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Subject: Arthur Falls, Camelot holds - Bitter victory (first game) rss

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We played without the traitor, as it was the second game for one player, and the first for two of us (four players).
Kyle (new player, young) as King Arthur
Dave (most experienced) as Sir Kay
Russ (one game) as Sir Gawain
and yours truly (new player) as Sir Palamedes
We played yesterday, and I didn't take notes, so there may be some minor inaccuracies.

We spent on turn in Camelot, gathering our men at arms (drawing cards), whilst evil stalked the land - "A strong black knight has appeared", "A mighty warrior has moved to contest Lancelot's armor" (I placed that 5 face down), and Excalibur moved twice.
Sir Gawain declared for the Grail Quest, and declined my offer to join him (I held two Grail cards).
Sir Kay moved to the lake, to retrieve Excalibur before it passed completely into evil.
My King and I spent an extra turn at Camelot, gathering our forces.
The black knight grew stronger, the first besiegers of Camelot approached, and two tribes of Picts appeared.
Arthur, our king set off to battle the Picts, and I set off on a lonely quest for the armor of our brother knight, Sir Lancelot.
Back and forth went Excalibur over the next turns, as we each worked to fulfill our tasks. Excalibur would glide first towards hope, then towards despair and loss. Slowly, Sir Gawain made progress in his Grail quest, and I steadily fought my way towards the Armor.
The trail grew cold for Sir Gawain with two areas to yet search for the Grail, and one further obstacle to be overcome, the Picts grew in number, until three bands were menacing our King, the strength of those opposed to my finding the armor grew steadily, the black knight grew greatly in strength, and more siege engines appeared before Camelot.
I finished my quest, wearing myself to the bone to do so, and was returned to Camelot well refreshed by it. Our King narrowly defeated the Picts in an act of sheer heroism. Sir Gawain returned to Camelot to seek more men at arms (depleted hand) - but I vowed to carry on the Grail quest, following in his footsteps and completing for him this task.
The black knight vanquished us without ever we answered his challenge, and the Mists of Avalon made this doubly hurtful to us.
Great dragons began to gather, soon ere Sir Lancelot's armor was found. I set out, taxing my strength, to complete Sir Gawain's labour.
Sir Kay wrestled long with the lake for possession of Excalibur, but the sword was not yet to be his.
I pushed myself hard, and completed the Grail Quest - again returning triumphant to Camelot, to rest and regain strength.
Sir Gawain and Arthur King valiantly fought against those who besieged our fair citadel, and I prepared to join with them.
But woe betide, all our knights were forced to return to Camelot by a vile threat - the alternative being far worse indeed.
Once more we band of brother knights fought side-by-side, to ward off the besieging hordes, to buy ourselves the breathing room needed to fill our table with swords - honorable or not.
Six were the white swords in Camelot, and of dark swords, two were they numbered. Besiegers crowded the plain outside the walls, and much injury they did to our knightly band - at the greatest of odds.
I myself was struck down, and would have fallen forever had not a draught from that most holy of vessels revitalized me and allowed me to regain myself to continue to fight alongside my brothers.
A convocation of knights at Camelot gained us some followers, and time to plan. We must, we realized, fill the hall with swords - two more white from the Excalibur quest, and no difference the colour of the remainder!
Sirs Kay and Gawain set off to retrieve the sword from the lake, clairvoyance allowed me to see a path to victory for us - yet our noble king fell in battle trying to lessen the doom he read in the siege engines gathered at our gate, Excalibur was ours, and the dragon caused two more dark swords to our hall, thus filling our fate and ending our great battle.
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James Thompson
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Fun read!
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Re: Arthur Falls, Camelot holds - Bitter victory (first game
We tried to play in character, so it just seemed natural to write the report in "faux medieval" as well.
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