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Subject: Po River - 203 BC rss

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Doug Adams
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A fan of new Knizia games
I've decided to play all the C&C: Ancients scenarios this year, kicked along by the arrival of expansions 2 and 3. I'll try to work through them in order.

Po River - 203 BC
Mago invades Italy with a strong combined arms army.

Carthage begins by activating two medium infantry and advancing on the left. Slinger infantry fire on the Roman velites and score a hit.
Rome uses +4 Left Leadership to advance 2 medium infantry, along with a heavy and auxilia infantry.

Carthage plays Move-Fire-Move and harries the Roman line with missile fire. One hit is scored from five shots.
Rome orders light troops to fire - only one light infantry hits a Carthaginian heavy infantry unit.

Carthage moves Hamilcar and two units of medium infantry on the left - they attack a Roman auxilia unit on the extreme flank and inflict three hits and force it to retreat. They also hit a light infantry unit as it evades away.
Rome activates four units on the right flank - retreating the velite out of the way and moving up a strong force of medium and heavy infantry to confront Hamilcar of Carthage. Hamilcar drops down First Strike, but only inflicts one hit. He takes three in return. The other medium infantry unit exchanges two hits with its Carthaginian equivalent.

Carthage smugly drops Rally down to pull those medium infantry losses back to Hamilcar, and rolls six die. Four swords! They do get one heavy infantry unit back that was lost earlier to missile fire.
Rome gurgles with glee and seizes on the loss of momentum from Carthage. They thump into Hamilcar with heavy infantry and eliminate both Carthaginian medium infantry units under Hamilcar. Hamilcar survives and flees to another medium infantry unit in the rear.

Rome 2, Carthage 0.

Carthage orders light troops and fires most of them, causing two hits on the Roman lines.
Rome orders Varrus and his medium cavalry on the left flank to engage the Carthaginian light cavalry. They take a hit before evading away.

Carthage plays Counter Attack and charges Varus with their one elephant unit, supported by medium cavalry. The elephants score a hit, but no retreat results (pity). The medium cavalry units exchange a hit each.
Rome decides to tackle the elephants, but doesn't hurt them. Medium infantry tries to trap the Carthaginian medium cavalry, but it evades away.

Carthage plays I Am Spartacus and rolls some good results. The elephants charge in on the right flank, with a bonus combat die. They eliminate Varus' unit, who survives, and momentum on into a Roman auxilia unit, scoring 4 hits, eliminating that too. Meanwhile, the Carthaginian light cavalry has a crack at the Roman medium cavalry and eliminates it. They surge on and attack Roman auxilia, but are eliminated in battle back.
Rome plays Outflanked and tries to save Varus' flank. They form up into some sort of line.

Rome 3, Carthage 3.

Carthage orders medium troops, and dresses their main battle line together, closing the gaps.
Rome plays Counter Attack, and advances six medium infantry.

Carthage plays Line Command, and ten units advance. There is battle right along the line. Hamilcar and his medium infantry eliminate a Roman medium infantry unit. Heavy infantry traps a Roman velite unit, which can't evade, and destroys it. A second heavy infantry unit eliminates a weakened Roman medium infantry unit. A Carthaginian auxilia unit is destroyed taking on a Roman medium infantry unit.
Rome Double Time's and advances troops into the threatened centre. Rome destroys a Carthaginian heavy infantry unit, but loses a medium infantry unit.

Carthage 5, Rome 5.

Carthage releases it's secret weapon in the centre - three units of shock warrior infantry, held back for this moment. They smash into the Romans, supported by Mago and his heavy infantry. Rome loses two units in the centre very easily, and they break.

Carthage 7
Rome 5

Summary: This was a great scenario - large, balanced, plenty to do for both sides. Carthage held their warrior infantry back until the right moment, and went bam! Fun stuff.

This is the end of all the Command & Colors scenarios from the base game, plus six from the C3i magazines. Thanks for reading. I'll be continuing in Command & Colors Ancients Expansion 1, Greece and the Eastern Kingdoms, beginning at Marathon.

Previous battle: Celtiberia -
Next battle: Marathon -
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Kristian Madsen
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You're doing a great service writing up this series! It is good to know you're having a good time doing it.

Thanks again for your hard work!

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