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Subject: Bagradas - 253 BC rss

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Doug Adams
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I've decided to play all the C&C: Ancients scenarios this year, kicked along by the arrival of expansions 2 and 3. I'll try to work through them in order.

Bagradas - 253 BC.
A Roman infantry based army offers battle to a Carthaginian combined
arms force led by a Greek mercenary general.

Carthage opens by releasing light troops on both the left and right
flanks. Four cavalry and two light infantry units harry the Romans
with missile fire - 3 blocks are lost. Romans open by advancing two
Auxilia and a unit of medium cavalry on the left. The cavalry briefly
engages the Carthaginian light cavalry, causing two hits before it
evades away. The Auxilia engage the light infantry and cause a hit
before the infantry evades away. Cautious opening - Carthage doesn't
want to stand toe to toe at the moment.

Carthage issues a line command and advances a force of 2 light
infantry, 2 warrior infantry and Xanthippus with his heavy infantry.
Rome plays Darken The Sky, and fires missiles with five units in
range. The fire eliminates a light cavalry unit, forces another light
cavalry unit to retreat, and causes a loss to a light infantry unit.
Rome 1, Carthage 0.

Carthage issues another line command and moves the same five infantry
units as before. The warrior infantry slam into the Roman Auxilia -
the combat sees 5 Roman and 2 Carthaginian blocks destroyed. Rome
orders four light units, redressing their threatened left lines, and
moving reduced blocks to relative safety.

Carthage plays a third line command in a row, again moving the same
units. Roman medium cavalry is reduced by light infantry missile
fire. One warrior unit eliminates a Roman Auxilia unit, advances and
eliminates a Roman light infantry on the very last row of the game
board. Rome responds with its own line command, activating an
enormous line of infantry. There is lots of missile and close combat,
which sees the berserk Carthaginian warrior unit eliminated. Rome 2,
Carthage 2.

Carthage is now looking rather ragged on it's right, especially with
the Roman line on the move. It cleans up the lines, moving Xanthippus
and his heavy infantry almost into contact. Rome, having a right
flank heavy hand, orders four units on that flank. Light and medium
cavalry ride out to skirmish a unit of Carthaginian light cavalry
unit, which retreats.

Carthage double times the infantry on their right into close combat.
Lots of back and forth sees the second Carthaginian warrior unit
eliminated, and lots of infantry blocks lost in the Xanthippus battle
against Roman medium infantry. Rome retreats damaged infantry units
and brings in fresh medium infantry from its centre to battle
Xanthippus - losing three blocks to the Carthaginian general. Rome 3,
Carthage 2.

Carthage, anxious to but unable to get the elephants moving, activates
their fragile right again. Light infantry fires missiles onto a
cavalry unit for no effect. Xanthippus and his heavies battle a Roman
medium infantry and eliminate it. They use momentum to advance on a
reduced Roman heavy infantry and cause four hits, eliminating that.
Rome, with a really poor hand, activates it's right flank again.
Cavalry units descend upon a unit of Carthaginian cavalry, causing it
to rout 8 hexes, effectively eliminating it. Rome 4, Carthage 4.

Carthage (finally) issues a mounted charge, getting the three elephant
units rolling down the centre. Cavalry support on each flank
accompanies them. Hamilcar's cavalry unit routs a Roman light cavalry
unit off the board. Rome is reduced to throwing javelins and dead
mice at the charging elephants in the centre - both are ineffectual.
Rome 4, Carthage 5.

Carthage plays another mounted charge, and piles in with elephants and
cavalry. The elephant charge causes one hit in total (!), and one
elephant unit is lost to Roman medium infantry battling back.
However, Carthaginian cavalry on both flanks surround and destroy two
Roman cavalry units.

Carthage 7, Rome 5.

Summary: Carthage broke the Roman left with a combined force of light,
medium and heavy infantry. The cavalry units on both flanks mopped up
the remaining banners. Didn't have the cards to get the elephants
into battle. Romans were hamstrung by trying to hold their left, and
continually drawing right flank cards. Favorite scenario so far.

Previous battle: Crimissos River -
Next battle: Ticinus River -
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