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Subject: From the history books: the battle at Kazad-A-Duraz rss

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This is a battle report of a game of Warhammer Fantasy Battle I played a while back (Three years? Four? Heck, could be five years ago ) and which I posted to a Warhammer forum at the time.

I thought some people here might like it - if a single person read it and didn't think it was a waste of time, I'm happy. I must warn you though, it's a long read.



Battle Report: Orcs vs Dwarves - 2.500pts pitched battle


"Wizgit groaned and laboriously sat up. His head felt like it had been hammered, and he blinked to chase off the black spots that were dancing before his eyes. Then he suddenly remembered the reason of the headache – damn madcap! - along with parts of the preceding evening. The séance had been successful! He had to report this to the warboss! Or wait, no – he'd better report to his own tribe's big boss, for his own safety. Old Skulcracka had more of his fits lately.

Wizgit stumbled out of his niche and found Backstabba, the huge night goblin big boss scolding at Ratface the cook. "Wot' you done wi dis squig roast, iz rotten I tellz you! Feed you to dem, 's wot I'll do!" The cook cowered away in a corner, expecting a deathblow any second now – any other night goblin could do his job, and he knew it. When Backstabba turned at the sound of the excited Wizgit, he thankfully scurried off into the depths of the cave. He'd been very lucky. Backstabba frowned, not liking to be disturbed even by his brother, the crazy shaman, but at Wizgit's urgent whispering his curiosity was stirred. "Woz dis shit 'bout dem stuntiez ya tell me?" The agitated Wizgit babbled on: "Fer real, I tel ya – w'iz gonna stomp 'em, must attack soon! Saw it I did!" Wizgit was jumping up and down now, turning a little purple in the face, and Backstabba knew his brother well enough to realise that he meant it. It was a good opportunity to go kill some stunties anyway; it'd been a while. "Awright, me'll send sumwon to tell Skulcracka. And you" he said, pointing at a random night goblin foolish enough to stay that close, "go kil Ratface, you'z da new cook!"

The next day and a couple of fits of foaming madness later, Skulcracka's WHHAAAGH set out to the dwarven fortress.

Angrim Ironfist, dwarven lord of Kazad-A-Duraz, raised an eyebrow at the sound of dwarven feet hurrying along the stone corridor. What self-respecting dwarf would move about the hold with such haste? Must be a shortbeard, he decided, those lads always go faster than is needed. The dwarf respectfully entering the room after a series of rapid knocks on the door was indeed a rather young dwarf, and apparently almost out of breath. Most unusual. "Gnollengrom, lord Ironfist! I bring bad tidings from thane Durrasson, second in command – there is a huge troop of grobi heading for the fortress! They will be upon us within a matter of hours!"

Lord Ironfist frowned and thoughtfully stroked his long, silvery beard. He knew it would come to this, but he had hoped it wouldn't be so soon. They'd only reclaimed the ancient hold a few years ago. The grobi must be dealt with however, and they will be very sorry at the end of the day. It will be a serious blow for the excavation though, every day his dwarves were not mining would cost him in solid gold. Angrim snapped out of his pondering and found the young dwarf waiting only a little impatiently, yet respectfully, for further orders. He would make a good warrior, this one. Ah well, better get to it!

"Alert thane Tharekson and our runesmith, may his beard grow ever longer, and tell them to prepare our forces! Send a messenger down to the mines; every dwarf capable of fighting must defend the hold! I will now descend to the armoury, make sure the runic armour of my great-grandfather, Ungrim Ironfist, is ready. Angrim Ironfist has grudges to settle and will not let the hold, that is rightfully his, fall back into the dirty hands of the grobi!"

The Forces:

Orc Army:

30 Orc Boyz (spears) (full command)
30 Savage Orc Boyz (spears, warpaint) (full command)
41 Goblins (spears) (full command)
40 Night Goblins (spears) (2 netters, 2 fanatics) (full command)
8 Goblin Wolf Riders (spears, shields) (Musician, Boss)
8 Goblin Wolf Riders (spears, shields) (Musician, Boss)
29 Black Orcs (add. hand weapons, shields) (full command) Night Banner
10 Savage Orc Boar Boyz (spears, warpaint) (full command)
Goblin Rock Lobba
2 Goblin Wolf Chariots
3 River Trolls

Skulcracka, savage orc warboss (add. hand weapon, shield, warpaint)
Wizgit, night goblin shaman (Level II, Ditto's Doo-dahs)
Backstabba, night goblin big boss
Mukcrawla, goblin big boss

Dwarf Army:

25 warriors (great weapon, heavy armour) (full command) Rune of Battle
25 warriors (great weapon) (full command)
24 warriors (shield) (musician, veteran)
13 warriors
12 warriors
16 crossbowmen (shields) (full command)
10 miners (prospector)
15 slayers (3 giant slayers)
16 hammerers (full command)
Stone Thrower with Rune of Accuracy
2 Bolt Throwers, one with Rune of Penetrating

