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Subject: Grey Ker & Corbin, Lost and Found in the Sands of Al-Kalim rss

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This adventure in the lands of Terinoth was a little different from my other solo adventures because I played two characters, Grey Ker the Thief and Corbin the Axebearer, a rugged Dwarf warrior. I will first describe their adventures in the Sands of Al-Kalim, and then their individual careers, first with Grey Ker and then Corbin.

Both men were ready to turn their stories into the stuff of legend. Both equally dangerous, Corbin the Axebearer turned out to be the more impressive of the two, his awesome special abilities outshining Grey Ker's (at least for the first 7/8ths of the game!). Almost always traveling at night to avoid any stamina loss, Corbin would always hit his enemies for 4 Wounds of damage each and every hit and proving a dangerous adversary to Greens and even Yellow Encounters from the start. The polar opposite, Grey Ker traveled during the day (unless he was doing thief-like things!), but his less-than-stellar combat abilities thwarted him through the entire story. As his inventory grew, he found one melee weapon after another, and he slowly turned into a Sword and Dagger wielding thief, while his Ranged advantage went unused (he found no bows, etc.)

Corbin the Axebearer quickly took a lead, the first to find a Legendary Reward, and already on his second as Grey Ker finished his first. While the game featured both men rushing about the desert Realm, Corbin's lead continued to grow, and while Grey Ker fought his first Blue, Corbin's Axe shattered the skull of a massive Red Burrower, a Fabled Creature, in front of a den of Thieves. Awed at his skills, the Thieves became part of Corbin's posse and he became a Legend of Al-Kalim, Lord of a Thousand Thieves (among other things!).

Grey Ker was very sad, having spend the last 3 turns trying to steal a suit of plate out of the Court of Wisdom's Bazaar. But at least he had a Magic Lamp, which supposedly was the most powerful of the Legendary Artifacts!

Long live Corbin, Dwarven Axebearer!

Note: Grey Ker truly is a thief - I realized post game that he had finished 2 Legendary Artifacts when you are supposed to only complete 1 of each type. He lost so the point is mute, but I'd like everyone to know what kind of person he is!


Special Notes: I use EVERY CARD in Runebound (except the Character Decks), so my Market Stack is huge. So as to see more stuff, I placed 2 items in every Market Stack, and when I drew during the Market Step, I drew 2 top cards from 2 "Market Decks" I had created (split the huge deck in half, placed them next to each other).

The Sands of Al-Kalim does not use the Doom Track. The Heroes are trying to overcome obstacles to become a Legend.

Level up Rules: 5 Experience to level up.


*Grey Ker*

Level: 5 (4/5 experience for level up)

Range: Natural 4/2, Endgame 8/1
Melee: Natural 2/1, Endgame 8(6+2 was from Dusk Dagger)/4
Magic: Natural 1/1, Endgame 1/1
Wounds: Natural 4, Endgame 4
Exhaustion: Natural 4, Endgame 4

Special Ability: May make a Sneak Test (22) to steal a random item from the Market (before entering the Market step).

Skills: Sneak +2, Climb +2.

Money: 11 (!!!) gold.

Weapon: Right hand - Sword of Fire (8 gold) - Melee: After your Hero makes a succesful melee attack, activate to inflict +2 Wound/Melee: Activate and take 1 Wound before making a melee attack. If you succeed, you inflict +3 Wounds.

Weapon: Left hand - Dusk Dagger (4 gold) - Melee: Your Hero receives a +2 bonus to his melee combat rolls.

Body: Champion's Plate (8 Gold) - Activate to cancel up to 3 Wounds (Grey Ker never got to use the armor, but hey, he finally stole it in the last turn! He was wearing some more Thief-suitable Padded Leather Armor up to that point (Activate to cancel 1 Wound).

Body: Cloak of Deception (5 Gold) - Perfect for a thief! Activate and take 1 Exhaustion to receive +4 to all Sneak, Hide, and Escape tests.


A Camel Driver (2 Gold) - Range: 0/1, Melee: 2/1, Magic: 1/1. Wounds: 3, Exhaustion: 3. Nice for day travel in the desert, he cancels 1 Exhaustion per turn.

Various other items in my possession: Knight of Kellos, Living Flame, Chalice of Tamalir (+4 Diplomacy, Lore, Resist or Tinker), Alchemist's Flash Bomb (Before Combat: Discard to do +3 Wounds).

