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Subject: Session Report rss

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Chris Müller
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This is one session report, but several glorious moments which happened in our games. I do not always know who won, but write these lines to show you what can happen in this game.

Blue started with the white knight and Gouvernail in the forest. They got there some big sword from a lady in a lake. Gouvernail was not seen any more after that. Red got Sir Kay and some other guy and gave a party at camelot, which impressed the nobility giving red some extra time.
Some rounds later a lady named Guninevere joined the white Knight and both traveled, acompained by friends to Cornwall to join a Truage there.

On reds side Merlin and Lancelot joined as most famous characters, but also King Mark.
It seems Guinevere was from Ireland, because she fell in love with the white knight after forming an irish alliance in Cornwall.Imagine her delight, when next turn she found out( I bet after the wedding night) that the white knight was actually King Arthur.
Lancelot and Merlin visited King Mark in Cornwall. Arthur immediatly did not like this Lancelot dude. He was right! Next turn, the happy couple was busy making a false promise to King Mark ( was it the other way around?), King Mark, Lancelot and Merlin "requested villanously" to hand Guinevere over. ( the event just came up!) Having lost his love, but not his weapon, Arthur went to camelot, where he was joined by King Ban.

Lancelot was not done! With help from his De Ganis knights and by sending King Mark away and some singing he got the Test of amor two rounds later, making Guinevere forget Arhur and love him.
Totally frustated Arthur recruted King King Lot and made himself High King, if he cannot have love, let him have power.
Some time later, the game was coming to a close end, Lancelot came to Camelot and put the bishop into play.
Argh! Damned church, thought Arthur, it's my claim! But he was not without friends.....

Meanwhile some ladys, seeing he was single and in competition for position of high queen joined his side. He send them to Cornwall, where Sir Tristan and Sir Andred where at his side. Luck was on his side. The treachery of Cornwall appeared, which made a timely assassination possible.
Gone were Lancelot and this ex girlfriend Guinevere. And just to struck the dagger deeper in, he informed the speechles player that his bishop was actually Sir Dagonet, having glorious fun. The game ended with the final war, where Arthur and his fine knights won the game.

Very nice story in my oppinion. We had lots of fun.

In another game King Mark! got with the help of some women Excalibur by theft( how fitting!). On the other side of the forest were good doing Sir Lancelot, King Pellinor and Merlin, looking beaten.
King Mark went home to Cornwall extreamly pleased with himself. Next turn! some lady in some cold lake seemed not to like that this not so chilvalric king was decorating his gloomy castle with the sword. She handed it to the next knight with the proper score in adventure and psyche. How lucky that Sir Lancelot was still standing in the forest.

I bet King Mark was not amused.

Next time good king Pelles got the sword from the lady.
He felt strong and invincible with his new toy, because next thing he does, is going to Lourdes to do some fighting and loosing against a guy named Sir Gawain. On his way home into the handheldrealm he threw Excalibur away, seems it was not such a great weapon after all.

Last thing:

I think the best combination yet was: Sir Galahad with Siege Perilious, in love with Princess Guinevere and high king.

That's it.

Just one small question here: In the description of the characters Sir Lambegus seeks to preserve Tristan's honor, by saving ISOLDE. Why can he only be discarded to save a knight and not to save a women or both in his carddescription?

This doesn't seem to fit the description. Just curious. I am sure there are balancing reasons. Would be cool to be able to save the woman from assassination too.

Hope you enjoyed this long text.

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Andrew Parks
United States
New Jersey
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Quixotic Games:
Dungeon Alliance Release: February 2018
Re:Session Report
Great article, Chris! The game's hidden flavor is certainly not lost on you!

It can indeed be a lot of fun seeing some of these occurrences happen during the game. Usually Sir Dagonet is involved with the largest laughs, especially if he takes the place of a lady connected to the Love Potion. The horrified knight then immediately dies of shock (or kills himself).

Regarding Lambegus, you are correct that it is for reasons of balance and functionality that his Card Text allows him to protect a Knight (not a Lady). In the legend, he actually rescues Isolde from the knight who took her after making a villainous request to King Mark. Because there are precious few effects that target female Characters, we thought it would be too powerful if he could protect ladies as well as Knights.

Thanks again for the report!



Andrew Parks
Camelot Legends Designer
Z-Man Games, Inc.
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