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This is my fourth time playing Last Night on Earth. What is growing on me is the cooperative play that is embedded in being able to win any given scenario. Tonight it was Zombies in the Manor. If the Zombies get Nine bodies into the Manor before the end of 17 turns...they win.

Don, Phillip, and Greg played five pasty fleshed selfish humans.

Patrick and I cooperated with Focused Zealous Zombies. At the beginning of the game I noted that some of these Zombie miniatures were posed like models on a catwalk. The Zombie on the left is America's next supermodel. The runway was two spawning points of choice in the middle of the boards.

We rolled high for initial Zombies...and for the remainder of the game had a very small Zombie pool that was emptied out onto the board at the end of every turn. We never suffered for want of Zombies. What made this great was that with only one or two or three zombies to draw on from the pool...we pretty much used the spawning points closest to the manor and did not have to distribute the Zombies elsewhere.

The beginning of the game saw our Zombies distributed all around the board...but as the heroes were also distributed and without any "stuff"...while they searched...we walked the catwalk to the manor.

Don saw what was happening and sacrificed his throw a can of gasoline at the Zombies. I don't know what smells better...burnt Zombie or burnt teenager!? My seven year old reading this says burnt teenager smells better...but that's because she's a Zombie! zombie

While Don's sacrifice slows us down...and the Farmers daughter has taken out a couple of our "Brothers in Arms and Legs" in the Cornfield...we are just taking huge advantage of spawning in the spots closest to the mansion. This is Project Runway in the making! In a couple of turns there is practically a line of Zombies leading up to the manor. It looks like a Conga line on a Friday night. The heroes can see the Last Night on Earth coming.

They split up to draw us out and away. That means risking a move close enough so that we have to commit to move to them...and then putting some distance so we cannot do enough damage to wound or kill them. It is a strategy that only works fifty percent of the time. Nurse brains, Farm Girl Brains, Teenage Brains....mmmmmmmm!

The ranged weapons are working on that one side of the board but only at fending off as there are too many good cards for the zombies that nullify ranged attacks or give us extra dice. The Zombies have too many options on the other side of the gameboard. With our heroes engaged with four Zombies from a corner spawning point, another three from the middle of the board edge and one from that same corner but on the outside are making their way to the manor.

Patrick plays a card that gives a roll of D6 zombies one extra move...SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEET...and we are two moves away from victory. On every card drafting Patrick and I compare cards, decide what is useful...what we will play that turn and what we will hold. There is honor amongst Zombies!!!

We collaborate and plan...cooperate and play...and while the human move to draw us away from the runway to the manor seemed to work at the middle of the the dice lice work for us!!! With the fending off option turning up again and again the heroes are stuck dealing with multiple zombies...while the catwalk extras make their way to the manor.

And so the Sun count down day five...
...on the manor's New Society for Extraordinary Gentlemen.

Please welcome the new club members
zombie zombie zombie zombie zombie zombie zombie zombie zombie
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