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Subject: Dragged out of the closet. rss

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Roy Church
United States
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I decided to subject my roommates to this game for our session tonight. I've had this thing since high school, and it's been in my closet (unplayed) for the better part of the last decade. Nobody else had ever even heard of it, but they were up for it even after I warned them of the game's cheese factor. So after looking up the rules (my rulebook apparently didn't make the decade) and setting up, I explained how everything worked. We then proceeded to choose our characters. Ian went for the thief, Kat picked Elf, Eddie chose the Wizard, and I took a fighter.

After rolling off, Kat went first and headed to the west, stopping at a level one room to slaughter a hapless Kobold. Ian went next, heading north towards that set of level four rooms. I jogged off to the southeast looking to take on some level fours. Eddie moved to the south, also looking to take some level four critters down. I was the first to die, eaten by a Wyvern in the first level four room I entered. Kat was doing pretty well, clearing out the level one rooms on her way to level three and picking up "Goblinblade" while she was at it. Eddie was cleaning up, tossing spells with reckless abandon and taking an early lead with a high value treasure card. Ian was delayed slightly by the secret door leading to level four, but otherwise was doing fine.

After I re-spawned at the staircase, I headed right back to the Wyvern to claim my vengance, quickly dispatching the beast and picking up a fairly valuable bit of treasure for my trouble. Kat continued by picking on critters in level three while Eddie and Ian both died. Eddie was mauled by a werewolf, and Ian was dissolved by a green slime.

I decided to head north towards that area of level four since my only other options were to continue on to level five, or rush down to level six. Ian decided to go for the glory and make a dash to level six himself. Eddie didn't have too much of a choice in that he needed to head back to where he'd died to pick his treasure back up. Plus, moving onto level five from there was much more of a no-brainer for the wizard. Kat died to a weretiger in a corner of level three, so she had to make her way back to re-claim her loot as well.

On my way north I hit another level four room and claimed "Dragonbane". Once there I rapidly cleared out several rooms and got several valuable treasure items pushing me up to over 20,000 gold, the amount I needed to win. Kat rode a slide trap into the southern level four chamber. She immediately ran screaming back for the relative safety of level three, crying something about how elves are squishy. Ian managed to fight a vampire to a draw and move past it to slay a pair of beholders, claiming about 7 or 8 thousand between the two of them. Eddie got to spend a couple of turns locked in a cage trap then blew all of his spells trying to get into the level five chamber to replenish his spells. He actually had an amazing run at the stone giant in that chamber, fighting it to a standstill before getting smushed several turns later. This actually got him to the entrance in time to try ambushing me twice as I tried to figure out where the heck the secret door leading back was. Of course he was as successful in this as he was in taking down the stone giant without magic. That is to say, entirely not.

The game ended with me making it back to the stiarcase with quite the load of loot. Ian had enough treasure to win, but would still have had to fight his way back from level six. Eddie was dead broke, but close to the exit. Kat was at about 5,000gp and still frolicking about in level three.

All in all, reading over this report, it looks like it was a fairly exciting game. It wasn't. It was fairly entertaining, but we all agreed that the game has a high "cheese" factor, being quite luck based. There were quite a few entertaining moments though. Eddie's stand against the giant (we all agreed that his mage was probably running around screaming like a little girl) was probably the most amusing event of the game. I doubt this game will see the light of day for another decade given how many other (much better) games I have waiting to be played.
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