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Dave Wilson
United States
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Well, this turned out to be a pretty quick game, so we looked again to our initial vote. We added a third game, St. Petersburg, and revoted, and this time the winner was Canyon, with the extra Indian cards in the Grand Canyon expansion.

The start was unusual. It was an eight card hand, and no one made their bid. Rich and Dave both wound up overbidding, as Sterling had lots of trump cards. Sterling, being last to bid, wound up underbidding. He still took five tricks, so shot out to an early lead. Dave took nothing, and didn't leave the starting line. After this, though, things began to normalize some, and Dave and Rich started closing the gap with Sterling. In the fourth hand (five cards), Sterling not only missed his bid, but took no tricks, meaning he stayed put. Dave managed to move to a spot next to Sterling, which wound up trapping Rich behind them. Unfortunately, Rich was scheduled to move first next turn, and he'd have nowhere to go!

In that fifth hand (four cards), Dave made a bid of three, letting him move six spaces, and giving him a lead. Sterling made his one, so moved half as far. On the next turn Dave moved into the rapids, and was able to put logs in Sterling's way, slowing him down some. That also opened up the opportunity for Rich, who roared back, using his special ability that hand to push Sterling out of the way and take second.

On his first turn in the rapids Dave drifted, missing his bid. The second hand saw him making his bid and moving two as Rich joined him in the rapids by taking five tricks! Next turn, and Dave drifts again, Rich doesn't, and Sterling finally enters the rapids.

On this next turn Dave had the ability to determine how many cards to deal. He was also start player, meaning he had to bid first, and lead to the first trick. He set the hand to 2, and was able to make a bid of 1 (as was Rich), to set themselves up 1-2 away from the finish line. The final hand was a one card hand, and Rich had to bid first. Now, this can be a precarious position, if you are dealt a low, non-trump card. Might someone have a higher card in that suit? Maybe they have trump? Maybe not?!? But Rich's decision was made for him. He was dealt a red 10. The trump color? Red! That's an easy 1 bid. Everyone else bid 0, and everyone made their bid. Dave and Rich both reached the finish line at the same time, and both used up all their movement points to do it. So we went to the next tiebreaker: size of bid. Rich's 1 bid was bigger than Dave's 0 bid, meaning that Rich had won!
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