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Stephen Smith
United States
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Back in 1994, I invited a group of my college buddies to come hang out with me at my parents' lakehouse. Since we've always played games, a lot of game playing went on. This has turned into an annual gathering with the amount of gaming increasing dramatically in the past few years. This year I was able to play 37 games (27 unique) over essentially four days time. If you are interested in all of the games we played, they can be found on the following Geeklist:

The players: Stephen (Myself), Christine, (longsuffering wife), Dwight (single friend), Jared (from Dallas), Becky (Jared's better 9/10), Clint (Preacher), Cheri (Clint's better 3/4), Glen (from Vicksburg), Amy (Glen's better 1/2), Jody (from Dallas), CJ (Fleeing hurricane), Steph (CJ's wife), Page (from Arkansas), and Lori (Page's wife).

Day 4, Seventh Game: Rook (34)

It was now well after midnight -- actually, it was around 2 AM. Jared, CJ, and I had finished our game of Eurorails and were sitting around talking. Page and Clint finished up their final game of Battletech, and Clint called it a night. So here it was, the original four musketeers, sitting around and talking. We all met during our first year at Mississippi State and became very close friends. During that time, we played many games of Rook. In fact, it was a deck of Rook cards that was partially responsible for bringing two of us together. My roommate was a guy that I graduated from high school with, so we had already worked on some layouts for our dorm room. We had loaded his truck up with all sorts of stuff, including an out of the box entertainment center (you know, for the TV, VCR, and Microwave). This got a lot of attention when we brought it in. What really caught Jared's attention, though, was a box of Rook cards that was laying on the top of some of my stuff when I brought it in. Needless to say, this was too much to resist -- the rest is history. Interestingly, I had never played Rook before. My sister had given me the deck several years before -- she used to give me a different card game every Christmas -- but no one in the family was interested in playing. Jared, on the other hand, had been playing Rook almost since he could hold the cards. It wasn't long before the four of us started playing -- a lot. Since CJ, Jared's roommate, had played before as well, there were some disagreements over the rules. We decided to play strictly by the rules of Kentucky Discard included with the cards. We played way too many games during that first (and subsequent) year. Still, I wouldn't trade it for the world. So here we were, 14 years later, still getting together to play games in the middle of the night. Was there any possibility that any other game would be chosen?

So, we paired up: Me and Page against Jared and CJ. Page and I took the first two hands with bids of 80. Red being trump once and black the second time. After these two hands, the score stood at 210 to 30. Jared and CJ mounted a comeback, taking the next two bids for the next two hands at 85. I guess they weren't going to let us get away with anymore of that pansy 80 stuff. Trump was named as yellow and then green, both of which they easily made. The score now stood at 250 - 230. Again, they weren't letting that 80 business fly, so they took it at 85 and named yellow trump. Unfortunately, this time around, we were ready for them, not only setting them, but picking up 50 points in the process to end the game.

Final Scores:

Page / Smith -- 300
Jared / CJ -- 145

Day 4, Eighth Game: Rook (35)

Needless to say, we couldn't stop after a single game. There always needs to be a rematch. Besides, none of us really wanted to go to bed. Jared and CJ started off strong with a bid of 95. After calling yellow trump, they proceeded to pick up 100 points on us. We followed this with a rather weak bid of 80, which they allowed us to have. However, they were only playing with us. After naming red trump, they proceeded to yank 50 points from us, sending us into the land of negativity. The score now stood at -60 for us to 150 for them. They were halfway home. I took the next bid for 75 and found all sorts of goodies, including the bird, in the widow. We were able to easily rack up 100 points. That still placed us pretty far behind. Jared took the next bid at 75 and was rewarded as I was. They were able to pick up 115 points, making the score 45 to 285. The next hand, Page was dealt some amazing stuff. He took the bid for 90 and named black as trump. We then proceeded to pick up all 120 points. This still placed us two hands from being able to win. In the next hand, we took the bid for 85 and again named trump as black. We were fortunate in knowing where the bird must be since out opponents could claim a win at any point just by revealing it. We played the hand well, finishing with a total of 95 points. Unfortunately, the points left over were enough to put them over the top.

Final Scores:

Jared / CJ -- 320
Page / Smith -- 250

Day 4, Ninth Game: Rook (36)

Now it was time for the rubber game. We are way too competitive to end with a tie. Besides, as mentioned before, none of us was really ready to go to bed yet . This CJ and Jared took the first hand with a bid of 80. They named black as trump and were able to pick up 90. The next hand went to us for 75. We got a lot out of the widow, leading to a trump of green. We then proceeded to run 120. This gave us a lead of 150 to 90. We took the next bid for 80 and named green trump. We were able to add another 100 to our score from this. Then CJ and Jared got back into it. They took the next bid for 90. After naming black as trump they succeeded in getting 110 points. The score was now 260-220. They sure were intent on making a game of this. Basically, it seemed like whoever took the next bid would likely win. That ended up being us, with a bid of 90. Red was called as trump and allowed us to pick up another 100 points.

Final Scores:

Page / Smith -- 360
Jared / CJ -- 240

After the game we sat around and talked for a little while. However, we were all starting to get a little sleepy -- it was after 5 AM We slowly made our ways off to our various beds. It has been a wonderful four days
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