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Subject: Has Anybody Developed a Good 2-player Good Vs. Evil Rule Set? rss

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Ray Diebel
United States
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My friend and I enjoy playing this game, but a two player game lacks the overall feel of the 4 player game, and so why not just play good vs. evil.

I figured something along the lines of:
1. Decide (for complexity) how many TEAMS the ALLIANCE player will control.

2. For each team he chooses, he has two options at the start of the game:
a. Take 2 resource cards per team, but keep them face up AND assigned to the team that drew them, or
b. Take 1 resource per team, but POOL them amongst all four teams.

Something to consider - do you pool plot points?

3. The Villain player is given 2 Villain cards per team played by the ALLIANCE player.

4. Play proceeds like a normal game, with the Villain being given ALL appropriate Villain cards during any trouble shoot.

Problem 1 - Story do you equalize the fact that the Alliance player won't "Screw himself out of cards ala the Hulk ability?' I figure...rather than removing one card and placing it at the bottom of the deck...discard it altogether (or does that happen anyway?). Maybe ramp it up to 2 lost cards per round. Or 1 lost card per TEAM in play?

Problem 2 - Overuse of some heroes, no use of others. Maybe the victory condition has nothing to do with Victory Points. Maybe the victory condition is to win one at least one headline with every hero before the Villain Player can complete ALL Mastermind Plots. Maybe it's to have to defeat a combination of Threat 4, 5, and 6 level headlines with EACH team in play prior to the bad guys completing their master plans.
This might be hard to track, but maybe each Hero has to earn a "Multiple" of it's own level in Victory Points prior to the Masterminds completing the same "Multiple" of Master Plan cards. So, in a 2x game, Hulk would need 6 points (along with every other hero doubnling their own level) prior to every Villain involved completing at least their development card.

Problem 3 - Too many resources for Good, Limitations on Evil.
I think this is easiest to resolve. Just GIVE the villain cards to the EVIL Player. As villains are defeated they are discarded. If they win and are most wanted, they set in the most wanted slots for the "free of charge" bonus. If they win but aren't classified as most wanted...they go into they return Villain players hand. If a card is exhausted as a back-up effect, it is also discarded. Once all cards are discarded, or a trouble shoot occurs where there are not enough available VIllain cards, the Villain player gets all the cards back.

If this becomes too much, maybe limit re-use of the villain to the same sector it was committed. This could be difficult to track, unless you are a dork like me and have a Heroclix figure for every Villain!

As far as allies go...maybe they can be reused, if paid again, but only if a player commits DOUBLE the points (regular cost if associated)....and only in the same sector originally used. Ditto for the Allies needing figs...whcih I ALSO have(except May Parker and Alica Masters...not available!).

Anyway...I'd love a bit of feedback on how you think this would go!

I haven't even mentioned throwing my JLA into the mix, along with a whole slew of DC bad-guys! I'll save that for another day!
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