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Subject: Fun game for all - not just movie buffs! rss

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Jim Reed
United States
Mount Holly
New Jersey
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It's a game for 4 to 6 players (I think 3 could play though) where you have to cast a movie, title the movie, or create your own ending. THERE ARE NO RIGHT OR WRONG ANSWER. THERE IS NO MOVIE TRIVIA KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED. You take one of these three actions based on where you land on the board by turning over three random cards (the lead, the action, and the twist) that set a hilarious movie plot.


Choose a pawn, set up the board and place the three decks of cards on there respective spots, determine who goes first.
The player rolls the die and moves that many spaces. (This person is called "The Roller") The roller turns over the top card from each of the three decks and places them face up on there respective spots and reads aloud the movie plot. Depending on where the roller lands, all players, EXCEPT the roller must write there own cast for the movie, title, or ending on there answer sheets. The answers are then read by "The Reader". (this can be any other player other than the roller.)
The reader then picks his/her favorite answer and then trys to guess which player wrote which answer.
The roller advances one space for every correct match and the player whose answer was the favorite advances two spaces.
play passes to the next player in a clockwise fashion. The winner is the first player to get his/her pawn to the WIN space.


CAST IT! - After hearing the movie plot, players MUST cast the lead actor/actress and then depending on the rollers choice, either a love interest for the lead, a nemesis, or a sidekick. (Don't think you need to be a film critic or movie buff here. Anything goes for your answers. In fact, it doesn't have to be a actual actor or actress. You can use a cartoon or fictional character, someone playing the game, or even an animal.)
ROLLING AND WINNING - The board is only 25 spaces long so this can lead to making the winner just the person who gets the higher die rolls rather then a person who deserves to win. I think a better way of playing is to only roll if you are still in the START zone. After that, at the start of your turn, you play the category your pawn is on. That way the only way for you to advance around the board is by choosing correctly or being someones favorite answer.
POKER FACES AND ANSWER READING - When it comes time for reading the answers, it's important that the players don't give out any blatant clues about which answer was theres. Some suggestions for this are -
1. The reader should read through all the answers to him/herself first and make sure he can read/understand them. (If the reader can breeze through his answer then stumble over reading the other ones it becomes obvious which answer is the readers.)
2. When the reader is reading, try not to make comments about the answers that would surely give clues to the roller. (example:if you hear an answer that's not yours, don't say things like, "what's with that answer" or "who in the world thought of that".)
3. The reader should hold the answer sheets under the table or out of site of the roller because the roller could tell whose paper is whose by seeing the writting through the back of the paper.
ANYTHING GOES - Remember, It's more fun to NOT be so serious (opinion, but a good one)


I'll say it for the third time. You don't need to be a film critic or movie buff to enjoy this game. You just need to be creative and witty. (but not too much of either) The game is "Laugh Out Loud Fun!". I'm usually the designated reader and I find it very difficult sometimes to get out the answers without laughing all the way through them. It's recomended for teens to adult and I agree. Although my 11 year old son enjoyed playing, the plots can involve some very adult situations. It was also easy to pick his answers. Also, if you're playing with someone in your game like my brother-in-law, some answers can get a bit vulgar and nasty.
If you play, take in my consideration in game play notes on "rolling and winning", it will make for a better game)

This game ranks high and is just below Apples To Apples because like A2A, evrytime I play, all the players have a great time, and everytime someone new plays they enjoy it right of the get go.


After owning this game and playing it more, it has lost a bit of its punch.....for me. Everyone else has still been enjoying it, especially the new players. I've also played with the same group a few times and it gets VERY easy to start to figure out whose answers are whose based on the players tendancies. For ex, my brother'n'law always seems to write a half page answer and use profanities. No one else does that so you always know which is his.


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