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Subject: Can not stop the queen of Blades! rss

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Owen Sieber
United States
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I'm looking forward to having some real talk with some real folks!
Hi, I'm Matt, A radar technician.
The Queen of Blades sneak away with a close victory...

Owen JR
Faction: Jim Raynor
Home World: Torus

Faction: The Queen of Blades
Home World: Bhckar Ro

Faction: The Overmind
Home World: Pridewater

Owen SR.
Faction: Arcturus Mengsk
Home World: Antiga Prime

Owen JR: 1
Jonathan: 2
Kennith: 1
Owen SR: 2

Turn one was pretty uneventful. The most interesting thing that happened this turn was both Jonathan and OJ headed for Helios. Kennith and myself just moved to the planets closes to us and built outposts. Jr also moved to an adjacent planet of created an outpost.

Owen JR: 4
Jonathan: 4
Kennith: 2
Owen SR: 4

We had our first attack this turn. Jonathan attacks the two lonely marines on the planet Helios with 1 ultalisk, 1 hydralist, and 1 zergling. As you would expect, the terrans got whooped bad. The only zerg casualty was a hydrolisk. Jonthan then built a base on Helios. the rest of us just built more units and did some tech upgrades. Owen JR was going towards battle cruisers and I was heading towards siege tanks. Kennith, being his first game... was just building everything.

Owen JR: 6
Jonathan: 6
Kennith: 3
Owen SR: 7

Turn three had tons of fighting...

first off Owen JR sent two marines over too Bhckar Ro and attack Jonathan's base... he was up against two zergling units. Jonathan manage to kill both marines with sunken colony cards... big loss for the terrans.
After that, I moved some forces over to Abaddon to try and secure some more minerals. Kennith would have nothing of that. He attacked my forces with a huge assault.

One of my firebats was able to take out a Hydralisk... but that was about it. A waste of men if you ask me... After all the mayhem, JR moves a battle cruiser and a wraith over to the zerg base on Bhckar Ro, taking it out of commission. The game is now halfway into the second stage and everyone is starting to suffer casualties.

Owen JR: 10
Jonathan: 8
Kennith: 4
Owen SR: 8

Another big turn... with plenty of action. Kennith decides he is going to move into the empty gas mine on Antiga Prime... big mistake. I hit it back with everything I could muster. Total killing of the zerg forces.

Jr is building up knowing that stage three is about to start and is looking to gain some resource spots. He invades Pridewater with some big ships and secures a spot to invade the Overminds homeworld. At the end of the regroup phase, Jonathan gets a free unit and places it on Braken... on the spot I needed for my SVC... argh. Stage thee is now here and it is to close to call...

Owen JR: 11
Jonathan: 12 (SVC achieved)
Kennith: 5
Owen SR: 10

This was the last and final turns... huge mistakes made by most everyone, myself being the biggest to give Jonathan the victory.
We are in stage three and everyone is trying desperately to achieve their special victory... and everyone is trying to block the rest. All JR needed to do was secure two more resource spots and looked prime to win. Having the point lead, any ties would go to him. I also was sitting pretty with only needing to secure one spot on Braken... but because I was low in points... I focused my turn on preventing JR from winning... mistake 1. Kennith was just trying to kill JR since they are college roomies... Jonathan... well Jonathan didn't have a clue.

I first off build two invasion forces on Braken and Antiga Prime. JR makes an assault on Pride water... a huge assault indeed. He crushes everything in his path. he however took to many units and did not lose any so none had to retreat, giving up one resource from his SVC. (mistake 1)

He also attacks my force on Antiga Prime... but for some reason brought only 1 battle cruiser to attack two marines. He killed one but was force to retreat... (mistake 2) Jonathan, wanting to get payback attacks the battle cruiser and wraith with two lone scurge... he did manage to take out the wraith. My first big mistake was i forgot to build a transport from Antiga Prime to Torus to take out JR. (mistake 3). Kennith mixes up his orders and puts a build order before a move order... so he can not move into Torus (mistake 4) I have one turn left and I go to head to Helios to take out my sons Battle cruiser that is sitting there. to eliminate another resource from his control. JR and Kennith both point out that Jonathan will win if I do not attack his victory point spot. I had a brain freeze and did not realize I still could not get to Antiga Prime... and attacked the battle cruiser... leaving Jonathan with 3 VP spots. I of course win the battle with my Goliath's... (killer mistake 5)

At the end of the game... Jonathan moved over to Antiga Prime and secured his last VP spot to get the win.

If I would have tried to just secure the lone spot on Braken I would have won... if I would have attacked the Ultralisk on Helios, the game would not have ended...

Another great game of StarCraft
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