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I've decided to play all the C&C: Ancients scenarios this year, kicked along by the arrival of expansions 2 and 3. I'll try to work through them in order.

Plataea - 479 BC
Persia attacks a separated Spartan/Athenian army.

Greece advances the Spartans on the right flank one hex via a Line Comand. The light troops fire, but all miss their target.
Persia looks at their opening hand in disgust - three centre section cards. The activate Artabazus and two auxilia units in the centre and begin marching towards the Spartan advance on the right flank.

Sparta plays another Line Command and advances into contact with the Persian line. Auxilia and medium infantry each give the Persian units a hit, however, they both take three hits each in battle back. Pausanias and his heavy infantry eliminate a Persian medium infantry unit, and advance and battle an auxilia unit. This too is eliminated.

Persia plays Coordinated Attack and retreats one of the threatened auxilia units in the centre section. Medium cavalry is moved from the right section towards the threatened left. Mardonius charges with his medium cavalry on the right and eliminates a Spartan medium infantry unit. Mardonius uses momentum and follows through to attack and eliminate an auxilia unit as well.

Both lines have had their centre fractured on that flank.

Greece 2, Persia 2

The Spartans play a Coordinated Attack of their own. Pausanias and his heavy infantry attack a light bow unit that cannot evade. They inflict three hits, allowing the bow unit to battle back. It scores a hit. Spartan medium infantry follows up and eliminates the bow unit.
Persia plays a Mounted Charge and sends three medium cavalry into the Spartans with a bonus combat die. Medium cavalry exchanges a hit with medium infantry in the first battle. Mardonius' cavalry unit eliminates a Spartan medium infantry unit, and uses momentum to battle and eliminate Pausanias' heavy infantry unit. Pausanias survives and flees to an empty hex.

Greece 3, Persia 4

Greece plays Move - Fire - Move, and uses the double movement of the card to get the surviving Spartans away from their Persian victors. They fling some missiles into the Persians as they go, scoring one hit.
Persia pursues with three units in the centre of the board. One medium cavalry unit catches the Spartan unit, but it evades away.

Greece orders light troops to activate. The Spartans have regrouped near the rear of the board, and rain missile fire on the Persian pursuers. They score two hits and a retreat on Mardonius' medium cavalry.
Persia can't close with the cavalry on the Spartan flank (no cards), so tries to finish the battle right now by playing Double Time and engaging the Athenians on the right flank. This section of the battle had been ignored until now. They double up with two medium units attacking an auxilia unit, hoping to eliminate it right now and take the battle. The first combat causes no hits, the second causes two hits and a retreat (optional, but the Athenians take it to allow heavy infantry to slip into line).

The Athenians play Outflanked. More Spartan missile fire causes no damage. The Athenian leader, Andromachus, attacks the Persians and scores a total of five hits on a auxilia infantry unit. They advance and battle a Persian medium infantry unit, eliminating that too. Persia, so close to victory, breaks and flees the battlefield.

Greek Allies 5
Persia 4

Summary: Persia tried to pinch this when leading 4/3 by attacking an auxilia unit with two medium infantry units. It didn't work and left them vulnerable to counter attack. This was a fun battle to play out - different in that there is no centre section at all.

Previous battle: Himera -
Next battle: Leuctra ...
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