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Hydaspes - 326BC


The battle opens with Alexander moving forward with his infantry on the left.

Porus advances forward in the center with two units of Elephants.

Alexander then personally leads his Companion Cavalry forward accompanied by his other mounted units on the right.

Porus sends his remaining Elephant unit forward in the center. The heavy chariot on his left charges into the Macedonian Light Cav. causing two hits but is forced to retreat as the Macedonians fight back.

A pause ensues (two whole game turns) while both generals attempt to move forward in their centers to establish lines of battle.

The Macedonians on the right conduct a harassing fire on the Indian left and center. This proves mostly ineffective, but does cause a hit on one of Porus' Elephant units.

Porus, having established his infantry in position, orders his entire line forward.

Alexander seeing the general advance along Porus' front, orders his own infantry to do the same, attempting to close with the weaker Infantry of Porus (Played a Counter-attack card). The two lines collide. Combat along the front is widespread. Immediately, Porus loses two units of Elephants.

Porus orders his mounted units on both flanks forward and into combat with tremendous results. On the left the Ind. Medium Cavalry and Chariot eliminate Alexander's Light Cavalry. In the center, the lone remaining Elephant unit moves forward and in one charge eliminates one of the full strength units of Alexander's Companion Cavalry. On the right the other Ind. Heavy Chariot routs first one then two Light Infantry units causing a hit to both before sending them fleeing.

Alexander, seeing his Companion Cavalry wiped out, personally leads his own unit of Companions into the Indian Elephants and eliminates them with a vengeance. The Macedonian archers fire at the Indian Medium Cavalry and score a hit.

Porus pulls his left in toward the center and surrounds Alexander and his remaining Companion Cavalry attacking them with his Chariots and Medium Cav. This combined attack eliminates the second unit of Macedonian elites, and Alexander barely escapes the melee with his life, fleeing with his command back toward the rear.

Over the next turn, Both generals take turns bashing each other in the center. The casualties mount on both sides, and many units are left hanging on by a thread. The situation could swing either way at this point, with the lines still intact on both sides, and the VP score 5 to 3 in favor of Alexander (The loss of those two Indian Elephants early was crucial).

Porus' Medium Cavalry and Heavy Chariot on the left, both charge to the rear of the Macedonian line where both Alexander and one of his generals are caught in the open. The general is killed but Alexander manages again, to barely escape.

Alexander, having escaped capture moves forward to re-join his troops, taking command of a unit of Medium Infantry. One of the Macedonian units of Heavy Infantry in the center attacks Porus who is at the head of a unit of Auxilia Infantry and eliminates them. This time it's Porus who barely escapes with his life.

Porus re-doubles his efforts to break the strong Macedonian infantry line. His light troops attack all along the front eliminating a weakened unit of Alex's Heavy Infantry, but doing little other damage. This push turns out to be Porus' last gasp.

Alexander counters by moving from his left against the weakened Indian center eliminating another Indian unit of Auxilia. Porus has had enough. He orders what's left of his army off the field of battle, even though they are still in decent order.

Final: Alexander 7 Porus 5. This was a close battle, that could almost be called a draw. If not for the early loss of the two units of Elephants, the battle would have been locked up. If it wouldn't have been so late, we would have continued to play, just to see what would have happened. We both agreed that Alexander probably would have prevailed in any case, given the stronger infantry units he had facing the Indian infantry. Although the remaining Indian Heavy Chariot in the Macedonian rear, could have proved interesting.

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