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The day must've taken a bigger bite out of me than I thought, because when the game owner explained it, then again after mentioning I didn't get it, I STILL didn't get it. Watching someone else start off and everyone poised to place their tokens got me into the game and able to participate.

Nowadays, it's difficult to play a game and not be reminded of other board games. For this, it was Scattergories for the 6+ sided die and Apples To Apples for all the words on all the cards.

Five players from p1 through p5. I was p5 and also went last.

When p2 did analytical, she did sound more or less analytical, but her facial expression and cupping her hand under her chin made it very clear. I thought facial expressions and using hands would make things too easy, but I was curious to see how the game would work out anyways, so I just went with it.

I did Triumphant with the phrase "I'm sweating like a pig". Yeah, I 'cheated' as well, by raising my fist into the air like I just won a $50 raffle. Everyone got that

Another player attempted envious. After no one got that, we all commented how envious is typically picked up with context alongside with the mood or tone of voice.

At several points in the game, I noticed there were several moods that I either wasn't sure what they meant or was pretty sure, but wanted to confirm the definition I thought was indeed correct. Would've been nice if they put some brief definitions on the Mood cards, but I took the chance to ask about such words in between turns.
Indignant = A strong feeling of displeasure or hostility
...... I was told that it was something like a smug, superior attitude. I thought of British right away for some reason
Wishy-washy = bland, dull

Good thing too, b/c I attempted wishy-washy. I used my 'well known' monotonous voice to do that w/o using hand motions nor facial expressions. At last with the latter, I've been told I don't have much of that. Everyone got it. I was surprised.

I also got got to do indignant. I didn't have any angles on this, so I did my best to sound "superior", with a dash of British accent thrown in. 1 person didn't get that. The other 3 did, mainly by my reference to indignant sound like British gentleman.

I ended up in last place. Unfortunately, in the beginning, I should've played my big guns first. Specifically, the 3 and 4pt-ers. Those I would've gotten, but instead, I gotten the 1 to 2 pointers and missed some of the 3 and 4 pointers.

As a twist, we played till the BITTER END. I believe the game was supposed to end once someone crossed the finish line, but we kept playing till everyone finished. In order to prevent conflicts of interest, when it was down to 2 players, someone who finished the game read and performed the moods, since in a one on one, the other player could in theory purposely mess up to prevent his opponent from advancing 1 to 4 spaces while himself only 1 space. Having the full set of 4 tokens, I needed to advance 7 spaces. I messed up the 4 pointer, so having 3 + 2 + 1 token values meant I would need a minimum of 4 turns instead of the minimum of 2 to reach the finish. I ended up using 4 turns to finish the game.

When it's time to perform, the feeling of being in a play, doing a performance, or being in a concert quells over the body. None of us being actors nor improv-trained, we had to take a few moments before each performance of reciting the phrase and trying to match the mood. One of us was quite hilarious, as she needed several minutes at the beginning of each turn to get the uncontrollable giggles out of her.

The other thing to take note of is making sure that the mood you're enacting isn't similar to another one already on the board, else, you're guessers are going to be split. Whether if you're guessing or performing, both are better served knowing this, and if it comes up, you can at least try to compensate for this. I've noticed "joyous" and "triumphant" are similar, but that night, we actually had "envious" and "jeolousy" as 2 possible mood choices.

Another fun game. Not a game I see myself playing all the time, but it's fun to do every now and then. Comparing this to Apples To Apples, I'd LIKE TO rotate between the two for variety, but unfortunately, I know that A2A is far more popular and will be played much more often. I may be motivated to get this game for myself, but we'll see
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