pretty clear Craig was damaging all our forces.

I guess this probably isn't the best taste of the game from Don, Jean's or my perspective. I guess if I felt I had participated more, it may have been more fun. The luck factor is tremendous. I guess this is a "kid's" game, so the fun aspect is collecting and learning all the superheroes special powers. As a game, it's probably more fun to play one on one, perhaps start with 100 pts of superheroes and get used to those characters, rather than get thrown into a large scenario. Well, it was good in that we saw how to play anyways.

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