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Subject: Hippacritae - 240 BC rss

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Doug Adams
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I've decided to play all the C&C: Ancients scenarios this year, kicked along by the arrival of expansions 2 and 3. I'll try to work through them in order.

Hippacritae - 240 BC
Carthage and the Rebels meet in a large set piece battle.

Carthage opens the battle by ordering auxilia and light infantry to advance. Additionally, three units of light cavalry advance on the left flank. The light infantry fires on heavy infantry - ineffectual.
The Rebels activate four units on the right and begin to advance their heavy infantry. Light cavalry and infantry support the advance by firing missiles - one hit is inflicted on light cavalry.

Carthage again orders all light troops. Five units fire at the Rebels. The two heavy infantry units take a hit and a retreat, sending a general wobble through the rebel lines.
The Rebels activate three units on the left and advance light infantry and auxilia infantry. Light infantry fire forces a Carthaginian auxilia to retreat two hexes.

Carthage activates two units on the left, and fires two light cavalry. A heavy infantry unit is hit.
Rebels play Outflanked - heavy infantry advances on the right, while light infantry advances on the left. The heavies engage two Carthaginian light cavalry (both which evade), causing a hit on each of them. The light infantry fire on the left is ineffectual.

A cautious opening three turns.

Carthage orders heavy troops and decides to not hold the elephants back any longer. All three units advance, but only one engages this turn. It attacks a Rebel light infantry unit, which evades, causing no hits.
The Rebels charge the elephants before they smash into their own side of the battlefield. Warrior infantry go screaming in, and via a series of battles, momentum and bonus combats, eliminate all three elephant units this turn!

Rebels 3, Carthage 0.

Carthage, reeling in shock, advances three medium infantry units under Hamilcar in the centre.
The Rebels play a coordinated attack, and advance heavy infantry on the right, medium infantry in the centre and auxilia infantry on the left. The heavy infantry engages Carthaginian light cavalry, which evades, but not before it's taken three hits and eliminated.

Rebels 4, Carthage 0.

Carthage orders medium troops in the centre to advance, along with medium cavalry on the flank. The medium infantry causes five hits on Rebel warrior infantry, while failing to eliminate a unit, losing 4 blocks on battle back.
The Rebels advance two units on the right, trying to finish off the battle. Heavy infantry fails to hurt Carthaginian medium infantry, but light cavalry does the job, finishing off a unit of Carthaginian light cavalry. The battle is over.

Rebels 5
Carthage 0.

Summary: A mis-managed battle by Carthage, sending in the elephants prematurely. They were dealt with, and it was catch up from there. The Rebels did well to not lose a unit - they had plenty of reduced units all over the battlefield at the end of this battle.

Previous battle: Utica -
Next battle: Hannibal's Camp -
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