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Subject: 1st Ladder game. Scenario 2: Hedgerows & Hand Grenades rss

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Lorentz Teigen
South Trøndelag (close to Trondheim)
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This was our 3rd try on this scenario, and my first as the Germans.

Germany got the hidden objective VL2=2vp and US got VL3=3vp

Setup was very ordinary for the US (Main force in front of VL2 with a small platoon up north) As Germany i set up a HMG at vl 3 and 5. A mg squad and (1)leader In cover at E.line next to road. Mainly to cover the road and to try to take out his mortar placed on the road. US spotter is between vl5 and vl 1.

Opening hand for Germany is looks very good. Philbox, Boresighting, firecard and advance.

Us starts with firing Mortar at mg squad, and lots of fp on vl2 (as anticipated)

US got one fp boost card and roll 8 or 9. I play my philbox and throw a 4. Squad broken. I consider using the Grenade, but deside not to. (If i had known what was comming i should have used it)

German round 1:
I cant use my fire card and boresighting against the US as my HMG squad got broken. So instead i use it on my mg team south of the road. They manage to break the mortar squad. I play Advance and swap leader and swaps squads from VL 3 and 4. Draw 3 cards, Boresighting becomming a combat confusion card for a while . New hand Foxholes, boresighting, Rout and Movement.

US round 2:
Performs a move and move up to vl 3 and 4 uncontested.

Germany round 2:
I discard all 4 cards in the hope to get an fire or ambush card.
New hand. Move/consealment, rout, rout, and fire.

Us round 3:
Us play advance and move inn 2 squads and (2)leader into philbox. They got 10 more fp than me. Fight is lost, and he have to deploy down to a team. Then plays recover and succed on his mortar squad.

Germany round3:
I try to cross my northern mg team over to VL4 but it get broken. My sentral antispotter squad moves into the road to enter building in next move. (hedges is hard to climb). Souther mg team shoots at mortar team and breaks it again. Then play rout, but fail to rout them. I get a reinforcement card on hand.

US: round 4: New advance again, into VL4. Got 10+ again and win the melee.

Germany round 4: I fire into the philbox (no leader there now only squad and mmgteam. Break bouth on a good roll. Do a new routh, but mortar team stands it ground. I got a reinforcement card stacked on hand.

US round 5: Recover again. Then break two of my conscript squads between vl 2 and 5.

German round 5: I got an reinforcement card on hand are still hoping for him to discard. I play recover and recover one of my squads.

Us round 6: DIscard. I get a radio 12 in reinforcement.

German round 6: I play artillery request. target road next to vl3 and 4. Scatter dice move it south and west. BULLSEYE most of the forces get broken. (not sure what else i did)

US round 7:Recover and everybody is up and running again.

Afther that i try to send my souther mg squad west of VL3 and 4 and outflank them so i could get the most out of my meagre forces. I get broken on first op fire, then manage to save the troops later with an advance and a recover. One of my fleeing troops stoops next to the US spotter. I try to recover but fails, but deside to use the advance anyway (as i need to move other forces in the area with the card anyway)
My fp is 2 US fp 1. but unfortunately US got an ambush card.

US is steadily killing one and one of my troopers and finaly ends it with an advance and melee. I throw first, Bad throw, use my grenade, then throw 12!, He uses the grenade and we swap a few times. Then we end up with me losing. (I was badly outnumbered and must have been lucky to won that fight)

Think we still was at time track 2 when game ended by my surrender.

I think i would have had a chanse if i had used grenade in first turn. Think i would have prevented the broken unit with a roll of 5 or more.
That would have given me a very powerfull attack before he moved, and one more carddraw. Or caused him to continue a firefight before moving. (As he got movement and bouth advance cards on hand at the same time. He wouldnt have had the cardadvantage if tried to break me before moving.

A bit frustrating this game, but still fun. And that 12 Radio realy rocked.
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