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Subject: Game with the wife and the 6 year-old rss

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Rob Burns
United States
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Brought out Mystic Wood for a spin with J, who's now 6 years old and probably ready for some more decisions in games. J was George, Lisa was Britomart (no surprise), I took Roland, who is nicely balanced with 2 Strength and 2 Prowess.

The early going was marked by strange transportation events. On the very first turn, Britomart encountered the Magician and befriended him, which made for a big Storm - at the Earthly Gate, keeping us stuck at the start while Brit did some more exploring. Once we were free, I went north and found the Fountain. I elected not to drink. George and Brit both came by to drink - and both ended up at the Earthly Gate again! Then Brit went over to the last 'unexplored' space next to the Earthly Gate and found the Arch-Mage. He transported her over to the other side of the forest, George went up to hit the Fountain again and got dropped outside the tower. So I had the Earthly wood to myself, and had my only good break of the game. First I found the Child, two steps away from his drop-off point (it just says bring him to the Earthly Gate. Must be some Kid Lost-and-Found there). Then I found the Rogue, and got the Key. From here, I played like an idiot.

Near the tower, all of us found the objects of our quest. Brit and Roland (me) both tried to impress the Prince and found ourselves in the Tower for our trouble. George found the Dragon (on the Island) and got sent to the Tower too. I promptly forgot I had the Key, which was quite unnecessarily stupid. Upon eventual release, George killed his Dragon, but Brit got bounced to the Tower again (after receiving a second drubbing from the Prince). So did I (forget why). George, on his way to the Enchanted Gate (and victory, while Brit and I squabbled in the tower, me with Key safely forgotten in the back pocket) then hit Mystic something-or-other, the one that transports your objects. I look at my objects - there's the bloomin' Key!?!? surprise So we figure that it probably gets transported outside the Tower (seeing as it's the center of the world or something). Brit gets out, picks up the Key, then finally impresses Prince-boy. I get out and fight Brit, and decide to take the Key from her (and I wouldn't get the chance to use it again). Dumb! I should have pulled Prince-boy away from her, even if he drubbed me, he's not hers anymore. Dumb, dumb!

George is two spaces away from victory and hits the Mystic whatchamadooger that transports all the Knights. Great! That sends him to two spaces from the Earthly Gate - and Brit to the Fountain. What normally would be a big setback for my opponents would soon be nullified by the transportation genies hanging out by the Earthly Gate, however. I get sent to some stupid space further from the thoroughly unimpressed Princess.

Brit drinks from the Fountain and goes to the Enchanted Gate. I move. George goes to the Arch-Mage, befriends the guy, and gets plunked down at the Enchanted Gate. Fickle, fickle dice! I can't get 5s or 6s to save my life. No wait, I did once, to get the Key. Fat lot of good that did my idiot self. Brit wins, with George right behind. Who knows how long it would have taken me to muster up the charisma to impress that fussy Princess! Can't say as I blame her.
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