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Subject: Panormus - 250 BC rss

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Doug Adams
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A fan of new Knizia games
I've decided to play all the C&C: Ancients scenarios this year, kicked along by the arrival of expansions 2 and 3. I'll try to work through them in order.

Panormus - 250 BC
Rome and Carthage clash in the last major land battle of the First Punic War.

Rome opens the battle with Darken The Sky. It rains missile fire down on the nearby elephant units of Carthage. One is hit and rampages, eliminating (!) an adjacent elephant unit, and inflicting a hit on a warrior infantry unit.
Carthage plays Outflanked and tries to get the remaining two elephant units out of the hail of missile fire. Light bow and medium cavalry units are advanced on the other flank.

Rome 1, Carthage 0.

Rome plays Counter Attack, and attacks with medium cavalry on the left flank. It engages Carthaginian medium cavalry and they exchange hits. Carthaginian light bowmen evade away. On the other flank, missile units of Rome again pepper the fleeing elephants, causing a hit and a rampage. Again, adjacent infantry units are hit in the rampage, before the elephant is eliminated.
Carthage activates the right flank and orders cavalry to advance. Medium cavalry eliminates a cavalry unit of Rome. The Roman leader survives and escapes to a unit of medium cavalry in the rear. Light cavalry fires on medium cavalry but causes no damage,

Rome 2, Carthage 1.

Rome issues a line command and advances ten units.
Carthage keeps pressing with the medium cavalry on the right flank, and causes two hits on the Roman medium cavalry units.

Rome issues another line command and advances the same ten infantry units another hex. Talk about a relentless advance. Roman auxilia destroys a Carthaginian light cavalry unit, while medium infantry eliminates the last elephant unit of Carthage.
Carthage again activates the medium cavalry on the right and finally destroys the Roman cavalry unit. The Roman leader survives and evades to a unit of medium infantry. The medium cavalry of Carthage advances and battles again, inflicting two hits on Roman auxilia. They battle back and eliminate the Carthaginian cavalry. A bloody turn.

Rome 5, Carthage 2.

Rome orders light troops to activate. Missile units fire and cause two hits.
Carthage orders medium troops to advance. A unit of warrior infantry charges Roman auxilia and inflicts a hit, but takes two hits in battle back. A Carthaginian medium infantry unit eliminates a unit of Roman auxilia.

Rome 5, Carthage 3.

Rome plays Inspired Leadership +3 and activates the centre. It's a clash along the line as medium infantry engages medium infantry, with Rome coming out on top inflicting three hits and taking only one in battle back.
Carthage orders medium troops again and dresses the lines up a bit. They press in the centre where they are face to face with Roman infantry. They inflict four hits on the Romans, eliminating a unit and killing their leader. Carthage is back in it.

Rome 5, Carthage 5.

Rome activates four units in the centre and presses in with medium and heavy infantry. In the first battle a warrior unit takes four hits and is obliterated. The battle is over as Carthage breaks.

Rome 6
Carthage 5

Summary: After giving Rome 3 banners via sacrificial elephant units early, Carthage fought back well and nearly stole it. Interesting scenario - recommended.

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Next battle: Orongis -
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