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Joe Grundy
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My wife and I have been having a lot of fun with our new purchase. This is about our fourth game, and I can't resist sharing some more of our fun.

Fighter vs Elf

"My son, come closer... *cough*... there is much I must tell you before I die."
"Yes father?"
"It is behoven on you to restore our family's honour. Many years ago, I did fail our family name. I was bearing the pipes of Granatus from the repair shop when yeah verily I was set upon by fiendish Firewalkers, who stole the pipes. In shame, I have ever since hidden us from the world in this ... *cough* ... forsaken marshland in the far North West of the land. But you must restore our family honour! Do this, for me! For us!"
"I will, father."
"My son, come closer... there is much I must tell you."
"Yes father?"
"Before you are wed, you must restore our family honour."
"Yes father, I will find the Pipes of Granatus and return them to him, as you bid me!"
"Pipes? What pipes? I'm talking about ... *cough* ... the Diadum of our ancestors which has been lost these many years. Frakus Swiftsword says he'll only let you have his daughter if she can wear it on your wedding day."
"Diadum? Father? Where will I find this wonder?"
"Its location was known only by your great grandfather, dead these 50 years, slain by ... *cough* *cough* ... your great great uncle over a gambling debt, and doomed to haunt this mortal coil until one of his blood can track down ... *cough* ... the Dark Hermit and convince him your magic is worthy of his blessing with the Holy Water that will free your great grandfather's spirit."
(Did you get all that?)
"Locate this man, my son. Free your great grandfather. Restore ... *cough* ... honour to our name and marry the girl. She's a good lass. Besides... she stands to inherit her family's fortunes."
"Father, but what of the pipes?"
*cough cough* "Yes, you must find the lost pipes and restore them to Granatus."
"But what of my great grandfather, and the Diadum?"
"Diadum? What diadum?"

And so, Agin Stormblade set forth seeking to restore his family name by bestowing the Diadum of Granatus on the head of his future bride. Or possibly to find her pipes... he wasn't quite sure which.

Meanwhile, in a tree house in a deep woods in the far corner of the land...

"My daughter, come closer... there is much I must tell you before I die."
"Oh mother don't be so dramatic. You've got 10,000 years left in you yet."
"Yes sweetie that's true. Honey, look it's really busy around here at the moment... would you mind lending a hand? We've got the High Council coming for dinner next week, your cousin's wedding the week after though what she sees in the mortal human I'll never understand, we told that nice young monk we'd give him back that Relic that saint Juan asked us to conceal for him, and your father's gone and had his Signet Ring stolen by a damndable bear. Do see if you can't pitch in on a couple of things will you dear, or we'll be a laughing stock."
"Sure mum."

So Elanor made her "to do" list, tacked on a few items of shopping, tucked her bow over her shoulder and set out.

Early on in our saga, Agin undertook the Task to track down the famous Gasconier. (Close Combat trainer to Her Majesty and also to the great heroes of old such as the legendary Agin Stormblade of games past, or that equally famous Agin Stormblade who vanquised the Shadow of Ruin in the prequel.) So Agin popped into town, knocked on a door, and lo! there he was! After a particularly satisfying training session (it was free, after all) Agin bought the old Gasconier a beer, got to chatting, and had an epiphany. ("What about you... you havin' a beer?" "No thanks I'm having an epiphany.")
"Look at me... Close Combat comes naturally to me, it's in my blood. Yet this task my father has bequeathed me, whichever it is, will require skills with Magic or the Bow. I'm no mage. My skills with the arcane can barely light a candle, let alone manage basic levitation or crossing dimensional barriers. And with a quiver full of arrows I can barely score a hit on a stationary archery target at ten paces, let alone take down a host of fast moving angry Firewalkers. Our family have ever been Fighters. How am I to tackle these Heroic Deeds?"

And so Agin realised he had to undertake a Quest before he could commence upon his Heroic Deed which would lead him inevitably to his Ultimate Legendary Fate.

Fortunately he knew Mirabar, Magic trainer to Her Majesty and also to the great heroes of old, who lived in the hut in the marshlands just down the road from home. (She used to pop in for tea from time to time when he was younger.) So all he would need would be a little gold and some patience. And let's face it, he was currently so pathetic with magic he was sure she could teach him something. (On his way he stopped in at the market where some shonky salesman sold him a pair of boots. "Very popular with them Rangers of the North, these boots. You mark my words, lit'l mas'er! You'll be thinkin' you're glad you got 'em".)