Angrim Ironfist, Dwarf Lord (Gromril armour, great weapon) Rune of Fortitude, Rune of Stone
Durak Durrasson, Thane Battle Standard Bearer (Gromril armour) Rune of Stone; runic weapon: Rune of Cleaving, 2 Runes of Speed
Thorak Imrason, Dwarven Runesmith (Gromril armour, great weapon) Rune of Stone, Rune of Spellbreaking
Petroc Tharekson, Dwarven Thane (Gromril armour, great weapon) Rune of Stone

Note: Please bear in mind that the dwarf player (myself) has not played many battles with dwarves and as such does not have a lot of experience – but I learn every battle! The Orc player (my girlfriend) only started playing in June, and is also still in the learning process. She made this list without any help whatsoever!

This having said, here comes...

The Battle!

Deployment & Terrain

Dwarves deploy in the north, orcs in the south. There is a rocky peak in the north, somewhat to the east. East to the hill is a mineshaft. In the middle of the battlefield, somewhat to the west is a rocky ridge. At the western table edge is a small, elongated wood, at the eastern edge a fen with a similar shape. The latter two will not have much effect on game play.

Dwarf deployment, west to east: 13 warriors, slayers, warriors with GW & HA (led by thane), Hammerers (led by lord), warriors with shields (led by BSB), warriors with GW (led by runesmith). The last unit was deployed just west of the hill. On the hill, still west to east: runic bolt thrower, crossbowdwarves (deployed in two ranks), and regular bolt thrower. Near to the mineshaft stands the stone thrower, and the second small unit of warriors.

Orc deployment, west to east: wolf riders, savage boar boyz, chariot 1, orcs with shields, goblins (led by goblin big boss), savage orcs (led by warboss), trolls, rock lobba, night goblins (led by night goblin big boss & joined by shaman), black orcs, chariot 2, wolf riders. Not much space left on that side of the table!

Dwarves win the toss and let the orcs go first, preferring to have the last turn.

O&G Turn 1

With a mighty Whhaaaagh!! the green horde surges forward. The greenskins are eager to bash some stuntie and do not squabble. The warboss keeps the trolls in check, and all units advance. The unit vanilla goblins are stuck behind the ridge, and will never make it to the enemy lines because of this, aided by a turn of squabbling. Wizgit manages to get off a gaze of Mork, killing 3 GW dwarves! The lobba misses its target but scatters off close to the hammerers, killing one. The hammerers and Angrim spend the rest of the turn grumbling.

Dwarf Turn 1

The dwarven battle line does not move much, merely improving positioning slightly. The small unit of warriors near the mineshaft, obviously miners that were off duty, advance a bit to protect the stone thrower. They are angled to direct enemy troops away from the main body of the army. The unit crossbowdwarves carefully aim at the unit wolf riders on their flank, fire and 3 goblins drop off their wolves screaming. This must have been too much for the strained nerves of their comrades as they turn tail and run off the table. The crossbowdwarves all mutter about grobi not being what they used to be. The bolt throwers both miss; the crew must be still getting the hang of shooting with them. A rock is thrown up in the air, landing in between the second unit of wolf riders and the boar boyz, killing one greenskin in each unit.

O&G Turn 2

The boar boyz spend a turn squabbling about who gets that fine spear Frothmouth just dropped. All other units advance. The black orcs are now into position to charge the off duty miners the next turn, the eastern chariot as well, the western wolf riders wait for the rest of the army to support. Wizgit, still a bit reeling from the madcap he had had the night before, miscasts! The whaaagh energy coursing through his veins allows him to cast the spell irresistibly, killing 4 crossbowdwarves. He is left with a definite headache now, dropping a level and being unable to use the gaze of Mork again. The western chariot crew gets a lucky shot in, killing a gw/ha warrior. The lobba only manages to kill one shield dwarf.

Dwarf Turn 2

The miners are still working their way up to the surface, and do not show up yet. The battle line does not change. The bolt thrower crews seem to have found out how their machines work. The runic bolt thrower hits the western chariot, wounding it with enhanced strength and thus reducing it to firewood. The regular bolt thrower hits and wounds the eastern chariot. Apparently the bolt hit a weak spot in the construction, because this chariot collapses as well! The dwarves have now lost the little respect they had left about goblin craftsmanship. The stone hurled by the stone thrower lands in the middle of the wolf riders on the western flank, killing three and sending them fleeing back home. The unit crossbowdwarves reforms.

