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Subject: My two first games of Full Thrust rss

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Andreas Johansson
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I spent 200 GG and all I got was this lousy overtext!
I spent 200 GG and all I got was this lousy overtext!
I finally got a game of this together today. We liked it so much we immediately played another.

The first game was the introductory scenario from the rulebook, featuring identical fleets of two light cruisers and three frigates a piece. With the fleets approaching in along antiparallel but offset vectors and each admiral trying to a) keep his fleet together and b) get into the enemy's aft arcs manoeuvring amounted to the two fleets circling one another in a tigthening spiral. Both sides were suffering about equal damage until my opponent got lucky with a four-dice salvo and inflicted eight points of damage on my unhurt cruiser, effectively crippling it as two of its batteries were destroyed. After that it was a rout, with my ships quickly finished off.

For the next game, we used the ship construction rules from Fleet Book 1 and constructed a big heavy cruiser with level-2 screens and lots of big guns (1 level 3, 4 level 2, and 1 level 1 batteries) along with three little destroyers with a mixture of guns and needlebeams, again using identical fleets.

We swiftly found out, the hard way, that the destroyers were no match at all for the cruisers, one on each side losing all armament in the first turn of fire after inflicting triffling damage on the opposing cruiser. Certainly, we had some bad luck on the systems checks, but losing more than ½ of HP in one salvo speaks for itself. Being a bit hard of learning, I lost another destroyer outright a couple turns later as it tried to sneak up on the enemy cruiser behind but found itself still in the fire arc of some guns and was shot to bits. The enemy destroyers, wisely, turned wide away from my cruiser.

The battle was thus to be decided by the cruiser clash. Thanks to deft manoeuvring (or so I tell myself - you'd be entirely justified in suspecting dumb luck) I managed to get mine behind his, and with a couple of turns of fire knock out some of his guns as well as, crucially, his thrusters. Thus crippled, it was quickly finished as my remaining effective destroyer zoomed into its rear arc and helped blast it at short range.

The enemy destroyers made good their escape, but trading one destroyer for a heavy cruiser can only be considered a victory for my side.

I like this game very much. Time to paint up some spaceship models, methinks ...
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