He made his visit to Mirabar, dropped his last gold coin in her tips jar, and she shared her words of ancient wisdom.
"Sorry, pumpkin. Honestly... you know nothing and you have no experience at all. There's so much you don't know that I could teach you, but it'd help if you'd had just a little taste of the real world of the Arcane first. Book learning isn't going to get you what you need. Yet."
Alas, being now basically broke as well as clueless, Agin had to turn to the wider world. (Though he did find those boots lightened his step somewhat.)

And what of the fair Elanor? Being an innocent maid, she was somewhat wary of the world. She figured she'd better pick up some extra Gold for her shopping list, and probably go buy some Eternal Candles so she could unenchant the Relic her mum wanted. (She had no stomach for Bees... her father would have to get one of her cousins or something to go lure out the bear and get back his ring.) Being a little wide eyed she thought first to pay a visit to the Capital, where through deeds we won't relate in detail she earned a little gold .. and got in some shooting practise.

But it's hard on a naive lass in the world, and wherever she went Elanor found herself giving out favours and doing deeds for useless rewards. Soon she had experience with "Close Combat" far in excess of her skill, but was no closer to her goal of earning a little cold hard cash. She visited the village Mystic and became good invoked the "powers that be" to make sure the Candlemaker wouldn't be on holidays when she got there. And she bought a shield.
"This is taking my funds backwards! Woe is me!" (She had just a little of her mother's melodramatic streak.)

And so their tales continued, Agin thwarted in his quest for a boost in magic and Elanor constantly short of the 4 Gold she wanted for the Candle Maker.

Elanor, in the far North, discovered the Hidden Ravine. And shortly after, hearing a rumour of a magical Bow, she returned to the Mystic in the South West. So she was broke again, but soon was in possession of the finest longbow she had ever seen.

Agin happened on a Thief hiding out in the woods, who he quickly dispatched, finding a hefty stash of gold for his trouble. Now in the far South, Agin discovered a teleporter. "I wonder what happens if I do this?" he thought... and found himself in the far North a few steps from the newly established Cartwright's shop.
"Hmmm", thought Agin. "Should I save my cash for Mirabar, or buy a cart? Mirabar wouldn't help me before, and I'm no better now. With a little Experience I might understand her teachings more easily. I reckon a cart might help me get around a bit quicker."

Cart in hand, Agin realised that he was now within a single journey span from the abode of the Ranger of the North, at the White City. Recalling the words of the mysterious merchant in Scene 24, he sold the boots to the grateful Ranger who was able to offer a few pointers on slashing and a helpful idea or two about wand waving. ("A generous exchange for a pair of boots! I'm thinkin' I'm glad I got 'em!")

On the outskirts of town, Elanor found a broom. If there was anything magical about it, she completely failed to even notice.

Agin found a lost salamander that Elanor had heartlessly ignored, and he kindly dropped it down the nearest volcano.

Elanor found a rather nice Statuette, which she took to the Kingdom and discovered it had an amulet hidden in a secret compartment.

Everyone ignored the beggar.

"Hey! Awful lot of spiders around here. *chop*. You'd think someone would come through with some bug spray or something. *chop*. Still, there's nothing like a foe with eight legs to spice up your reflexes and accuracy. (Though why I feel more magical now I haven't the foggiest idea.) *chop* Maybe I should've saved some of that gold for Mirabar after all!"

A Great Jousting Match was called, and Agin once again proved the heritage of his family ran true as he took out the honours. Now none in the land could claim more Experience in any Skill than Agin possessed in Close Combat.

When the Archery Contest was called soon after, Elanor shot herself in the foot in the first round and was stretchered of the field.

" 'Battle of the Mages'? HAH ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haa!"

Of course no epic tale would be complete with the veil being drawn discretely over the scene where our heroes' eyes finally met in the woods of the dolmans in the South. Since we aren't a modern movie, as they unerringly fold into each other's arms and slide beneath the stones we'll leave the details to your imagination.

Between them, Agin and Elanor had killed every fiend of the land three times over, escorted this to that, found that and turned it into this. They had virtually cleaned out the entire land of every deed to be done and every villain to be slain. At last, an opportunity presented itself for Elanor when she turned up a rumour of crafty Thief hiding out in the South.
"At last! A chance to earn some cash and get the shopping done!" ...
But her journey was delayed and "unwittingly" Agin stumbled upon that Thief and slew him dead. (Taking his gold.)

"Hey! You stole my Thief!"

