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Game #1
I had a bunch of useful action cards (AC) this round like the one that bumps any noble card (NC) up to the front of the line. In fact, I got to do this again since another action card let me go through the action discard pile and pick up any card I wanted, so I picked that up again. I was thinking about using the AC that had all players lose their ACs to be replaced by 5 new ones, but that was a no-go since I liked my hand. A bunch of them were 'move a noble up UP TO x spaces (2 to 3 variety mostly)'. I had the Count NC (2pts) but also tried to pursue the Countess NC (2pts, but +2 bonus if I had both together), but someone else already ahd it. It appears there's only a pair of them in the whole NC deck.

I ended up winning this first game at a score of 16 (cards of values 5 good 'ol Marie Antoinette, 3, 2, 2, 2, 1, 1). This was accomplished by playing an action card that ended the 3rd day very early.... with 10 NCs left! This was done deliberately since I was ahead at the time.

Other scores included 12 aft a -2 action card (Rough Crowd), 13, and the other 2 were so low, they didn't even want to count.

Game #2

Did worse this game. Whereas in the 1st game I had several useful action cards, in this game, I didn't have much to work with. Didn't have any cards to move nobles forward, so I had to resort to using ACs to move randomize the 1st five NCs and. Also, I often didN'T get what was in queue since my opponents naturally manipulated it with their ACs to get the high scoring NCs.

>>The set contained {-1, 2, 2, -2, -2 (this was a clown which is actually good since it immediately goes to another player instead)} with the -1 on top. I had a 1/5 chance of getting something worse (the -2), 1/5 chance of the same thing, and a 3/5 chance of getting something better. I ended up getting the 2.
>>Another time, it was a {-1, 1, 1, 3, 3}. I tried shooting for the one of the 3s, but ended up with another NC1. Bugger since the two 3s were one after another were snatched up by the next player by an AC letting him get the 2 in one turn.
>>I used an After You AC to put a -3 NC on the player lead
>>I used -2 AC on a player which I thought was poised to get a 2nd and even third Palace Guard, but never did. That honor went to someone else instead.
>>I used an AC that removed someone's +2 AC
>>I used an AC that allowed me to take someone's NC5 (Noble card worth 5pts) card. In return, he choose to steal my NC2 card.
>>A player used some AC card to reverse the queue (was away, so didn't see the specific AC), allowing him (not the lead) to get the Master Spy 4pts NC. This is the one that goes to the back of the queue when an AC is played.
>>A player used a Mass Confusion AC (all ACs get discarded and all plyaers get a new set of 5 cards). So much for using my "let them eat cake card" to get Maria Antoinette for 5. Few turns later, I realized that was moot. Someone else already had that NC
>>someone was a good sport by playing the AC that added 3 extra NCs to the queue. This allowed me to use one extra AC bef the game ended. Just for fun, as the lead player had a commanding lead.
>>for That last turn of mine, I coulnd't play 3 of 6 of my ACs. Since there were only 3 NCs left, I couldn't play my 2 "move NC EXACTLY 4 spaces up" nor the randomize the first 5 NCs (apparently, group was unamanous about this one requiring at least 5 NCs in queue)

Scores for this game resulted in...
22 (had 3 Palace Guard NCs, worth 3^2 = 9 pts!!)
three of us at 16 pts, including me

-I found it helpful to sort my cards into 3 categories.....
>PREDICTABLE MOVEMENT - like move any Noble {up to/exactly} {1 - 4} spaces {forward/backwards}. These seemed to be the most common.
>PREDICTABLE OTHER - instant +2 points to player (reminder, still take the top NC), +1 point per blue card, -2 to another player. Take one AC form an opponent.
>UNPREDICTABLE - like randomize the 1st five nobles in the list, remove any 2 noble cards and randomize the rest, everyone discards ACs and gets 5 random new ones
-Palace Guards NCs would've been nice, but were also coveted by the other players
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