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Subject: Pants Dance rss

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Jack Reda
United States
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Guess the games in my uberbadge!
My favorite game is Cosmic Encounter.
Rishi brought Smarty Party to the game night gathering, and pretty much everyone else at our table had never played it. He explained that it was similar to Outburst (which half of us HAD played).

We had 8 players, and we let Rishi be the first Reader, since it was his game.

Note: I talk a little about some of the answers below, so don't read if you're trying to NOT know about them.

Our first category was events in the Decathlon. For me, I always get a little confused because I keep thinking about the events I competed in at my Middle School Decathlon back in 1983. I know there are only a few that are part of the REAL Decathlon. I got one right the first go around, but incorrectly guessed long jump (which I did do back in Middle School). The only one the group didn't get was Pole Vault. Duh.

At the end of the first round Rishi was still at Start, and most of the rest of us were clumped a couple spaces in.

The next category was Most Popular Names of boys and girls. I am not sure what year they are talking about, because I swear there's a crapload of Liams, Ashleys, and Brandons... but they didn't make the list. Fortunately for me, I correctly guessed Michael and William (basing my answers on the other correct guesses). Charles was dismayed to learn his name wasn't on the list. I had the Pants, so I went back a space, and ended up being tied with Rishi.

After that we had Brady Bunch household residents, and I got Marsha and Alice right. A couple people had no idea about the names, and their guesses were pretty hilarious. The last name was a stumper. Rishi guessed Oliver (which is what I probably would have said). When it was wrong, I knew it had to be Tiger. By now, Rishi and I were both still right by Start. Everyone else was moving along down the line.

There was a round with SpongeBob's friends + Powerpuff Girls + Rowdy Boys (I may have this wrong here, because clearly I didn't know most of these names). I did know Patrick, and I said Squidworth (which I could have sworn was right, but I got credit for it anyway).

The round with Superman actors, Batman actors, and Chipmonks (very weird grouping). I got some initially, but it came back around and I said Brandon Routh, which was wrong. Rishi was back at Start, and I was on space two. Everyone else was past the halfway mark for the most part.

States that border the Mississippi River put me in the same boat again. Got one right early, but incorrectly guessed Kansas.

Constitution Ratifying States got me two correct answers, and the pants, which moved me back one.

Ronnie and Charles was trading the role of Reader back and forth. They were inching to the finish line pretty quickly. When Dawn became the reader, it was West Wing's main characters. I have all 7 seasons on DVD, so I knew every one of them. That got me back to Start.

The John Wayne and Humphrey Bogart movies round was the most challenging. So many to choose from. I had to go third, so I put out Key Largo which was right. Then there were a lot of wrong guesses, but it came back to me. I guessed True Grit and was right again. Then we ran out of chips with more wrong guesses. I had a lot of other movies to name off, but they all would have been wrong. Luckily, it didn't come back to me again. Rishi got hosed, and was not a few spaces up from me, but the rest of the gang was 2-4 spaces from the end with few exceptions.

At the end of the game I was still only on the first space, and Rishi had slipped in to the 4th space. I like this game- not just because I won it, but because I can see that there is some strategic element, to who you make answer first, based partly on whether you think they know the answers, but also on whether they will know some at the end of the list, and if more people know things before them. Most of our players didn't really actively pursue an aggressive strategy for trying to stick the leaders in harder situations, and if they had, I am sure we would have been further down the track.
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