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Subject: Tutankhamen - 2nd [session report] rss

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6p game. Took 5 to 10 minutes to setup, 5 minutes to teach, and 16 min to play. (yes, I timed it with a stopwatch wow )

I will refer to the different types of tiles as so:
t1 = Scarab (beetle) worth 1pt
t2 = mummified cats 2pts
t4 = Horus (bird) 4pts
t6 = anubis (dog) 6pts
t8 = burial mask 8pts
gold = gold bag (not to be confused with coins which are referred to as tribute coins or just coins)
ph = pharoah tile

an 'a', 'b', or 'c' suffix will denote different colors of the same image, so for example like "t8a"

I was p1, and everyone else around me was p2, p3, etc. going clockwise, so I did indeed go first and p6, to my right went last. As per a 6p game, each of us were to be the first to rid ourselves of 14 tribute coins.

Me... since t6's of 2 types were so close, I decided to rack them up. Also stopped to get any t4's along the way. I would've been #1 for one of my t6's, but p2 decided to use a ph tile to tie me with it

p2 to p4... each of these guys picked up their own ph tiles. As noted above, p2 used his. They were making good progress as the rest of us, but just in different ways and not fast enough to win. Each of them had was in on scoring for 2 to 3 sets.

p5 collected himself 5 t8a's and 4 t8b's. He was "cemented in" for 1st for both of those sets having the majority (well, 4 t8's isn't a majority, but it was unlikely a single person would grab the other 4 or also use a ph to tie or tie breaker that set). Problem was, the game ended before he could 'cash out' on those sets.

p6 was near the end as well, but she went mostly for the smaller set tiles. Got herself several t1's and t2's. Also picked up and scored a t4 IIRC

I didn't get everyone's score. Suffice to say I had 8 gold left and p4 won the game.

EVERYONE had quite a few tiles left unscored. Even though no one reached the end, there were only 9 tiles left at the game's end, so most of us were almost to the end. For future sessions, will DEFINATELY have to pay attention to everyone's score pile on a higher frequency.... again, similar to Settlers Of Catan where glossing over the current score/progress of each player may make you realize when it's too late that either the pace could've been picked up sooner or tried something, ANYTHING to keep the lead from winning.

Finally, I have a game that's: short (most of the time 30min tops); easy to learn (5min to teach); more analytical and mathematical for those who aren't into games that are too subjective, dynamic, or "unstructured" like various party/social games (like Apples To Apples) and card games (like Guillotine and Killer bunnies); and can play a relatively high # of players at 6. Because of those reasons, I'm sure this will get played more often than not. The fact I bought my own copy based on a previouis session takes the "whether I like it or not" variable out of play.
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