Legendary Rewards:

1) Scepter of Light (Legendary Artifact) - Your Hero automatically succeeds all Prophecy tests (though neither of my heroes had a single Prophecy test in the whole game...)Every time you roll a Story Die you may replenish one adventure jewel.

2) Lamp of the Djinni (Legendary Artifact) - Refresh step: Discard one Exhaustion (card starts with 3) to be granted one wish. Lamp mimics any ability of a Legendary Item possessed by another player.

Final Verdict of Grey Ker: Decent character, especially when his Range ability gets high enough that he can steal items from the Market every turn. But compared to his opponents powerful melee abilities, Grey Ker was more like Grey Mouse.


*Corbin the Axebearer*

Level: 10

Range: Natural 1/1, Endgame 5/1 - 2 Range Experience Counters
Melee: Natural 5/3 (3-1 damage if 1 or more Exhaustion), Endgame 15(11+4 Lightning Mace)/4 (3+1 from Frost Axe) - 3 Melee Experience Counters
Magic: Natural 1/1, Endgame 13/2 (+4 from Immolate, +8 from Mind Experience!) - 4 Mind Experience Counters
Wounds: Natural 6, Endgame 6
Exhaustion: Natural 4, Endgame 4

Special Ability: -1 Wound in Melee combat if 1+ Exhaustion.

Skills: Endure +4, Resist +2.

Money: 43 (!!!) gold.

Weapon: Right hand - Frost Axe (9 gold) - Melee: Your Hero inflicts +1 Wound in melee combat (absolutely perfect for Corbin!)

Weapon: Left hand - Lightning Mace (6 gold) - Melee: Your Hero receives a +4 bonus to his melee combat rolls (again, perfect for Corbin!).

Magic: Immolate (5 Gold- Magic: Activate to receive a +4 bonus to your magic combat roll and inflict +1 Wound in magic combat this phase.

Shield: Shield of Light (upgraded with the armored shell of a Barrens Lizard) (7 Gold) - Activate to cancel up to 2 (3 with the Barren Lizard shell) Wounds and inflict 1 Wound on your enemy.


A Wise Stargazer (3 Gold) - Range: 2/1, Melee: 1/1, Magic: 2/1. Wounds: 3, Exhaustion: 3. A perfect companion, he allows you to re-roll the Story Die.

A Legend Seeker (7 Gold) - Range: 6/1, Melee: 1/1, Magic: 3/1. Wounds: 4, Exhaustion: 4. Also perfect for Corbin, she occasionally finished off a powerful opponent with her strong 6 Ranged attacks! She also allowed him to choose between 2 Legendary Rewards, and choose which he preferred upon completion!

Various other items in my possession: 2 Potions of Healing, Leonine Predator, Cat Cultist, Silimose the Writhing, Living Spring, Tomb Scavenger.

Epic Battles: Some of his epic battles included defeating the Brothers Grim in deadly combat, with a major assist from the Legend Seeker. The final two battles had him fighting a magical Djinni and an even more powerful Burrower, both Fabled Creatures.

Legendary Rewards:

1) Map of Mysteries, Legendary Artifact - Automatic success of all Lore tests. Instead of rolling a Story Die, I may find 1 Gold Piece.

2) The Cave of Chaos, Legendary Location - +2 vs. Abominations.

3) Rune of the Wind, Legendary Rune - Allows safe travel through the sandstorm!

4) Band of Thieves, Legendary Ally - Automatic success at all Tinker test. Also cool.

Final Verdict of Corbin the Axebearer: Awesome character. I place him on the pedestal of demigod-hood alongside my first Hero, Aurim the Sorcerer. Definetely recommended as a Runebound character!

Final Verdict of Runebound, Sands of Al-Kalim: This Big Box expansion is well worth it. You really feel like you're exploring a new world, as well as creating a Legend. I love it. If there's any complaint, its that there needs to be card expansions for these Big Box games!

Final Words: The next adventure will find us with two new Heroes taking on the challenge of the Island of Dread! With a name like that, all we can do is hold our breath and hope they can survive, eh? Until then, Corbin is going to go to the Court of Wisdom and find some naked women to bathe with.
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Roberto Arbelaez
United States
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SanguinousRex wrote:

Final Words: The next adventure will find us with two new Heroes taking on the challenge of the Island of Dread! With a name like that, all we can do is hold our breath and hope they can survive, eh? Until then, Corbin is going to go to the Court of Wisdom and find some naked women to bathe with.

A great way to end a Runebound session!
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