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Subject: Albert Ave game night pt.1 rss

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Bill Heaton
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Come back Bale...
In 'Arry we trust!
Game nights at Albert Avenue are a stimulating affair and I thought I would share the evenings entertainments with you in the internets latests craze...the BLOG. Don't be scared, this isn't some terrifying virus that will muck with your computers innards, it is a log (like in Star Trek) but instead of being in space, it is in CYBERSPACE (the space in between the hard drive and Sound Card inside your computer).

PLease forgive my poor spelling and grammer but I am a busy man and do not have time to press the delete button so I carry on regardless and leave the mistakes as a 'stupid barrier' to make sure that only those people who are smart enough to understand my mistakes can fullt appreciate the blog and those dullards out there who rate games like 'Chess' (an ancient game from the Gabon that involves moving phallic pieces around a squarey board - a truly barbaric insight into the dark continent) as their # (this is the symbol for number, found above the number 3 on your keyboard, it quickens the process of writing) 1!!!

The attendees were in order of appearance:
Sachen - my wife, very good at cheating, but terrible at games.
Tim - the nicest chap I have ever met, but prone to fits of incredible violence
Tara - Tim's wife, she talks a lot and enjoys red wine.
Billy - A docile fellow, huge in stature, he seems to win a lot.
Zeb - my nemisis.

We game choice of the evning was the incredibly heavy Euro(pean) game of St. Petersburg. To make up for the fact it was a 4 player game and there were 6 of us we raided a copy of El Grande and took out a brown Cabillero as well as the King piece to act as scoring markers. Tara also noticed that we would be short of cards with that many people, so we took some of the El Grande cards as well and shuffled them in.
Sachen started very well as usual, by the end of the first phase she had managed to aquire 9 lumberjack cards and was able to take 6 rubles from the bank when she placed down her 9th wooded man due to cost reduction by placing the same card. Zeb questioned this rule but a stoney stare from my better half put him right. I had moved Tim's King piece into Seville, Tara was recanting a tale of woe about a previous boyfriend and Zeb was looking truly evil.
By midpoint in the game I had a healthy 17 points and had 3 orange aristcrats, but unfortunately Billy had vetoed my placement of the Theatre card, which put me in a precarious position indeed. Sachen had yet to actually score a point but had amassed a veritable army of 36 green workers and a pile of money that had forced us to break open a copy of monopoly to bring in $100 bills for fear of running out of money. Bill had 35 points and 7 orange cards and Tara had just cracked her first glass of red wine.
We jousted for position in the later stages of what would become renouwned as the 'Battle of St. Petersburg' in the annals of Albert Avenue gaming, but in the end Billy emerged glorious. The final scores are as followed:

Me 36
Sachen 106
Tim 45
Tara 12
Zeb 41
Billy 135

Sachens strategy of earning wads of money and then cashing it in at the end of the game at a rate of 5 rubles to one point (Zeb again questioned this rate of exchange, but Sachen showed him the hand written amendment the designer had put in every copy of the rulebook and he quieted down) was a revelation and nearly won her the game. Me and Zeb had spent the entire game sending each others cabilleros back to the provinces and this had allowed the docile Billy to sneak up from the rear and snatch a narrow victory. Tim, being the nice fellow he is had given 12 points to his wife so that she wouldn't feel to bad about her poor play and still came a respectable 3rd.

A remarkable game indeed. My poor brain was fried after the mental effort of playing against such formidable opponents, so I politely asked them to vacate my residence. Me and Sachen stayed up late drinking Brandys and discussing the strategies of our fellow gamers. We decided that Zeb had indeed been very lucky and that I was a better player than him and after using my math brain, it was clear that Billys 36 wins out of a possible 45 games was a statistical anomylie and he was indeed that sub-human cave dweller we all perceived him to be.

Till next time my fellow gamers.


As a postscript (p.s) I have been inspired by Mr Aldies venture to obtain funds to improve this fine website. I have decided to start my own drive. I believe that the generosity of my fellow gamers will enable me to earn 2008 geekgold by the end of 2008. That give you 365 days dear readers, the blog WILL NOT fund itself and needs your donations. I am not a charity and literature of this quality is NOT FREE. Tip freely...Tip freely.
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