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This is something I have been working on, on and off when work was slow, for the past couple days. It just popped into my mind when I read the topic about the spark that Battlelore needs. I should preempt this with the fact that this is very much a rough draft. However, I am open for feedback and think it will work with some help from the community. I know that Days of Wonder is building a Hero module, however I figured “what the hey,” if anything I only lose some of my freetime. I should also mention that no these are not playtested – I have not had a game recently due to work and my usual partner doing wedding preparations, and I have never played C&C Ancients (stickers and I don’t work) so I only have a basic grasp at how the hero system works in that game.

Currently I am saying one hero per side. I hope to work on the other parts over the course of the next few weeks, but it is the beginning of my early con season and free time to playtest is kinda short – gotta keep that ten player Saturn Bomberman running throughout the southeast. So with that out of the way:

Heroes act the same as the unit they are apart of, and they are the second to last to die. ee. If you add a character to a unit of green troops it is acts like a green troop. This is true unless specifically noted that they have to be part of a certain colour group, ie Red Infantry. Units containing heroes are always bold and may ignore the first flag rolled against them.

Heroes may have powers fueled by lore, if so they work like Monster powers.

Generic Classes:
Siege Engineer – Must be part of a Red Infantry Unit
Horsemaster – or whatever other mount you care to ride
Weapon Specialist
More to come.

Mage’s Spellbooks:
Quick Move – One (1) Lore
Roll four (4) dice, if you roll a lore symbol or the hero’s units color they gain plus one hex to movement

Grow Forest – Five (5) Lore
Grows a forest hex in any open hex within a two hex radius. If there is a unit on the hex they must roll a die for each model, each flag rolled is played as normal. The forest works exactly the same as any other forest for the rest of the game. – Yes it makes Clerics even more broken, trying to work that out.

Entangle – Three (3) Lore
The unit is entangled in vines, it may not move or battle. All flags and helmets rolled against it are hits. To free the unit the owner must issue an order and pay one (1) lore – cost units movement for the turn.

Magic Fire – Four (4) Lore
One hex range, four (4) dice attack. Can burn forest hex to normal terrain.

Summon Fire Elementals – Eight (8) Lore
In an adjacent hex a unit of three Fire Elementals are summoned. They are not affected by terrain effects, but cannot cross rivers, even on bridges, and light forest on fire as they move through them – same effects as the Magic Fire spell apply. They can move two hexes and fight, fight as a full red unit. All helmets and Bonus Strikes hit, Lore heals them one unit (up to three), while Flags are ignored..

Berserk Charge – Four (4) Lore
All units in the flank(s) the hero’s unit is in are either plus one (1) die in combat or plus one (1) hex in movement – Must be declared which before movement.

Pillar of Fire – Five (5) lore
Two hex range. Causes a wall of fire to protect one hex for x number of turns. Where x is represented by the number of lore rolled on four (4) dice. Nothing can pass through the Pillar of Fire’s hex.

Disjunction – Four (4) Lore
Renders enemy units weapons to base weapon for that unit type for turn – ie Long Swords to Short Swords, Long Bows to Short Bows

Spellforge – Three (3) Lore
Makes hero’s unit a Red unit for one turn. Not applicable if there is not a higher level or already at max level.

Lore flow – special
Doubles lore intake for lore paid amount of turns, two lore per turn. This does not count for lore gathered from Lore spells, only from rolls.

Resist Missile – Five (5) Lore
Makes hero’s unit invulnerable to missile fire for one turn.

Scare/Fear – Three (3) Lore
Enemy unit must take a panic test.

Transform – Five (5) Lore
Pick a unit within range, roll a single die. If it rolls a helmet, it becomes a unit of that level. If it rolls a lore, it becomes that many pieces of lore and is removed from the battlefield, if it is a flag that unit is destroyed, and if it is a Bonus Strike there is no effect. Works on both allies and enemies.

Mutate – Six (6) Lore
Takes enemy unit down one level permanently – if possible.

Summon Skeleton – Five (5) Lore
Summons a unit of four Skeletons in an adjacent hex. Skeletons are green units who fight with short swords. All flags are hits while lore has a chance to revive a skeleton. If the skeleton unit is hurt it can be revived one unit at a time if lore is rolled then a helmet or lore is rolled again. Skeleton units can be combined if they are compatible – meaning a unit of three can combine with a unit of one, however a unit of three cannot take a figure from another unit of three. Meaning two units of one can become a unit of two. When skeleton units are killed they count as a victory point.

Klaatu Barada Nikto! – Seven (7) Lore
Effect last one round (meaning both turns), any unit destroyed in the hero’s flank – only one flank counts this time, if you are inbetween flanks you cannot use this power. All figures destroyed are revived as skeletons in hexes next to the hero. This excludes skeletons, in that they are already skeletons and thus finally dead.

