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Subject: Detailed rules (some clarification on scoring) rss

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Altug Aksoy
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The game consists of 12 element, 24 horoscope, 24 planet, and 12 aspect cards. Cards are shuffled and players are dealt 6 cards each in the beginning. The rest of the cards are put face down in the middle as the drawing deck.

Every player in turn does the following:
-Play 1 to 3 cards from hand (you don't have to, even if you can), or
-Discard 1 card from hand open to the discard pile.

Once this is done, the player draws as many cards as played/discarded so that at the end of the turn she/he has again 6 cards. This goes on until one player obtains the pass (it's called "Stich" in the German rules) when that player scores the appropriate points for that pass.

When playing cards from hand, following rules must be observed:
1-Every player has to play into the same raw.
2-The first card played into a row must be a horoscope card and it has to be played into the third position (from left).
3-After that, cards can be played in either direction but no gaps can be left.
4-Second position is always an element, first position is always a horoscope, fourth position is always a planet.
5-Fifth and sixth positions must always be played in pairs. Fifth position is an aspect, and sixth position is a planet.
6-Fourth position and sixth position planets may not be the same.
7-Multiple layers can only be played into the fifth and sixth positions (but again, always in pairs). Yet when playing the second layer into the fifth+sixth, the aspect (on fifth) can only be of equal or greater value (to the one below) while the outer planet (on sixth) can only be of equal value (to the one below).

When a player plays 1-3 cards to the curent row and no other player can't or don't want to play further cards for one full round, that player obtains the pass and the equivalent score of that pass. Scoring is done in the following manner:

Look at the planet and element symbols printed on the cards in positions 1-4. Add up any number of matching symbols with the following rules:

1-There will be 3 cards with element symbols, and 3 cards with planet symbols (the second position element card has only element symbol while the fourth position planet card has only planet symbol). So there can be only singles, pairs or triplets in either category.
2-If there are no matching symbols at all in either category, take the sum to be "1".
3-If there is only one pair in one category, but no matching symbols in the other category, take the sum to be "2".
4-If there is one pair in elements and one pair in planets, take the sum to be "4".
5-If there is one triplet in one category, but no matching symbols in the other category, take the sum to be "3".
6-If there is one triplet in one category, and one pair in the other category, take the sum to be "5".
7-If there is two triplets (all 4 positions match both in element and planet symbols), take the sum to be "6". This is the maximum sum that can be achieved.

Multiply the sum that is obtained by the planet value on the fourth position. The result will be the score for that pass and the player will earn that many points for having obtained that pass. If there is only one horoscope card in the current pass (third position) and no other cards, the score is "1". This can happen since players are free to play any cards they like. Hence after a player starts with a position three horoscope, if the other players don't want to continue playing cards into the row because they don't like the element/planet symbols on that card, they can do so and the player who played the horoscope card obtains the pass automatically. The value of that pass would be "1".

The minimum one can score from a pass is "1" while the maximum is "18".

Once scoring for the current row is completed, the player collects the cards in the pass and puts them in front of herself/himself (these cards are now out of the game). Then begins a new row of cards with the same player.

When the drawing deck is consumed, players will continue to play in the same fashion until no player can complete a pass (no player is able to start with a horoscope card on the third position). Then the scores obtained from individual passes are totaled and the player with the highest total wins.
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