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Subject: Electrons XIX: Hawaii Falls to the Japanese rss

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Here is the report for Jan/Feb 1943 for our game being played in the ether via Vassal. Thanks to Ken Griffith for his fine work! Recap of previous turns at the end of the report below the =====.


Japan quickly swallowed its disappointment over the debacle at Honolulu - they realized that Hawaii was still lightly defended. The race was on - could Japan put together a second invasion force before the US could get some Marines or the Los Angeles militia to Hawaii? (i.e., who would win initiative?)

The Imperial Japanese Navy sailed from Truk and Kwajalein, with amphibious craft and the Tokyo militia and a tough (white print) garrison escorted by 5 carriers, two air wings of Zeros, and the cream of Japan's fast battleships. They arrived at Oahu again on November 8; carrier planes chased off American aircraft and THIS time, the invasion succeeded - although the landing commanders were disconcerted that the Hawaiian-Japanese did not seem terribly pleased to see them.

The US fleet fled Pearl Harbor for Brisbane, where Nimitz set about planning a counterstrike. In December, four US carriers with a small escort of fast battleships and cruisers entered the Marshalls. There they surprised the Japanese fleet, not expecting enemy action so soon after being dispersed (a 3/10 split on the search dice will do that). American naval air had the advantage (lots of surprise points spent to improve air-to-air combat). Only good damage control (for once!) prevented any Japanese ships from being sunk, but the Kaga, Akagi, and Musashi were all damaged. Japan holds Honolulu, but the defenders are cut off.

November was snowy in Russia; December turned to storms and rain. Regardless of the weather, German and Italian aircraft were utterly incapable of disrupting the Russian armies. In mid-November the Soviets smashed German armor southeast of Dnepropetrovsk after B-25s disrupted the defenders. But otherwise, the Russian Front was quiet.

Germany again evaded Soviet naval air and delivered more reinforcements to Denmark, this time to Frederickshaven. Italy, meanwhile, began to send more air and troops towards Morocco and Gibraltar.

The Glorious attempted a raid into the South China Sea in early December, with some cruisers, the Renown, and US subs, but Japanese Zeros and naval air were up to the job and the Glorious limped off, badly damaged. A CW attack on Baghdad failed.

BP lost: Germany 18, Japan 9, USSR 8, CW 4, US 1

Note: The attack on Pearl was a 75% chance of success, so an average roll on 2d10 of "11" was welcome. The Marshalls battle could have been much worse though I went into the battle with one more carrier than the US and ALL in one box (US split into 2), so the search roll was a disappointment, and opportunity lost. The Russian Front is worrying, I am glad there was only 1 impulse of snow in a short winter turn.

============ ============ ====== ====

SEP/OCT '39: Warsaw holds due to bad weather and a short turn. Italy takes Gibraltar (note the spelling) on a surprise impulse invasion. Bloody battle in China causes Communists to fall back. US quiet. USSR annexes E Poland, no other territorial demands.

NOV/DEC '39: Germany finishes off Poland, attacks and conquers Netherlands. Minor skirmishes in the Western Med, CW divisions reinforce Morocco. US approves resources to western Allies. No combat in China with bad weather.

JAN/FEB '40: USSR demands Bessarabia, reinforces Poland. Hungary and Bulgaria gain territory at Rumania's expense. China static. US gives cruisers to CW, occupies Greenland and Iceland.

MAR/APR '40: Sub skirmishes in North Atlantic. Japanese attack makes no headway in China. Belgium falls in lightning attack in late April when the rain finally clears.

MAY/JUNE '40: Germany rolls into France, approaches Paris. France abandons most of Maginot. Wavell captures Tobruk, Bardia, Benghazi, races west. Ark Royal damaged, Revenge sunk by Italians. Japan fails to make progress in China.

JULY/AUG '40: France reels, but Paris holds. Spain joins the Axis. Spain and Italy declare war on France and Portugal. Italy captures Tunisia and Algeria. Japan bloodies Chinese. Wavell pushes Germans back near Tripoli.

SEP/OCT '40: France falls, Free France sets up in Gabon, BEF escapes France. Ark Royal, Gneisenau sunk off Cape St Vincent. Japanese assault on Sian fails, progress in south China. US passes Lend Lease Act.

NOV/DEC '40: Axis invades Greece, Bulgaria joins Axis. Inconclusive battles in China. Pro-Japanese freedom fighters in Burma close Burma Road. FDR authorizes US Navy to escort neutral shipping in North Atlantic.

JAN/FEB '41: Little action in bad weather. Japan militarizes Marianas. US embargoes strategic materials on Japan, authorizes resources to USSR.

MAR/APR '41: Greece falls. Naval battles in Eastern Med, advantage Axis. Japan bounces off Kweiyang.

MAY/JUNE '41: Japan takes Si-An, advances near Chungking. CW begins to retreat from Tripoli. Axis air sink the Eagle in the Med. German paratroopers take Bardia (Libya). No war in the east (Germans lack 2-1 garrison).

JUL/AUG '41: Japan occupies Indochina, aligns Siam. Japanese fleet to Canton. Axis destroys Alexander in Libya. CW carrier fleet arrives in Aden. No war in Poland (still no 2-1 garrison ratio).

SEP/OCT '41: Japan declares war on CW, captures NEI, Rabaul, Ceylon. Germany breaks pact, then declares war on USSR - no action. Italy sinks the Furious.

NOV/DEC '41: The Imperial Japanese Navy and Royal Navy duel in the Arabian Sea. Japan captures Singapore. Germans, Italians advance into Egypt. No significant action on the Eastern Front. US gears up - for FIRST time.

JAN/FEB '42: Japan takes Aden, captures two CW carriers, sinks a third. Germany and Italy take Alexandria. Polish front quiet. US annexes N Ireland, announces oil embargo against Japan.

MAR/APR '42: Axis conquers Egypt, Palestine, TransJordan. Maneuvering in Finland but otherwise All Quiet on the Eastern Front. Chinese defenders hold Nanning. Luftwaffe shreds Bomber Command over Essen. Beauforts sink Cervantes off Mouths of Amazon. US passes War Appropriations Act.

MAY/JUNE '42: US joins war. CW invades Denmark. Stillwell captures Hanoi. Malta falls. Germany begins offensive in Ukraine. Early turn end helps Soviets. Pro-axis coup in Iraq.

JULY/AUG '42: Stalemate in Denmark. Germany captures Kiev, destroy Koniev, Yeremenko HQs. Pacific quiet.

SEP/OCT '42: Germans advance in Ukraine, bounce off Dnepropetrovsk twice. Stalemate on Danish front. Japanese sink Enterprise, Hornet in Coral Sea. Japanese attack in China fails. Axis collapse Vichy France.

NOV/DEC '42: Japanese invasion of Honolulu fails. Germans fail to take Dnepropetrovsk in two attacks. Germans take Minsk. CW advances in Iraq, African coasts.

Edit: couple of omitted words added.
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