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Maximilian Vale
United States
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So this past Saturday was my birthday, and my friends Nate and Ricky showed up to hang out for the day...(Nate first and then Ricky came later)

I had purchased Wings of War several months back, but had never had a chance to play it...we decided to break it out and give it a try.

For the first battle, it was just Nate and I, and Nathan chose the Red Baron's Fokker while I chose Ellwood's Sopwith Camel. We decided to just fight a simple duel and to take out the Explosion card from the Damage deck, but chose to play with all of the other special damage cards.

The first turn just had us both close the range to each other, while the second turn started with me making a broad left turn (as I quickly discovered, the ONLY kind of left turn a camel can make!) and Nate turning hard to the right and getting behind me for a shot. I drew a 2 damage card and the next turn had Nate making another 2 Damage shot on me while I tried to turn hard to the right and then make a straight run for the edge of the table.

As I ended with a straight manuever, I made an Immelman turn and soon the two of us were head to head. I managed to get my first shot off against Nate and hit him for 3, but he fired back and tagged me for 4 and caused me to Smoke. We passed each other, and the next couple of turns were pretty comical as we kept turning away from each other and no one got any shots off!

Finally, just as I was clearing the smoke damage, I managed to just barely get the edge of Nate's wing into my firing cone, and clipped him for a measly 1 point of damage but his rudder was jammed so that he couldn't turn right. (As this was our first game, we were playing with all damage face up).

It didn't matter though as he outmanuevered me again, and got into "tailing" position the next turn for two phases in a row. The resulting damage cards quickly put my plane down!

After that, Ricky showed up and we had a nice Birthday dinner and then came back to my house for another round of Wings of War. Rather than try to have one of us play 2 planes, we decided to have a free-for-all, and drew planes randomly. I got a Sopwith Triplane, Ricky drew a Camel and Nate drew an Albatross.

The opening turns had Nate moving right into Ricky's sights and Ricky moving into mine. Nate got lucky and drew a 0 damage card while Ricky drew a 3. Little did we know that this would be the only damage scored against Rick the entire game!

After we all passed one another, I made a tight turn to get into firing position on Nate while Ricky sped towards the edge and Nate miscalculated and turned the wrong way leaving him with no targets. I fired at Nate and he drew another 0 damage card!

The next couple of turns had us all trying to get into firing postions and everyone failing to guess correctly as to who was going to turn which way! Finally Rick got another shot off on Nate and this time did some damage while Nate got a shot on me and I drew a 5 card!

I turned in tight behind Nate while Ricky once again sped off towards the edge (it turns out that we had to explain the Immelman turn to quickly turn around as he kept going towards the edge and making long, slow turn arounds!). I fired at Nate and this time his luck failed him as he drew the "On Fire" damage card! For the next 3 turns, he would have to draw auto damage cards. He quickly got some revenge though and got into position to tag me. I drew a card and got a 4 damage card! I had 9 damage points to my plane on 2 cards!

Over the next three turns, Nate's plane slowly fell apart from the fire damage while Ricky and I tried in vain to get into position to shoot at one another. Ricky finally lined me up and I made a quick prayer (my plane only had 4 points left) and I lucked out and drew a 0 card! I had a chance to retaliate but my guns jammed!

I then made tight right turns to pull away from Rick and just as my gun jam cleared, I found the barely aloft Nate in my sights! (He had 1 or 2 points left). I fired and managed to get my revenge for the first round defeat by shooting him down! My victory was short lived however as Ricky swooped in behind me and shot me for 3! With my plane having a single point left, I tried to make consecutive tight right turns to get behind Rick, but Rick made a sideslip and caught me in his fire arc and finished me off!

All in all, in was a great experience playing this game and I learned several valuable lessons about the different planes and thier strengths and weaknesses! (Triplanes and Fokkers turn much tighter, Albatross and Camels move farther but can't turn to the left very well) This game is a lot of fun and I'd highly recommend it to anyone as it is very simple to learn! (None of us had played before today, and we had figured it out in just a few minutes!)
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