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Subject: Into The Dark (Where the Time Went) rss

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Wayne Miller
United States
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I thought it would be interesting to do something a little different from the other session reports and give how much time was spent on each turn.

This was a 3 player (2 hero players, 1 OL player), 3 hero game (Varikas, Grey Ker, Runemaster Thorn). Hero players were inexperienced. 1 player with 0 games, 1 player with 1 previous game.

Overlord was experienced, many previous Descent games.

We played with WoD treachery. Heroes were picked, no house rules.

(At the start of each turn, I indicate in the parenthesis how many minutes were spent as part of the Hero turn (left side of slash) and how many as part of the Overlord turn (right side of the slash). For example, in Turn 1, 18 minutes of the turn were spent by the heroes, and 2 minutes by the Overlord.

15:05 Setup complete
15:24 Characters ready; on break.
15:35 Start Explaining the Rules to the New Guy

AREA 1==================================================
TURN 1 (18/2)
15:39 First Turn Starts, Heroes. Players kill the Master Beastman in the first area.
15:57 Overlord counterattacks.

TURN 2 (13/1)
16:02 Players kill two more beastmen.
16:15 Overlord goes

TURN 3 (7/2)
16:16 Varikas open the Copper Chest, Mimic is played. Heroes kill the Mimic and get Bone Blade, Crystal of Tival, and Mana Weave).
16:23 Overlord Draws and doesn't do much else.

TURN 4 (10/7)
16:25 Varikas falls into Spiked Pit, which foils a carefully calculated Knight.
16:35 OL spawns beastmen. Dark Charm fails.

TURN 5 (14/2)
16:42 Players shuffle their equipment around for the chest. Open door to Area 3
16:56 OL turn.

AREA 3 ===============================================
TURN 6 (7 / 5)
16:58 Varikas drinks a fatigue potion, then falls into a spiked pit, failing another carefully planned Knight. Again, he gets no attacks.
17:05 OL Rages the Master Sorcerer, brings Varikas down to 7 health.

TURN 7 ( 17 / 12)
17:10 Heroes kill several Razorwings and the Master Spider.
17:27 OL plays Beastman War Party. Master Razorwing starts stunning Varikas every turn and flying to safety.

TURN 8 (9 / 13)
17:39 Varikas misses the Sorcerer
17:48 OL kills Thorn with Ambush.

TURN 9 (8 / 5)
18:01 All three heroes go into battle and start cleaning the room.
18:09 OL kills Runemaster Thorn again.

TURN 10 (20 / 1)
18:14 Players kill most of the interesting things in the room, flip the Rune in Area 3 and open the Silver Chest. 2 Silver Treasures each. Good Armor, Blast Weapons, Bow of Bone, pretty good stuff. They made a big mistake to wait this long. This would have really helped them clean the room and would have saved lives. Lots of player discussion at this point about how the players will get all the treasures transferred and to who in what order.
18:34 Overlord draws.

AREA 2 ==================================================
TURN 11 (18/7)
18:35 Ker opens the door to Area 2, lots of discussion at this point about what to do. Ker gets the red key, but doesn't open the silver chest -- activates the Area 2 portal instead and goes to town.
18:53 Overlord fans out monsters to prevent blast hits, and starts closing doors and sitting on chests.

19:00 Dinner Break.

The game goes for another 3 or 4 turns. I was not very disciplined after dinner, we ate at the game (of course!) These turns were probably about 20 minutes a piece. The gold chest draw was important, and the heroes drew Flame Strike and tried to burn Narthank to death (among other things). In the end, it came down to a final roll on burn. Narthank didn't die from the burn and killed the heroes to bring them down to exactly 0 tokens. Very narrow OL win.

We ended at about 20:20

Measured Time:
71% spent by Heroes
29% spent by Overlord
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Brian Alvarado
United States
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I was estimating 80 20, I was off.

I suppose that would go down as the hero's get more experienced.

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