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Subject: Cannae - 216 BC rss

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Doug Adams
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I've decided to play all the C&C: Ancients scenarios this year, kicked along by the arrival of expansions 2 and 3. I'll try to work through them in order.

Cannae - 216 BC
Rome launches a massive army at the Carthaginian centre, little suspecting it was expected and planned for.

Rome orders four auxilia infantry to advance down the centre of the battlefield. Carthage plays Move - Fire - Move, missile fire eliminates two Roman auxilia.

Rome orders three units on the right - auxilia infantry - to advance, wheeling towards the Carthage centre. Carthage orders six units of light troops to harass the Roman advance with missile fire - it is ineffective.

Rome now advances their next line, medium infantry, up in the centre to support the auxilia troops ahead. Carthage again orders harassing fire from its light troops, causing a casualty and a couple of retreats.

Rome advances medium and heavy infantry in the centre. The way this battle is set up, there isn't a lot of tactical choices here - break the centre. Carthage continues to missile fire on the Romans, while trying to build a good flanking hand of cards.

Rome again advances medium and heavy troops down the centre of the board, while Carthage again sends in harassing fire - 1 auxilia block is lost.

Rome finally gets to grips with the Carthage centre, engaging in close combat. A clash of auxilia sees two blocks lost each, causing a Roman auxilia unit to be eliminated. Carthage orders up the warrior infantry and a unit of medium cavalry to meet the Romans. A unit of auxilia is eliminated by the warriors, who use momentum to engage Roman light infantry, destroying two blocks. The warrior unit takes a hit from the light infantry. The cavalry is repulsed by Roman auxilia and has to retreat. Carthage 2, Rome 0.

Rome plays "I Am Spartacus", which activates two heavy infantry and one medium infantry unit. The medium unit engages Carthaginian auxilia, which takes a hit but evades away. The Roman heavy infantry destroys the berserk warrior unit. Carthage gets the cavalry on the flanks rolling, and charges in with medium and heavy on the left, while light and medium cavalry charge on the right. In the ensuing chaos, Rome loses to units while a Carthaginian medium cavalry unit is destroyed. Carthage 4, Rome 1.

Rome, having burnt all those lovely centre section cards, now has a poor hand. They order auxilia and medium cavalry on the right to attack. Auxilia engage Carthaginian slingers, causing one hit before they evade. Medium cavalry led by a Roman leader charge into Hannibal's heavy cavalry, and eliminates it. Hannibal survives and flees to a medium cavalry unit in the rear. The medium infantry unit advances and engages the medium cavalry (who forgot to evade) and eliminates that unit too. Hannibal, unable to evade because he's on the rear board edge, is captured. Rome is back. Carthage needs two quick blocks to win the battle, but cannot see where to gain them. They issue a line command to charge the warrior/auxilia infantry in the centre, supported by slinger missile fire. There are hits everywhere in the melee, with the warrior infantry eliminating a unit of auxilia, and advancing on a unit of reduced Roman medium infantry. Carthage 5, Rome 4.

Rome activates four units under their leader in the centre - medium infantry engage Carthaginian auxilia (evade), and eliminates it. Another medium infantry forces Carthaginian warrior infantry to retreat. Medium cavalry charge around the right flank and destroy a single light infantry lurking in the rear.

Rome: 6
Carthage: 5

Summary: tight, teetering battle. Rome, desperate to crack the centre, drained their hand of useful cards. Carthage had its left flank destroyed when it was in control of the battle, and couldn't save it.

Previous battle: Lake Trasimenus -
Next battle: Dertosa -

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