Thus Agin found himself now in possession of a magic-enhancing Yew Staff, just a little Magic experience, and at the same time enough extra cash to re-consider popping in to visit Mirabar way up in the North and at last get started on his father's dying wish(es). While Agin dallied momentarily ("Hey look! Spiders!" *chop*) and messed about with a troublesome teleporter, Elanor also finally found enough gold in her purse for the Candle Maker's exorbitant prices. If our heroes had had any idea this was a competition the race would have been on, but since they were contentedly pursuing their own personal goals independantly any sense of sudden haste at this point was purely ... um ... worrying over the pending onset of winter.

But Agin had that extra step to undertake. He still felt need of some magic training before he could tackle either of his father's possible dying wishes. (He figured with his present magic skills he had only a third chance of making a start on either of his father's tasks.) Elanor merely headed directly for the Candle Maker and bought her Eternal Candle.

Almost the moment the candle was in Elanor's hand, a dark foreboding gripped the land, including our two heroes. Soon there were rumours amongst the mice of the land, but neither of our heroes spoke Mouse so they went unheard. Even so, it became clear that the world was in dire peril as a dark force made known its presence in the South. Both our young adventurers knew it would be up to them to save the world... just as soon as they finished their personal quests for honour and glory.

"Hmm", thought Elanor, "I don't think I'm ready to take on a battle with Ultimate Evil."

"Oh come off it!" exclaimed Agin, "you've got 8 Ranged Combat skill, 4 dice (which will be 5 as soon as you kill an evil Guard) a shield, and a friggin Magic Bow! You can go eight rounds with anything straight after lunch and not even work up a stitch!"

"You think so?"

So Elanor returned home (via the Chapel to pick up the Relic) and in a short journey found herself face to face with the Guard of the Tower of the Nameless.

"Behold!" (shouted the guard) "your doom is sealed with the power of this Sword which I wield"

"Um. Can't I just shoot you?"

"No, for it is dishonourable to shoot a Guard who isn't carrying a bow!"

"Awww crap. That hurts."

In the meantime Agin had time to find the Hermit of which his father had spoken, dropped his cart off in town while he unlocked the bonds on his great grandfather's spirit, grabbed the Diadum (and his cart) and gone home, got married, and like all Fighter heroes everywhere done an instant runner on his new bride. He was even now headed South, though the Red Knight stood in his way. He had, for a brief moment, contemplated finishing his sidequest for a mighty Magic Sword that would serve him well should he encounter a Warlock... but with Elanor about to cash in on all the glory he'd thought "bugger that" and headed straight on down.

Now, though he was still two journey-spans distance, he sensed in his bones that the end was here.

Elanor popped around to the guard next door, pulled out a blindfold for show, and shot him through the eye with a "wrong-hand over the shoulder" shot she'd been practising. (Gee. Great. MORE "close combat" experience... for... shooting the guard. Right.) Striding up the stairs to the top of the Black Tower, she found herself face to face with ...

Stay tuned. We'll be right back after these important announcements...



Welcome back!

When we left our heroin, she had just shot the guard and was climbing the stairs of the Black Tower, home and headquarters of the Ultimate Evil in the land. She was climbing the stairs...

... and found herself face to face with ... the Demon!

(Hmmm. Demon has eight hit points. Elanor has a shield but lost a hit point to a guard so is on 3. Demon is -3 to hit in Ranged Combat, Elanor has 8 Ranged Combat skill plus a magic bow for +2, so the total is 8 + 2 - 3 = 7. She gets to roll five dice and the lowest two have to total 7 or less. Let's see how she goes...)



"Oh look, four ones!" ... Hit.






"See. I told you you had more than you needed."

"No look, it's just lucky I had this bow."

"Really, you could have done it without the bow. Honestly."

"You reckon?"

And so Agin cast Resurrection upon the mighty Demon, and Elanor did fight him again with one Bow tied behind her back.

(Without her Bow, Elanor still rolls five dice but now needs the lowest two dice to total 5 or less. Let's see how she does now...)




"See, it's killing me."

"Well you just rolled ten dice and only one was below five. Anyway, roll it out and see how you go."








"Oh! ... um ... did you say that's the most difficult Nameless One?"

"Yup. Elf with a Magic Bow can hit anything."

Recalling fondly the interlude mid-game, Agin muses that his fair Elf maid with her magic bow has scored a hit on his heart. (And notes that she and her associates are now four-nil in slaying the Nameless... he shouldn't have hung around for quite so much training with Mirabar. D'oh!)
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