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John Hsieh
United States
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2 Players: Me & N
Both games were played on the default pre-printed map that came with the starter deck, using the quick summary setup rules. 100 point squads.

Game 1
I played the Rebels and fielded: Luke Skywalker - Rebel, Princess Leia - Senator, 4 Rebel Troopers, 1 Rebel Pilot, 1 Rebel Commando, 2 or 3 Elite Rebel Troopers and a few Fringe mercs, like the MonCal or Duros.

N was the Imps and fieled: Mara Jade, 2 Bespin Guards, a wide variety of stormtrooper, scout troopers and snowtroopers.

The Rebel forces rushed out of the hanger bay, and split into 2 groups, 1 heading for the Tractor Beam control room and the other for the Maintenance Station. Imperial forces charged out of the far turbolift, and soon blaster bolts were lighting up the air and scorching the walls and floors. My Rebels focused a cone of fire into a cargo area, pinning the Imps down, while the Rebel Pilot tried to cross the Tractor Beam Reactor pit. Both sides fought bravely, with the Rebels losing their mercs, and a few dead stormtroopers. The Rebel Pilot made it across, and tossed a grenade into the mass of Imps, killing 3 of them, but at the cost of his life. In a daring move, Mara Jade rushed into the middle of the cargo area, and activated her Force power, allowing her to shoot at every single target in her line of sight. Rebels fell before her, and only the Commando, the Skywalker siblings and an Elite Rebel Trooper was left. They focused their fire on her, and she was defeated. Then, it was simply a matter of mopping up the rest of the Imperial scum, and the Forces of Good win the day.

Game 2
I played the Imperials and fielded: Grand Moff Tarkin, Dengar, Bossk, Greedo, Quarren Assassin, 2 MonCal Mercs, and a Twi'lek Scoundrel.

N played the Rebels and fielded: Han Solo, Luke Skywalker - Rebel, Princess Leia - Captive, Wookie Soldier, various Rebel and Hoth Troopers and Bespin Guards.

Both sides crept forward cautiously this time. N send Leia and the Wookie through the Maintenance and Medical Areas, and I dispatched the 2 MonCal Mercs to deal with them. Blaster pistols vs Melee - no contest! Once Tarkin had the Rebels in sight, I was able to activate 3 characters instead of 2, and quickly moved the bounty hunters to form a firing zone. Of course Han and Greedo had a shootout, with both of them missing drastically. Luke shot up Greedo nicely though, setting him up for the kill from Han next round. The Twi'lek Scoundrel served as blaster fodder as I moved the Quarren through the Tractor Beam room. He spent the rest of the game moving out from cover, firing, and moving back into cover - a thorn in the side of the Rebels. The 2 MonCal mercs met up with Leia and the Wookie, and proceeded to shoot them up, but the Force was strong with the heroes, and both mercs fell under the fists of an enraged Wookie and the chain that killed Jabba. Dengar and Bossk made short work of the Rebel grunts, but both were hurt in the process. The bounty hunters did manage to bring down Han Solo though! Luke, in his despair at seeing his friend fall, fired at Bossk, killing him. The Princess and the Wookie moved forward, and proceeded to beat Dengar down. Tarkin had no choice but to fire his holdout blaster, and managed to bring the Wookie down. The Quarren had to come out to help, and the Force was with young Skywalker, as he scored a crit, killing the assassin instantly. Tarkin's shots grew wilder and wilder as the captive Princess advanced on him, finally choking the life from with that thick chain. Good wins again!
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