Siege weapons:
Siege engineers can only create and control one weapon at a time. It operates independently from the Engineer but it takes a full turn to create. When building, the unit has no chance to fight or fight back. Engineers have to be part of Red Infantry units, since they carry such heavy tools and need the skill and strength of the veteran troops.

Siege weapons are only hit on bonus strike rolls.

Cannon – One (1) figure in unit – Seven (7) Lore
Range – 4,3,3,2,2,1, so 1-6 hexes.
Roll 2 dice before you fire, if any flags are rolled you overshoot that many spaces, lores equate to under shooting. So if you state four hexes, and roll two lore, you only shoot two hexes. You roll the amount of dice for your stated location, not the actual place hit. Cannons are affected by line of sight but they can attack into towns, but not into forest. Cannot obtain Lore from combat.

Catapults – Two (2) figures in unit – Five (5) Lore
Range – 0,2,2,2,2, so 2-4 hexes.
Catapults are not affected by line of sight and can attack into towns but not into forest.
Two dice attack.

Trebuchet – only for epic games – Eight (8) Lore
Range – 0,0,0,0,3,3,3,3,3,3 , so 5-10 hexes
Work like big Catapults.

Archer Stakes – Two (2) Lore
Engineers can plant a hex worths of archers stakes. It will cost the units attack phase, it can however battle back. These stakes do not count against the engineers siege weapon count, however they can only lay two sets of stakes.

Horsemasters increase the move and power of all rider units in the flank by one (1).

“Ride round our possession and flank them” - Three (3) Lore
Riders in one flank other than the one hero is in, can use his power.

Rally – Five (5) Lore
All riders on the board get the same power as those in the flank on the hero.

“Retreat, Retreat” - Three (3) Lore
All Riders on the board can retreat one hex.

The Weaponmasters unit fights with four (4) dice and can move two (2) hexes and fight, but it takes hits on the colour of the unit. Meaning it may be a blue unit, but it fights like a red and moves like a green. This includes all foot units, including bowyers. Terrain reductions are still in effect.

Charge – Ten (10) Lore
Instead of playing a Command card you can give each infantry unit one command.

Obelix Strength – Four (4) Lore
All Infantry on the hero's flank can either fight or move. If they move they can move two (2) hexes, if they fight they fight with four (4) dice. All units not containing the hero cannot have the number of dice increased past four (4) by any other ability, lore, or other power. Terrain reductions are still in effect.

Mechanical Reinforcements - Special
If unit has suffered causalities, the tinker can replace one figure with a mechanical replica - one (1) figure per turn. The unit must be within three (3) hexes of the Hero. The cost varies per unit type:
Green – 1 lore
Blue – 2 lore
Red – 3 lore
The cost of this power is doubled if the Tinker is with a specialty unit – ie a Band.

Summon Clockwork Golem – Nine (9) Lore
The golem arrives into a hex that is adjacent to the tinkers unit. It is hit only on Blue rolls and can take two (2) hits before it is slain. It moves one (1) hex and attacks with three (3) dice. It is immune to flags, but if two (2) flags are rolled it takes one (1) hit. Lore is not collected in any battle the Golem is part of. It does not affect morale. The golem can chose to self destruct if it has full life, if it self destructs it causes three (3) dice of damage to the adjacent hexes, friend or foe. The golem can only be summoned once per game.

Road – Three (3) Lore
A road five (5) hexes long is created from the tinker’s location in the commanders choice of direction. When on a road, each hex moved counts as half a hex – fractions are rounded down. Roads are usable by either side and may attach to other roads already on the map. If roads are created on or through hexes that already have units on them, friend or foe, they are unharmed.

As you can see these all need to be worked on and tweaked, but I think there is potential here. And yes the Horse and weaponmasters need the most work out of them all – I was racking my brain while watching Asterix and Cleopatra. So any thoughts? Good? Bad? Close your BGG account and go home?
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Ted Kostek
United States
Camano Island
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Those are some really cool ideas. Thanks for taking the time to write up your ideas in so much detail.

I have been kicking around ideas for catapults, and you and I came up with very similar ideas. Range of 2, 3, or 4; 2 figures per unit; 2d @ target hex; no line of sight required. The difference is that I included splash damage into all adjacent hexes (friendly fire possible). Also, requires 2 orders to activate (ie scout cannot activate it).

Only thing is those are more like new lore masters; I've been assuming that heroes would act more like leaders. I'd be all for a lore master expansion along these lines.

I'm hoping for something that will add more tactical elements to the game. Something like leaders can activate an adjacent unit along with their own unit.

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Thank you for the kind remarks. I do like your idea with the catapult, but balancing area of effect damage for a normal game would be kinda tough, for epic it is a perfect idea. Taking two orders to command it is brilliant, mind if I borrow that for another idea I am toying with?

They are more Loremasters than Heroes, why didnt I think of that title.
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