O&G Turn 3

The green horde could now almost smell the stunties and did not waste time with fighting among themselves. The trolls suddenly lost track of where they were and what they were doing there. The black orcs bellow their harsh warcries and charge the off-duty miners, who brace themselves for the terrible impact! Amazingly enough, the brave dwarves stood their ground, throwing snake eyes on their break test! The savage boar boyz charge the shortbeards on the western flank, smash the unit apart and chase the survivors off the board. The wolf boyz were not far enough from the enemy to their liking, and keep running. On the eastern flank, the night goblins advance until they are close enough to release their fanatics, who end up very close to the crossbowdwarves. Wizgit attempts to cast Fist of Gork, but the runesmith put a quick stop to it. Using his doo-dahs, Wizgit attempts to cast the Fist of Gork again, and while the night goblins are cheering four warriors with gw drop to the ground. The rock lobba crew manages to lob a rock right on the peak.

Dwarf Turn 3

Finally, the miners emerge from a mineshaft just outside the eastern table edge, coming to help their kin. They march right up to the black orc unit, determined to test their picks on them. The warriors next to the slayers position so that they can support the slayers should they be charged. The crossbowdwarves cannot move because of the fanatic whirling right before them, so they shoot at the night goblins, killing six! A sudden gust of wind causes both bolt throwers to miss the huge block of night goblins. Meanwhile, the combat between the black orcs and the off-duty miners rages on, and although losing the combat, the dwarves still stand their ground! (5 on break test) Of course, nothing less but their precious mines are at stake...

O&G Turn 4

The vanilla gobbo's ensure that they will never see enemy lines by squabbling. One fanatic smashes into the crossbowdwarf unit and smashes four dwarven skulls, leaving the unit with eight dwarves. Since the unit was standing against a rock wall, there is not much left of the fanatic after his maniac attack. The other ends up close to the stone thrower. The Orc boyz charge the slayers, who welcome them happily. Needless to say, the slayers stay put. The savage orc boyz charge the unit GW armed warriors along with the trolls, which are so ugly that the dwarves auto-break and get run down. The savage orc boyz pursue right into the shield-armed dwarves! Durak Durrasson the BSB prepares for the fight with Skulcracka, the warboss that was now so overcome by battle frenzy that the foam was flying from his mouth! The night goblins charge the crossbowdwarves, Backstabba disembowels one dwarf, a second gets netted, and the shaken dwarves run for their lives, leaving the night goblins in the hold itself! The brave off-duty miners must have thought to be invulnerable, because they managed to hold for the fourth time! (another 2 on break test!)

Dwarf Turn 4

The miners charge the black orcs, but they are daunted by the huge block of black orcs and don't manage to do much. The dwarves lose, which sent the miners running, while the off-duty miners (of course) stood their ground. By now they must have reached the status of hero of the people with their bravery! The unit warriors supporting the slayers charges the orc block, sending them running off the table. The slayers pursue, hoping to get a piece of boar boy should they return! The hammerers, who were first facing west, reform to be able to offer help against the savage orcs and the trolls. Meanwhile, Skulcracka manages to kill brave old Durak on the charge, leaving the unit without a standard! Luckily, the presence of their lord so nearby bolsters their courage and they stand their ground.

O&G Turn 5

The night goblins, who just managed to break into the hold of their most hated enemy, immediately start looting and fighting, and Backstabba happily joins in. The fanatic still on the loose smashes into the stone thrower crew, killing both. The trolls and the boar boyz return to the battlefield, eager for a second scrap! We suddenly realise that the wolf boyz should have been rallied a couple of turns back as we forgot the bonus from the musician, so I allow her to put them west of the rocky ridge. The savage orc unit breaks the dwarf warriors, and runs them down. The three off-duty miners that are now left finally succumb to the black orcs and are chased off by the furious (and somewhat shameful) black orcs. Unfortunately for them, this brings them in the path of the last fanatic, who knocks down 2 black orcs. It really wasn't their lucky day.

Dwarf Turn 5

The slayers charge the nine boar boyz that are left and kill a solid five, which is quite enough to make them turn tail. The miners rally, but they won't do anything else. The bolt throwers kill one wolf boy, which is not enough to force a panic test.

O&G Turn 6

The fanatic finally smashes into a wall, killing the exhausted intoxicated night goblin.
The wolf riders charge the slayers and manage to kill both remaining giant slayers, although this will not make a difference. The black orcs reform, but they won't get anywhere anymore. The savage orcs and trolls move towards the hammerers and warriors armed with gw and ha. The night goblins are standing right before a wall and won't have time to do anything.

Dwarf Turn 6

The hammerers charge the river trolls, and the warriors charge the savage orcs. Both combats are won by the dwarves, and at the sight of their leader's unit being smashed apart, the remaining greenskins clear off... The attack was repelled – but at a very, very high cost...

Battle outcome: DRAW, dwarves at a very slight advantage (84pts)
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