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Subject: Lunch Time Gaming, Part 2 rss

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Justin Heimburger
United States
St. Louis
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Here we have the second test of the short scenario ( that I've been trying to put together with a coworker so that we can scratch the CC itch without needing a medium-to-long chunk of time for the game. I presented the idea here ( and spent some time collecting my thoughts as to how I wanted this to work.

So, as previously mentioned, this is the second test of the first draft of the scenario (see for the first play test). So, here it goes.

I had unbagged my US OB for this one because I played a couple of full games over the holiday break and needed something in one of them, so we had only to choose between the Soviets and the Germans. Dave (my co-developer) flipped a Russian counter, which landed unbroken, so he played the Russians.

We drew a card from the middle of the US deck (since it wouldn't be used) and the dice told us to use map 5. We repeated the process, and the white die told us that Dave would sit at the 2-3 end of the map (1, 2 or 3 would go there, 4, 5, or 6 would be at the opposite end).

So we got the map out, turned it around, and we began to set up. The setup rules were such that all five objectives started under Russian control. Objective chits K, A and J were in play.

Because of the varied cover available, Dave didn't need to buy foxholes (an option in the special rules). He set up his forces in F4 (Khukovsky, squad, LMG, Objective 1), G4 (squad), G3 (squad), F7 and G8 (both squads).

I put Sgt. Ganz, team, HMG and squad in C6, a team and a squad in B6, and a team w/ med. mortar in C3.

With the initiative card in hand, I began by advancing Ganz and his troops up into D5 (Objective 2) and C6. Then, I moved the Elite Team from C3 to D3, which gave me a clear view of the enemy position.

Dave's Russians took an ineffective shot, and we went on.

On my next Turn, I fired back, supressing his LMG-toting squad in F4, and breaking the squad in the woods at F7. I Routed the woods squad with boxcars (Time!). They retreated, having soiled themselves thoroughly, back to J6. At some point during this Fire order, Dietel, the German hero appeared on the battlefield. I stacked him in D3 with the Elite Team.

We traded Fire back and forth between our groups for several turns.

I finally got the Move Order I was waiting for, and laid smoke with the mortar into E5 (10 Hindrance!). So, I moved Ganz and his crew up into E6 and D5, and stopped, realizing that I no longer had the SMoke Grenades Action that had been there previously (I used the Order to shoot at Russians). I didn't want, at this point to put my units on a road in a hex adjacent to the Russians, who hadn't been shooting well, but who had been doing lots of shooting, nonetheless.

During a subsequent exchange of Fire, Time! came along once more, and the fabulous smoke dissipated.

But I had a Move order ready to go, and put some smoke into F5 (1 Hindrance this time, but enough to mitigate the road cover). So I Ordered Ganz and his men to move. Into F5 they went. No shot from Dave. They went on to G6 for control of Objective 5. I later Advanced them into the woods at G7 for cover. As I was preparing to Move them down the road into Objective 3 (K8), we hit the final Time! trigger (right on the hour!).

After we scored the Objectives, which we neglected to do at the beginning of the game, Dave ended the game with 7 or 8 VP in his favor.

Some thoughts:

This appeared to work again, as far as the time frame is concerned. We ended right at the hour, and were cleaned up within a couple of minutes.

We considered changing the setup rules to force the Allied player to setup a minimum number of hexes into the map to force earlier encounters, but this map provided that pretty nicely, so we wouldn't have needed that here.

But you might need that on another map, so it's still on the list (at the top).

This battle was generally tense, I thought. I had some really good shots, and it was a rare occasion when I didn't inflict some sort of damage on the Russian troops (supression, breaking/eliminating, routing), and I had two snipers hit their targets, one broke a squad right before they would have broken from a Fire order, which eliminated them, instead. But we traded fire throughout the game. I had trouble finding Move orders, so it was tough to get Ganz going. And once I did get him moving, it was too late. Time ran out.

We'll probably do one more test with things as they are, and see if there's anything we want to tweak.
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